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Updated: December 2, 2021

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✅ Customizable plans

✅ Access to tutors

✅ Credit system to redeem useful features of the course

Say goodbye to GRE courses that waste your time on incomprehensible concept explanations; with the PAL approach, you master concepts from your own perspective.

The Pisa Day Economist GRE Review

The Economist

The Economist GRE is a remarkable personalized tutoring platform that allows students to choose which areas of GRE they want help revising. You will get video tutorials and an enormous question-answer bank paired with live tutor support. 

The platform is adaptive, always adjusting to students’ learning styles and suggesting lessons based on an individual’s key growth areas. It comes with free issues of the Economist magazine so students can boost their language skills.


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About the Economist GRE prep

The Economist GRE tutor platform is a program by the Economist magazine in collaboration with examPAL. The Economist magazine is one of the world’s largest international weekly newspapers that focuses on technology, politics, international business, and current affairs. 

The magazine decided to pair its dependable customer service, reach and experience with examPAL’s intuitive algorithms and stellar course materials to help GRE students prepare for their exams.

Features of the Economist GRE Tutor platform

  • A unique credit system allowing subscribers to redeem features and customize the platform accordingly
  • Adaptive learning technology: this platform adapts to an individual student’s learning style
  • Guaranteed score increase for subscribers of the Genius or Premium plans
  • Over 2000 practice problems with accompanying solutions
  • Free digital issues of the Economist magazine for three months
  • Learn the PAL approach to problem-solving
  • Study materials on all sections of the exam
  • Essay reviews by experienced tutors
  • Online learning platform
  • Live one-on-one coaching from expert Economist GRE tutors
  • Official ETS mock drills

The Economist GRE Tutor plans and pricing

Economist pricing plans

The Economist GRE prep packages provide everything students require to prepare for their exams and can be customized through the platform’s unique credit system. 

The company prides itself on transparency, letting students know the whole cost before subscribing. 

Here’s a look at the study packages available for you:

➡️ Express

The Economist GRE Express online tutor is a six-week study package that grants full access to the verbal and quant syllabus material plus 3 practice tests and 2 essay reviews. Subscribers will get 1140 credits to customize their revision. There’s no Economist GRE tutor or expert assessment, but you will be allowed 50 ask-a-tutor question opportunities and a 3-month subscription to the Economist digital edition free. It’s a self-paced online GRE prep course and costs $349.

➡️ Premium  

The Premium is a 3-month GRE prep package that comes with all features of the Express plus Economist GRE tutor, essay reviews, 1320 credits, and a 6 point score improvement assurance, all for $489.

➡️ Genius

The Genius study plan is the same as the Premium but with 1920 extra credits, a 7 point score improvement assurance, and up to 6 months of access. Economist GRE Tutor, expert assessments, and free access to digital issues of the Economist magazine are available. The plan costs $699.

How does the credits system work?

Not all students are the same; limiting every student to the plan they purchased is cruel. So credits are available for students to redeem various features on the tutoring platform, allowing them to customize their GRE prep accordingly. 

For example, you can use credits to get more Economist GRE tutor services, extra essay reviews, and practice tests.

But credits are not infinite. You spend credits every time you answer a question, take a quiz, submit writing samples for review or sit for a test. However, don’t worry because you can always purchase more credits or transfer your GMAT credits to GRE and vice versa.

What is the PAL approach?

The PAL method is an approach to problem-solving. It’s an acronym for Precise, Alternative, and Logical. You can always answer an exam question precisely, without looking at answer choices, but it’s only suitable when you’ve got time.

The other way to solve questions is by logically applying external information. The alternative is to use elimination and arrive at the final solution.

The platform algorithm learns how you answer questions and then selects future practice questions to help perfect your problem-solving style.

Why choose the Economist GRE tutor platform? 🤔

There are many GRE test prep programs in the market, but not all are the same. The Economist GRE tutor platform is what you get when two companies decide to bring together their expertise, talent, experience, and technology to benefit consumers. Indeed, it’s one of the top 5 GRE courses on the market. Pros of the platform include:

✅ Comprehensive study materials

This platform provides 5000 practice problems with accompanying solutions and 5 full-length practice tests. Furthermore, one-on-one lessons are available and conducted in an interactive, fun way to get students engaged and grasping the content.

Video tutorials are available too for downloading and studying on your own. They break down complex concepts using animations and diagrams, making it easy to digest the info.

✅ Various study packages

Whether you are a self-driven student or need extra help through one-on-one coaching, there’s a study package just for you.

Students who like to study at their own pace and time can choose the Express package, while those looking for coaching can go with the Genius or Premium plans that include Economist GRE tutor services, expert assessment, and essay reviews.

✅ Personalized learning platform

The platform’s algorithms adapt to an individual’s learning patterns and habits. It’s a comprehensive course, helping students to prepare for all exam sections, and can be customized using available credit.

Furthermore, there’s coaching, practice tests, essay reviews. Plus, subscribers of the Genius and Premium plans get score improvement guarantees or refunds.

✅ Access to the Economist magazine

Subscription to any of the platform’s GRE study packages provides access to digital issues of the Economist magazine free of charge. You can use the magazine to improve your writing and reading skills.

