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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Customizable plans

✅ Access to tutors

✅ Generous score improvement guarantee

The Economist GMAT is well-written, well-organized, and highly optimized for online learning. Plus, it promises to help you gain at least 70 points, that’s enough to move you from the 58th to the 85th percentile.

The Economist

TheEconomist GMAT prep course is a fantastic GMAT option for those interested in taking the GMAT. It came about in 2020 when the company decided to pair its GMAT tutor services with examPAL’s stellar course materials to form a brand-new internet-based GMAT prep program

Both companies are revered in the test prep scene before, but now you get their skills, talents, and expertise in one place. 

The Economist is known for expert tutor services, while examPAL is known for creating a unique approach to exam preparation – the PAL method. Read on to get the full, unbiased Economist GMAT review from the experts at Pisa Day.


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About the Economist Test Prep

The Economist Tutor Platform is a cutting-edge test prep platform sponsored by The Economist Magazine, one of the world’s largest weekly newspapers.

The magazine focuses on politics, technology, current affairs, and international business and has a platform for various test prep courses.

The platform is adaptive and one of the best, if not the best. It uses machine-learning and sister-like technologies to incorporate crowd wisdom and help students find the best way to solve practice questions and get ready for the exam. 

The platform identifies your learning habits and patterns and then tailors practice questions and solution strategies for the biggest impact on your studying, and ultimately, your score.

Each of The Economist’s test prep packages contains the option for live tutoring. This comes in three varieties. Most notably, each program includes a set number of half-hour video tutoring sessions during which a particular test expert can assist you with developing a study plan and reviewing any difficult concepts. 

You can also submit a specified number of “Ask-An-Expert” queries when you need clarification with a concept or exam strategy.

The same specialists will respond as soon as possible. Moreover, The Economist will score your Analytic Writing essays—yet another way The Economist personalizes its test-prep services.

There’s also a credit system, a cool feature that allows students to redeem various features on the learning platform. For example, you can use credits to get extra tutoring, essay reviews, etc. credits are included in every course package, and you can always purchase more.

If you purchase a test prep course sponsored by the newspaper, you get free digital issues of the magazine for three months.

The Economist GMAT Tutor Overview

The brand new GMAT Tutor program from the Economist is a fantastic option for MBA aspirants looking to prepare for a hybrid prep program to prepare for their exam online, whether from the convenience of their homes or while on the move. 

The platform combines live instructions with the self-guided study. Three different price plans (ranging from four to six months) include up to six complete practice tests, live instructions, Q&A sessions, and other features.

Overall, most users say The Economist’s online GMAT course is well structured, well-written, and highly tailored for online prep. Plus, the packages come with solid score improvement guarantees, which may be just what you need to move from an average score percentile to the percentile that gets you into your dream MBA program.

This The Economist GMAT review takes you through the entire course, including elements that might render other courses a better alternative.

Features of The Economist GMAT tutor Program

  • Success guarantee: 50+ or 70+ points gain depending on the plan your purchase and all supported by a money-back guarantee
  • Live 1-on-1 tutoring sessions: one of the Economist GMAT expert tutors will help you study 1-on-1 via video chat.
  • Unrestricted access to IR + Quant: Includes video lessons and a practice system powered by an AI
  • Unrestricted access to AWA + Verbal: Revise for your verbal and AWA using expert-led video lessons and a practice system powered by an AI
  • GMAC practice tests: All packages come with four official practice tests from GMAC, two extra GMATPrep Software tests at no extra cost, and two tests from GMATPrep Exam Pack 1 worth $49
  • Essay reviews: Allow an expert to read your Analytical Writing Assessment work, score it, and give you advice on how to improve it
  • PAL approach: learn to attack questions logically, precisely, or using alternative methods.
  • 90-days Economist digital subscription: Access to the Economist app, website, podcasts, and digital issues
  • Expert assessments: Allow an expert to analyze your prep progress using the company’s information technology and provide you with a summary report with actionable recommendations to help you improve
  • Ask-a-tutor questions: Get help whenever you feel stuck
  • Credits: Each study bundle includes a set number of credits that you can spend as you see fit. You can easily purchase more if you run short.

The Economist GRE Plans and Pricing

There are three options to choose from Premium, Genius, and Essential.

