Veritas Prep GRE Review

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Updated: December 1, 2021

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✅  A variety of GRE prep packages

✅ Access to top instructors

✅ 12 months of access

GRE study packages from Veritas Prep are a great way to prepare for the exam. Their study packages include self-study plans, live classes, and one-on-one private coaching. They emphasize one-on-one GRE instructions more than anything. 

Veritas Prep GRE Review

Veritas Prep is another provider of incredible GRE prep services to help students looking to join MBA programs get ready for the standardized test. Their course packages include a self-study plan, live online, and private tutoring. 

If you subscribe to any of the company’s plans, you will be able to take instruction from the top 1% GRE instructors who are past 99th percentile scorers and are consistently rated high by students. 

The Veritas methodology insists on “Learning by Doing,” which means you will be challenged at every level to ensure great improvement. This here is a Veritas prep GRE review, read on to round out what the course entails and if it’s suitable for your GRE prep needs.

About Veritas Prep GRE

Veritas Prep is the biggest privately-owned provider of college admission services, including test prep and guidance. It provides GRE, SAT, and GMAT prep services. The company was founded in 2001 by former Yale students and has served over 5 million students as of 2021. The instructors at Veritas are the top 1% test scores. 

They are in charge of designing the curriculum, preparing study materials, setting exams, and conducting lessons. You will also receive MBA programs admission guidance from an instructor who attended the MBA school you are applying to.

Features of Veritas Prep GRE

  • Top 1% instructors with 99th percentile scores, passion for teaching, and regularly high ratings from students
  • Learn by doing methodology: you will build skills, learn how to apply them by taking several assignments then create a unique plan for attacking exam questions
  • Comprehensive course: it covers the analytical, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning sections of the exam.
  • Self-study plan, one-on-one tutoring, and live class options
  • Streamable HD video lessons
  • Access via iPhone, iPad, and desktop devices
  • Long 12-month access period
  • 5+ score improvement guarantee for subscribers of the live course

Veritas Prep GRE plans and pricing

The Veritas Prep GRE course is available in self-study and live class formats. There’s private tutoring too for students looking for one-on-one help from superstar instructors online. Here’s a detailed look at what each package entails.

Veritas Prep plans and pricing

1.  Self-study

The Veritas Prep self-study package is for self-driven students. If you need to get ready for the exam within 30 days, simply download HD video lessons prepared by Veritas Prep’s instructors and study at your own time and pace. 

A subscription allows 12-month access to the curriculum, including live homework help. You can view the course on your desktop, iPad, or iPhone. The course starts at $599.

2.  Live Class

For those who learn better in a classroom environment, the Veritas Live class study package includes all features of the self-study package plus live class instructions. It’s a 30-hour course spread over 5 weeks and covers the GRE syllabus exhaustively.  

Get ready to interact with fellow students and teachers, boasting the highest qualification. You will also have access to live instructor help all days of the week. The package starts at $999 and guarantees a 5+ score improvement or refund, no questions asked.

3.  Private tutoring

Whether you need a perfect GRE score or extra help because you are starting at a lower skill level than the rest, one-on-one private tutoring will get you the help you need.  

Veritas Prep GRE includes all the features of the live class plus private tutoring at your own time online. 

Get ready for tailored instructions all days of the week by top-rated instructors. They use diagnostic tools, personal feedback, and progress tracking to maximize your score improvement. You can select from various tutoring packages as listed below:

  • A 10 hours independent tutoring package for $2650 or $999 per month: it’s an introduction to GRE and includes live help all days of the week plus a self-study course.
  • 20 hours focused tutoring package for $4750 or $1600 per month: this package balances between tutoring and independent study too; it includes live help all days of the week plus a self-study course.
  • 30 hours ambitious package for $6450 or $2167 per month: it’s for students hoping to join elite graduate programs. You will receive live online instructions online, plus assignment help is available all days of the week.
  • A 40 hours comprehensive package for $7950 or $2167 per month: this is an exhaustive GRE course that ensures total coverage of all GRE sections. You will receive live instructions online, plus assignment help is available all days of the week.

All Veritas Prep GRE packages include online study materials, customized study plans, and online homework help all days of the week. 

However, not all of them include practice tests; only those who opt for tutoring will sit for practice exams designed to mimic the real test day experience.

Pros of the Veritas GRE course 👍

The Veritas Prep GRE course is top-rated because of its simple but incredibly designed GRE curriculum. You will get solid content, access to superstar instructors, and several add-ons making it easy to work through the fundamentals of GRE and prepare for the challenges offered by MBA programs.

✅ Highly qualified instructors

High quality instructors at Veritas Perp

The Veritas Prep teaching roster makes it easy to fall in love with their GRE course. To make the roster, you not only need a 99th percentile score in your standardized test, but you must also have teaching experience. 

You will help design the curriculum, prepare video instructions, construct practice problems, assignments and provide support. 

This allows students a great level of access to instructors, unlike any other course. Even subscribers of the self-paced package can get online help 7 days a week to ask questions and clarifications on topics they find challenging.

Beyond teacher access, you will get HD GRE videos containing simple step-by-step instructions for students to follow at their own pace.

✅ Various test prep course packages

There are 3 options to choose from. You can go with self-paced, live online, or private tutoring. The live online class and private tutoring packages include admission consulting with a specialist who attended the same MBA school you are applying to.