✅ Interactive lessons

This online tutoring platform uses machine learning algorithms and crowd-wisdom to identify the best way for students to solve exam problems, allowing each individual to focus their studies on their key growth areas and maximize score improvement.

✅ Guaranteed success

Unlike many online tutoring platforms that give subscribers no score improvement assurances, the Economist GRE prep offers a 6 and 7 point score improvement on their Premium and Genius plans, respectively. Furthermore, the score improvement assurance is backed by a money-back guarantee should you fall short. 

That means that as long as you’ve completed the set number of lessons and used up all the package features but don’t see a score improvement in the real exam, you are up for a refund.

✅ Essay grading

Essay grading is one of the Economist GRE tutoring platform’s strong features, together with official ETS practice tests and machine learning tech. Subscribers of the Premium and Genius plan can get help preparing for the exams AWA section. 

You will receive essay writing lessons, tips, strategies, and assignments that you can submit for grading and feedback from your Economist GRE tutor. The Premium plan guarantees 2 AWA assignment reviews, while the Genius plan includes up to 6 essay reviews.

✅ Learn the PAL approach

Not all GRE exam questions can be approached the same way. The sad thing is many test prep courses won’t tell you that; instead, they waste your time in explanations that don’t make sense. The Economist, in collaboration with examPAL, lets students grasp concepts from their point of view. That way, you can approach exam questions logically, use elimination or be precise if you’ve got time.

✅ 7-day free trial

You can try the platform for a week free of charge. Just input your name, email, password, and phone number. You can also opt to receive discount offers and notifications on MBA opportunities.

What you may not like about the Economist GRE online tutoring platform 👎

The Economist GRE platform has plenty of features to enjoy, making it one of the best GRE prep programs on the market. Still, it could do with a few improvements in the following areas.

❌ Access Length

$349 for only 6 weeks of access? Come on! There are cheaper GRE prep courses like Magoosh and Achievable GRE, with longer access periods than that. Even if every subscription comes with free issues of the Economist magazine, that’s not reason enough to give students such a short access period.

Not all students are in a rush to sit for their exams; some have it scheduled for later during the year and want to take their time to go through the syllabus again and again.  The Economist GRE prep is a bit disappointing when it comes to access; even the Genius and Premium plans have only a 6- and 3-month access period.

❌ Limited Express package features

So the Express package is a self-paced online study plan, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t include a score improvement guarantee, AWA assignment reviews, and expert assessment. 

But that’s what the Economist GRE tutor platform does with this package. Expect no 1-on-1 tutor services either; except for the ask-a-tutor sessions, you are on your own.

❌ Questions cost credits

So one marketing feature of the Economist GRE tutor is that you will get an enormous question-answer bank, but these don’t come free of charge. 

Indeed, every time you attempt a practice question or test, you use your credits, and credits cost money. So you see, it’s quite unconventional. 

On the one hand, the credit system allows students to customize their GRE revision; on the other hand, every cool feature costs extra. So, if you spend your free credits and don’t have the cash to buy extra, you will have no access to further practice questions. 

That said, there are still plenty of excellent features to like about the Economist Tutor platform. Here’s a look at the FAQ about the GRE course.

Is The Economist good for GRE? 🤔

Yes, the Economist online tutoring platform is one of the best GRE courses due to its reliance on adaptive technology, stellar course material, and credit system. 

Not all students are the same, and unlike other courses that limit you to the plan features you purchase, the Economist allows students to use credits to tweak course features and get the best revision. 

Above all, you won’t waste time on incomprehensible concept explanations; with the PAL approach, you master concepts from your own point of view.

What is the best GRE prep?

The best GRE prep depends on an individual student’s learning style, target official exam score, schedule, and budget. Always go with the program that has the best combination of price and features. 

You want interactive videos, countless practice problems with answer explanations, full-length computer adaptive practice tests, tutoring, and live support. Don’t forget flashcards, bookmarks, essay grading, mobile apps, and long access periods.

How much is GRE tutoring? 🤑

The cost of GRE tutoring depends on the test prep company you choose and the coaching bundles. Most companies charge for their services per hour or provide 10- or 20-hour tutoring bundles. The average tutoring cost per hour is between $40 and $75.

The Economist GRE tutor doesn’t use this pricing format; rather, you get tutoring services to back your subscription when you purchase their Premium or Genius package.

Who is the Economist GRE prep program best suited for?

Any student looking for an intuitive study platform will love what the Economist GRE prep is peddling. There are various options to choose from. 

The self-drive students can go with the Express package, while those looking for guidance can go with the Premium or Genius structured study plans with one-on-one tutoring and expert assessment features plus score improvement assurance.

Wrap-up 🎁

While the Economist GRE has a few cons, it still boasts adaptive algorithms and score improvement assurances that put other test prep programs to shame.

Furthermore, there’s essay writing help with some of the company’s study packages. Plus, every subscriber gets free copies of the Economist magazine to improve their writing and reading skills.

Say goodbye to GRE courses that waste your time on incomprehensible concept explanations; with the PAL approach, you master concepts from your own perspective. Start today with their one-week free trial offer to find out more about the program.