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Updated: December 2, 2021

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✅ Course variety

✅ Tutor variety

✅ Score improvement guarantee

With in-person, live online, and self-paced alternatives, the Princeton Review GRE course outperforms the competition. It’s one of the most thorough curriculums and suitable for students looking for well-rounded course alternatives.

Princeton Review is a veteran provider of test prep and admission consulting services. The company has been in the test prep scene for over 40 years now and has helped over a million students crush their standardized tests and get into their dream grad schools.

Here is a detailed look into the Princeton Review GRE program. Read on to find out what the course entails and if it’s the one for you in the ultimate Princeton Review GRE review.


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Princeton Review GRE Review

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review GRE Prep is a comprehensive curriculum that promises to help students score high in their exams. The program is affiliated with Princeton University, hence the name.  It’s available online and in-person starting from $399 for the self-paced course and coaching at 156/hour. 

The program relies on Adaptology teaching to fit the syllabus to individual students’ needs and provide 1-on-1 practice exam reviews on all their live courses. Here’s a look at the features of the course:

What does the Princeton Review GRE Prep course entail?

  • Live online In-person, or self-paced online options
  • DrillSmart: the program gives you an initial drill and a follow-up based on your performance on the first one.
  • Over 3500 computer-simulated practice questions to mimic the real exam
  • Eight full-length practice tests with one-on-one reviews
  • LiveGrader tool for GREs AWA writing assignments followed by grading and reviews
  • Guaranteed score improvement
  • Hardcopy reading materials which will be shipped to your location upon subscription (including the Princeton Review Online Student Workbook for the GRE)
  • Intuitive dashboard with organized interactive score reports so you can view them based on subject, difficulty, time, etc.
  • Students can access instructors outside of normal class hours
  • Customized flashcards

Princeton Review GRE Prep course plans and pricing

Princeton Review GRE Prep course plans and pricing

There are many options to choose from based on your learning habits, target score, and budget.

GRE 162+

GRE 162+

This $2049 package promises maximum results in a short time. With a 162 GRE Verbal and Quant score guarantee, this course package promises to make you stand apart from other applicants in the top 10 grad schools. 

It comprises 45 hours of tutor-led lessons. Twenty class hours are dedicated to the Verbal and the rest to the Quant section. 

You will also spend an extra 20 hours focusing on key Verbal and Quant topics and practice problems. You will also get over 4400 practice questions, eight complete practice tests, and a one-on-one study manager.

GRE 10 Points +

GRE 10 Points+

Do you want to take your GRE score from the 38th to the 80th percentile? The GRE 10 Points + is a $599 math package from Princeton Review that promises to increase your score by 10 points or return your money should you fall short. 

It comprises live online math sessions taught by expert tutors. You will also get over 470 drills, 30+ hours of video lessons, and eight practice tests. Students can opt for a 1-, 2- or 3-month syllabus. It’s available online and in person.


Princeton Review GRE Fundamentals

The Fundamentals is a $1099 focused GRE prep geared towards helping students get effective results. It’s available online and in-person and comprises all the features of the online course, plus guidance from an expert instructor to help students figure out how to approach the test day efficiently. 

So, you will get over 24 hours of live online instructions covering the entire GRE syllabus plus test-taking strategies. You will also get a personal set of 3500+ practice problems, eight computer-adaptive exams, and over 400 online drills. If you don’t score higher, you can ask to be refunded.


Princeton Review GRE Self-Paced

The Princeton Review Self-paced GRE prep package costs $399 and is available exclusively online. Subscribers get to prep with subject-specific tools and adaptive algorithms. 

It comprises interactive video recordings, over 2570 practice questions, online drills, and eight practice tests. You won’t be charged to access the course again if you want to use it to revise for a retake.

GRE Tutoring

Princeton Review GRE Tutoring

Princeton Review GRE Prep also includes tutoring services starting at $156 per hour. The services are provided online, in person, or both ways. If you are looking to attain elite GRE scores, this is it. 

Choose a tutor based on the level of help you need. You will also get a custom-built app and a personalized student dashboard for open communication and progress tracking. Here’s a list of the tutoring options available:

  • 162+ Guarantee GRE tutoring

This is an exclusively online tutoring package with a prioritized tutor matching feature, unlimited supplemental sessions, and a guaranteed 162+ score on the Verbal and Quant exam sections. It costs $156 per hour.

  • Comprehensive tutoring

This is an 18 hours tutoring package at $167 per hour. It covers the entire GRE syllabus but doesn’t include a prioritized tutor matching feature, unlimited supplemental sessions, or guaranteed score increases. It’s available both online and in person.

  • GRE targeted tutoring

This is a 10-hour tutoring bundle at $180 per hour. It’s also available in-person and online but doesn’t feature prioritized tutor matching, unlimited supplemental sessions, or guaranteed score increases.

  • GRE semi-private

Don’t worry if you really need coaching but feel like you can’t afford it; there’s the semi-private coaching option where four students can share and tutor and his/her costs.

Is Princeton Review Good for GRE? 🤔

The short answer is yes; the Princeton Review is good for GRE. Indeed, it is one of the best test-prep programs on the market. 

The company has been around for over four decades now, and you can bank on their talents and technology to prepare for your exam in a smart way.

The pros of the Princeton Review GRE Prep course include: 👍

✅ Customizable help

This is the only course where you get to choose your tutor based on the level of help you need. You have the option of a private, master, or premier-level tutor.