Furthermore, the live online class package includes two different schedules, with weekend and weekdays classes. It’s the only package that guarantees a score improvement.

If you opt for private tutoring, you can choose the hourly bundle that suits your study needs. Some tutoring bundles include the self-study course, while others grant access to the live online course.

The self-paced course is available in the On-Demand, On-Demand Plus, and On-Demand + Admissions options. The last two add an extra value with private tutoring, essay grading, and MBA programs application consulting services.

✅ Essay grading

Essay writing is often one of the most challenging sections of standardized tests. What’s even sadder is that most test prep companies skip essay grading and reviews, assuming you covered the section in high school. 

Veritas is one of the few GRE prep companies that provide essay editing services. You will get essay writing assignments that will be reviewed by your private tutor. 

You will receive one-on-one feedback, including highlights on areas you need to improve, plus extra vocabulary tips to boost your writing.

✅ A long period of access

Unlike other test prep companies that want to squeeze every dollar out of students by offering courses with limited access time, Veritas Prep allows 12-month access to the curriculum so you can study at your own pace and time. 

Not all students take the same amount of time to prepare for their exams. Some students have busy schedules, others need to go through the material several times, and others have the exam scheduled later during the year. 

Veritas Prep allows you to use the material any number of times throughout the year and even use it to study for retakes. 

✅ Extensive Material with a lot of practice tests

Unlike other test-prep courses that offer only video or text-based instructions, Veritas Prep combines both and does assessments, too, to ensure students do adequate GRE prep. 

Each study package includes HD videos, course books, and live homework help. The videos are created by highly qualified instructors and make even the dullest topics fun.

Ten coursebooks are containing more than 100 practice problems and major points on the GRE to ensure students create the best strategies for attacking exam questions.  The materials will be shipped to your location on demand.

✅ Free course demo

You can try the self-study and live online course packages for free. Indeed Veritas Prep GRE  is one of the few courses with a free trial offer. 

It’s an opportunity to find out more about the package as showcased by highly qualified instructors. See instructors as they conduct classes, respond to students’ questions, and solve exam problems.

Cons of the Veritas Prep GRE course 👎

Veritas Prep GRE is a premium course with various great features making it suitable for various students. But it has a few cons too, namely:

❌ Lack of score improvement on all their courses

Only the live online course package guarantees improvement in scores. The self-paced and tutoring packages carry no score improvement guarantees. So if you are looking for a specific score improvement assurance, you don’t have many options.

❌ No flashcards

Students use flashcards to test and improve memory by practicing information retrieval. The bad news is that these don’t come with the Veritas GRE course. In fact, the Veritas Prep GRE course platform is very basic. 

While courses like Magoosh and Target Test Prep pride themselves in innovation, allowing students to customize their study plan according to their progress and learning style and even create their own practice tests from a pool of unanswered computer adaptive practice exams, Veritas doesn’t allow for this level of customization.

There are no lesson suggestions based on the student’s progress, and the practice tests and training modules are not computer adaptive. That makes it very hard to gauge one’s progress. It also makes it very hard to make your case when asking for a refund.

❌ No money-back guarantee on all their plans

Only subscribers of the live online course can ask for their money back if they fail to meet expectations. The tutoring and self-paced package do not carry a refund policy.

❌ No mobile app

Veritas Prep doesn’t provide a dedicated student app to access the course. While that is not a big disappointment since the course can be accessed via web platforms, things could go much smoother if there were an app and customization features to prevent wastage of time.

❌ Expensive starting price

Veritas Prep has one of the highest starting prices for their self-paced course, at $599 compared to Magoosh’s $149 course and Manhattan Prep’s $499 course. However, when you compare the features, Veritas Prep grants a longer access period and extra add-ons such as live one-on-one support all days of the week, making it far superior to the competition. 

Still, the test prep exams are not computer-adaptive, and depending on your budget, this course could be out of reach.

Who is this GRE prep course for? 🤔

Veritas Prep boasts various GRE course packages and highly qualified teachers. Whether you are looking for a self-paced course, a classroom experience, or one-on-one tutoring services, you will find it with Veritas Prep. 

Their emphasis is on tutoring and student support, including every one of their packages except the on-demand. It’s a good GRE prep course for students who meet the following characteristics:

  • Studying on your own at your own pace and time
  • Looking for short lessons to fit into an already busy schedule: there are weekend and weekdays classes built around your schedule
  • Extra support: you can get extra support 7 days of the week, plus there’s tutoring included in almost all of the company’s GRE study packages
  • A classroom environment with the live online classes
  • Instructions from the top 1% GRE performers
  • Admission consulting services

Wrap-up 🎁

Veritas Prep GRE  is a terrific all-around course because of its extensive curriculum, video presentations, various course formats, and extra features such as 7-days of week support and admission consulting services.

It allows access to a brilliant pool of teachers unlike any other course, and that’s why it’s well-reviewed online.

Business school-bound students can take advantage of free class lessons, chat support, office hours, and printable books to take their GRE prep to the next level. Furthermore, there’s tutoring on almost all of their packages so that you can work one-on-one with 99th percentile instructors.

Indeed, Veritas Prep prides more on providing a great deal of student support, so if you are a student who needs extra support, you will find this course suitable.

Start today by taking advantage of the company’s free trial offer on the on-demand and live online classes to determine if this is the course to help you get into the business school of your dreams.