The Economist GRE Plans and Pricing


This plan requires a one-time payment of $699 for six months of access to the Quant, IR, Verbal, and AWA revision content. It’s a basic-level course that gives students all the core features necessary to prepare for the GMAT. However, it doesn’t include expert assessments.

Standout features include:

  • 70+ point gain assurance
  • Unrestricted access to the Quant + IR and Verbal + AWA courses
  • Four GMAC practice tests
  • Four essay reviews
  • Three-month Economist digital subscriptions
  • Two live one-on-one tutoring sessions
  • 100 ask-a-tutor questions
  • 1785 credits

Genius Plan

If you want a course that offers a fantastic balance between one-on-one private coaching and the core features of the Economist course, this is it.

The plan requires a one-time payment of $989 for six months of access to the Quant, IR, Verbal, and AWA revision content. It includes everything in the Premium plan plus some. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 70+ point gain assurance
  • Unrestricted access to the Quant + IR and Verbal + AWA courses
  • Six GMAC practice tests
  • Six essay reviews
  • Three-month Economist digital subscriptions
  • Four live one-on-one tutoring sessions
  • Unlimited ask-a-tutor questions
  • Two expert assessments
  • 3315 credits


This plan requires you to make a $449 one-time payment for four months of access. You will get the following:

  • 50+ point gain assurance
  • Unrestricted access to the Quant + IR and Verbal + AWA courses
  • Four GMAC practice tests
  • Two essay reviews
  • Three-month Economist digital subscriptions
  • One live one-on-one tutoring sessions
  • Fifty ask-a-tutor questions
  • 1375 credits

Why Choose the Economist GMAT Tutor Course? 👍

From the credit system to the PALgorithm, and access to tutor services, there’s a lot to like about the Economist GMAT. Here’s a detailed look:

✅ The Credit System

It is cruel to limit each student to the features of the study bundle they purchased because no two students are the same. The Economist GMAT includes credits that learners can spend on the course features they need the most.

How does the Credit System Work? With the Economist’s credit system, you can redeem numerous course elements and tailor your GMAT prep to your learning style and habits. You can, for example, utilize credits to obtain more tutoring services, essay revisions, and practice tests.

However, the credits are not limitless; you must spend them when you attempt to practice questions, submit new essays, and so on. Fortunately, you can always purchase extra credits.

✅ Online Learning Material

This course makes the most of online media. The primary feature is interactive videos that let students learn, answer questions, and navigate the video instructions.

Practice questions accompany each lesson conclusion and allow you to track your progress courtesy of a well-organized course map on the dashboard. But the emphasis on tech doesn’t stop there; there’s a chat button to accompany the tutor feature. 

This allows tutors instant access to your questions, so you don’t waste time explaining stuff. Plus, redeeming credits for extra course features – or buying extra credits if you run out – can all be accomplished using the platform’s user-friendly online interface, which works on various devices.

✅ The PAL Approach

The Economist GMAT Tutor platform is adaptive, just like the exam itself. This means it uses machine-learning and crowd wisdom to adjust subject concentration and question difficulty based on your performance and learning needs.

This is part of the PAL approach, a unique test-taking technique developed by examPAL. The PAL system teaches students three different ways to solve problems:

  • Precise method: If you’ve got all the information, you won’t have to sift through the multiple answer choices to find the correct one; you can always solve the problem yourself. This approach is well suited to algebraic problems that necessitate precise skills. The main disadvantage is that it is only useful when you have plenty of time.
  • Logical way: the other way to solve questions is to apply facts and rules, especially on Knowledge-based questions. It helps find answers by determining the validity of statements without actually working out the problem.
  • Alternative method: The alternative to the above two approaches is the elimination, especially if you don’t have all the rules and facts. Simply plus the answers back into the problem and select that which makes sense.

The PAL problem-solving methodology is built into the program’s lesson organization and question explanations —as you learn new information, you’ll see how the methods can be applied to each GMAT question. That way, students with diverse learning styles will be able to understand any question they encounter.

Your performance is also fed into the course’s PALgorithm, an adaptive program that uses the PAL method to determine your learning strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll then receive more practice exams and explanations that adapt to your strengths and explicitly drill on your weaknesses, demonstrating that every feature of this course is personalized.

✅ Ask-a-Tutor Chat Service

Real-time support is a feature found in all the best GMAT courses. Most learners are bound to come across some perplexing or difficult questions at one time or another in their studies.