✅ Course variety

There are 8-course options in the self-paced, live online, or in-person format, and all come with higher score assurances.

✅ Free trial

You can start with the free trial offer to find out if the course is suitable for you. Should you decide to subscribe, you will get flashcards, a study plan, and a personalized dashboard for accessing the course on the go.

✅ Essay grading

Princeton Review is one of the few test-pre companies that thoroughly prepare students for the AWA section of the exam. You will receive essay writing lessons, tips, and strategies, plus assignments that you can submit via the LiveGrader tool for grading and review.

✅ Adaptology teaching method and Expert assessment

Princeton Review uses a teaching method that automatically adapts classwork and assignments to individual students’ skill levels, allowing them to focus on key areas of growth for maximum improvement.

Students will also get a lot of feedback from teachers and the LiveGrader tool. You will sit down with a tutor to review your practice test performance in person or online. Likewise, the LiveGrader feature provides feedback on your AWA assignments.

Furthermore, you will get opportunities to connect with tutors outside normal classroom time for individualized attention either in person, via phone, or email chat.

✅ Countless Practice questions, online drills, and practice tests

Princeton Review GRE Prep doesn’t disappoint when it comes to practice questions, online drills, and computer-simulated practice. You will get over 3500 problems to practice with, each question with its accompanying solution and explanation. 

And if that’s not enough, there are online drills generated using DrillSmart technology to match your skill. Subscribers also receive 8 full-length computer adaptive practice tests to immerse into the actual test day experience.

✅ Satisfaction Guaranteed

You get 3 types of satisfaction guarantees depending on your subscription plan. Some packages, such as the 162+ score improvement plans, are backed by a money-back guarantee.

Likewise, the self-paced online course comes with a satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you don’t like your official exam score, you can use the program free of charge to revise for a retake. 

Then there’s the readiness guarantee which means if you feel like you are not fully prepared for the test, you can go through the same course or a refresher.

The cons of the Princeton Review GRE Prep course include: 👎

❌ No question-answer bank

The company doesn’t provide a quiz bank in their GRE test prep program. You will get a personal set of over 3500 practice questions and eight computer-simulated practice tests, but you won’t get the opportunity to filter questions by topic, difficulty, etc.

❌ They don’t have a mobile app.

Princeton Review GRE doesn’t include a student mobile app. Not that this is a deal-breaker because you can still access the course via web browsers, and the dashboard is user-friendly to boot, but still, things could go even smoother with the use of a dedicated app.

Is Kaplan or Princeton Review better for GRE prep?

Both Kaplan and Princeton Review are veteran companies in the test prep scene. However, they are not the same. Kaplan has over 80 years of experience in the field and provides self-paced, live online and in-person courses with 5000+ practice questions, seven practice tests, and a mobile app. 

However, many students will tell you the company needs to update its curriculum. On the other hand, Princeton Review is a younger company and tends to be more innovative with how it delivers its courses. 

With DrillSmart technology and tutor matching feature, you can customize your GRE revision as you please. Check out our GRE Course Comparison piece for more info.

Are Princeton Review GRE Prep tests harder?

The answer to this question would be yes and no. Princeton Review GRE tests mimic the actual exam accurately. If you find the question tough than the actual GRE, it’s because the company wants you to prepare at a higher level so you can crash the real exam. 

After all, many GRE experts say the exam, especially the Quant section, has increased in difficulty quite a bit. So, if you find Princeton Review questions tough, it’s because when you prepare hard, you’ll find the actual exam easier.

Who is the Princeton Review designed for?

The Princeton Review GRE Prep is a comprehensive curriculum available in many formats for different types of students. Whether you like DIY study sessions, individualized attention, or a classroom learning environment, you’ll surely find a suitable course package.

  • Self-driven students: Students who like DIY can pick the self-paced online course. You’ll get a personalized dashboard for accessing the study materials on the go.
  • Students who want individualized attention: If you want coaching, various tutor packages are available, including comprehensive tutoring, targeted tutoring, and GRE 162+ tutoring.
  • Semi-private tutoring: This is for students who want tutoring on a budget. It provides something close to a classroom learning experience because four students share a tutor and his/her cost.
  • Students looking for GRE prep at a discount: Princeton Review GRE Quick Study is a lowly priced $149 study package. It comprises a diagnostic test, video instructions, practice problems, online drills, and practice tests. If you buy the package, you’ll get access to the course for 120 days.

Wrap Up 🎁

Princeton Review GRE Prep offers a variety of customized study options at a moderate price. It’s the only GRE tutor platform that allows students to choose tutors with the levels of expertise they want (private, master, premier). 

Students can also sign up for a semi-private learning experience or go with the self-paced online study option.

The program also provides online drills and eight complete computer adaptive practice tests. Indeed, no other GRE course provides these many practice exams. 

There’re also bonus features such as advisor student support partnerships and enrollment advisor student support. For example, the Princeton Review College Planner will help individual students find the graduate school and program that matches their strengths.

Start today with the free trial offer to find out more about the course. You can try the Live Online Strategy Session, practice exams, or the self-paced course free of charge. 

If you decide to subscribe, you will get customized flashcards and a personalized dashboard for accessing the test prep course on the go. For more details, call the Princeton Review office to speak to a GRE expert today.