Having a way to contact an expert for help leads to speedy clarifications so you can keep going instead of being stuck in a certain topic for days. 

If you don’t resolve any mistakes or confusion straight away, they’ll quickly fade from your memory. This may imply returning to the same information and making the same mistakes, which is a colossal waste of your important study time.

The Economist GMAT allows students to submit questions and seek clarifications straight away when they feel stuck. The experts will then get back to you after two or three business days.

Though not as immediate as you’d want, it still is better than those GMAT companies that provide interaction with a real instructor at specific times only.

✅ Various Features for Customization

The Economist has three GMAT prep packages to ensure students find the right course. They come at different price options and range from four to six months of access.

However, that’s not the end of it; there’s also the credits system, as explained above. It’s a kind of currency for use within the course. For example, you can use it to get more practice questions, essay assessments, or even one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Apart from credits, each package includes ask-a-tutor questions. Subscribers of the Premium plan can ask up to 100 questions, while Essential users get 50 chances. But if you purchase the Genius plan, you can ask an unlimited number of questions.

Taking all that into account, this GMAT course easily earns the distinction of most customized courses on the market, allowing learners to invest in premium elements they require without having to pay extra for useless features.

Furthermore, the course content in itself is also highly customizable using the PALgorithm. If you want a course where you get to pick and choose which features to use in your prep, this is it.

✅ Live Tutoring Session

Each of The Economist GMAT Tutor plans includes at least one live one-on-one tutoring session with one of the company’s GMAT tutors via video chat.

They’ll walk you through challenging concepts, advanced test-taking strategies and help with your overall exam prep routine. The Genius and Premium plans include four and two sessions, respectively.

The importance of such a resource cannot be overstated. Practice problems and lessons are fantastic on their own, but sometimes you just need to go through concepts to comprehend them at the level the exam demands.

The Economist’s addition of at least one coaching session per plan puts it above the competition. Tutoring can help prepare for exam sections such as AWA that are difficult to learn by doing questions or reading on your own.

✅ The Most Number of Practice Exams

Practice exams are essential when preparing for any standardized test. They help learners get familiar with the exam structure, such as the types of questions to expect, the length of the test, and how to manage their time. 

Practice exams help build test-taking confidence so that you won’t feel intimidated by the actual exam. The average number of practice problems in most GMAT courses is roughly 2,000. The Economist GMAT provides more than twice the number. You’ll get over 5000 practice questions.

These are enough practice questions for any serious MBA aspirant to gain confidence in test-taking. Most of the practice questions come with a video explanation of how you can apply the PAL approach to find the solutions.

✅ Official Practice Tests

Apart from thousands of practice questions, the course also includes practice tests that you will have to take at various course stages. These are official GMAC practice tests, not anything else substandard.

The GMAT is a computer-adaptive exam administered online and adjusts to your performance to give you the appropriate questions for your skill level. 

Because of this complicated structure and scoring, it’s difficult to construct accurate simulations or practice tests. Thus it’s usually a fantastic idea to use official practice questions from GMAC.

The Essential and Premium packages come with four official practice tests, while the Genius package comes with 6 of them. All packages also include from GMAC two extra GMATPrep Software tests at no extra cost and two tests from GMATPrep Exam Pack 1 worth $49.

✅ Higher Score Guarantees

The Economist promises the most generous score gains on its GMAT packages. The Genius and the plan promise to improve your score by 70 + points each, while the Essential plan promises a 50+ points gain; that’s still more than you’ll get when you go with Magoosh, Kaplan, or Veritas Prep GMAT. 

The high score gain guarantees show just how much the company is confident in its GMAT course. Furthermore, it’s all backed by a money-back guarantee, meaning that if you don’t perform as advertised, you can ask to be refunded in full.

However, you’ll have to have taken the GMAT before, so they can establish how many points you gained.

✅ Free Economist Subscription

You are not a serious business student if you don’t keep up with what’s going on in the world of business. The Economist GMAT course lets you prepare for a career in the business sector by supplying you with free digital copies of the magazine for three months following the purchase of the GMAT course.

The magazine covers politics, international affairs, tech, among other topics. Get ready to start adopting the business lingo – the high dollar vocabulary!

✅ 7-Day Free Trial

A free GMAT course trial can give you an idea of how a particular test-prep platform looks, feels, and functions. If you’d like to learn more about the Economist GMAT course, you may sign up for a free one-week course. 

You’ll have access to a variety of course features, as well as a few credits, to determine if it’s the best GMAT prep program for you. 

Take some practice questions, go over several lessons, and browse the course using the gadget you’re most likely to use during your real prep.

This will allow you to understand the adaptive PAL method and the credit system’s potential, which are some of the unique features of this GMAT course.

What You Might Not Like About the Economist GMAT Tutor Platform 👎

All that said, there are still a few areas the Economist GMAT tutor platform isn’t seamless or misses out completely. Here’s a look:

❌ Price and Length of Access

With prices upwards of $450, the Economist GMAT course packages are clearly for students with bigger budgets. The Premium package costs $669, while the Genius package costs $989.

This is way more expensive than Magoosh GMAT, which has packages ranging from $249 to $799 and certainly way more expensive than PrepScholar, $139-$259. The only GMAT courses that come close are Kaplan $599, Princeton Review $699, and Veritas Prep $699.

However, considering the number of materials and the unique features, some students will feel the course is worth it. Features like the PALgorithm, credits system, live one-on-one tutoring sessions, thousands of practice tests, and real GMAT practice exams are unique to this course only.

Still, one point of contention is the access periods. The Economist GMAT packages allow only four to six months of access. Now to some students, that’s enough time to prep, but having more time to prep allows you to take a break when things get intense, let the concepts sink in, or even revise for a retake. 

For example, with Magoosh GMAT’s one-year access, you can go through the material repeatedly at your own pace then sit for the exam, and if you don’t like your official score and there’s still time for a retake, you can revise and do so.

❌ Extra Credits Cost Money

One of the Economist GRE Tutor’s marketing features is that you get over 5000 practice questions, but these are not free. You utilize your credits every time you try a practical exam or test. What’s more, credits cost money once you spend all that comes with the package you purchased. 

It’s one of the course’s unique features, but the fact that you’ll have to spend extra makes it a bit disappointing.  If you don’t have the cash to purchase any extra, you will not have access to further practice exams once you exhaust your free credits.

That said, the Economist Tutor platform is still full of awesome features.

How long does it take to complete the Economist GMAT Course? 🤔

The Economist GMAT Tutor course is available in Four or six-month plans. The company recommends that learners use the course for at least two months before the exam.

They also say that you can cruise through the course in just two weeks if you have an open schedule and good motivation. However, keep in mind that each package includes a 3-month subscription to digital issues of the magazine.

Economist GMAT Tutor Vs. Other GMAT Courses

Choosing the best GMAT prep course is mostly about figuring out and taking advantage of your learning style and habits.

The Economist GMAT course has built-in features that allow access to the best GMAT tutors; this is a feature you won’t find with most self-paced courses. Check out our course-by-course comparison chart if you want to learn further differences.

Who Should Use the Economist GMAT Course?

student sitting on chairs in front of chalkboard

Anyone can use the Economist GMAT course to prepare. It’s a comprehensive course available in various plans and pricing options so you can find what suits your budget and learning style. More so, don’t hesitate to purchase if you are:

1. Test-Retaker

The Economist GMAT could be quite advantageous to make the second round of your GMAT attempt successful.

In addition to getting a guarantee of score improvement, you get to work with a teacher to identify areas you need to develop personally, and the PALgorithm helps identify your opportunity areas for improvement.

2. High Achiever

The Economist GMAT offers an additional layer of intensity if you already have a full GMAT prep program. It will improve your knowledge and ability to recall. It also has tutoring options you can depend on to help revise tough topics.

Wrap Up 🎁

The GMAT program from the Economist offers various online solutions for students who want to prep for the exam on their PCs or mobile devices.

In general, the course pairs the experience of an adaptive self-guided course with individualized feedback opportunities from real GMAT gurus. Besides tutoring, there are other unique features, such as the 70+ points gain promise and the PAL methodology.

If you are interested in the brand-new course courtesy of The Economist and examPAL, take advantage of the one-week free trial offer to learn more.

You can’t go wrong with a risk-free offer. It’ll help gain a first-hand experience of what the two test prep companies are peddling—wishing you the very best in your exam prep!