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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Individualized study plan

✅ High-quality tutoring services

✅ 8 practice tests

Testive is a fantastic option for those looking to dominate the SAT test. Testive blends personal coaching with cutting-edge online learning to create a truly unique learning experience.


With Testive, students receive a lot of practice questions and exams and have the option of up to two weekly sessions with a tutor.


Testive is another provider of fantastic SAT prep services. They come in the form of learning software and human coaches. Yeah, you heard that right; there’s no live online, in-person, or tutoring; instead, the company focuses on mentorship and pro-active curriculum building. 

That means that as students use the learning software, their coaches review their performance stats and provide help when stuck. This here is a detailed look at the Testive SAT program, including its features, pros, and cons; read on to find out if it’s suitable for you.


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About Testive

Testive is a recent arrival in the test prep scene. The company was founded in 2011 to provide students with human expertise and state-of-the-art learning technology.


Testive recently teamed up with A-List Education. From what we see, it’s much of the same with a bit of new (and slightly awkward) branding.

Testive coaches observe their student’s performance on the online learning platform as well as their day-to-day school life, aspirations, and extracurricular activities to optimize the curriculum to the student’s overall objective.

How does the Testive SAT Prep work?

The program starts with a consultation and a diagnostic test to determine a student’s testing goal. Testive SAT experts will sit down with your family to figure out your learning style, extracurricular activities, test prep goals, and college plans. You can ask any questions you have about the program during the session.

Next, you will set up an account and download the complete SAT practice test for taking as a pencil and paper exam. Once you are done, upload your answers, and the company will use your overall score to figure out your current skill levels and develop a test prep plan for you.

Testive SAT coaching

Testive SAT coaching

Testive’s SAT experts provide weekly coaching services to students. The coaching is done online for 30-60 minutes once or twice a week. It’s short and efficient because your coach is already familiar with your performance from observing you all every day; no need for catch-ups.

What you get is a one-on-one confidence-building session, help with challenging concepts, and motivation to keep you focused on your test goals.

Testive’s coaching plans include:

  • $399 Coaching Program: This program includes customized study plans, weekly coaching sessions, 3000+ practice questions, over 60 hours of video lessons, and Testive prep software. It’s for students with four to five months of prep time. The tutor will help you master content and go through problem subjects.
  • $799 Bootcamp Program: this is a short six-week intensive SAT course for time-pressed students with a forthcoming test date. It’s designed especially for students preparing to sit for their exams in less than six weeks. It includes coaching sessions twice a week, 3000+ practice, video instructions, and personalized study sessions.
  • $599 Coaching Plus: this plan is for students who need extra guidance because it includes all the $399 coaching package features plus extra coaching sessions twice a week. The tutor will help you master content and go through problem subjects.

Testive Learning software

Apart from coaching, students are asked to do some studying on their own. The company provides a very easy-to-use learning software loaded with video lessons and practice questions. Coaches assign their students daily focused practice problems to solve in 25-minute sprints.

The software adapts to individual students’ learning styles and skill levels to provide just the right amount of challenge without being overwhelming. As you solve the practice questions, the software provides instant feedback, including video and written explanations. 

There’s also a note section for taking notes of your mistakes and how to do better next time. The platform is accessible on the company’s web app, making it possible to practice anywhere, anytime.

Pros of Testive SAT 👍

Top 1 % Coaches

Testive looks for expertise, enthusiasm, adaptability, empathy, and communication skills when employing coaches. They only pick those whose SAT or ACT score was in the 99th percentile and have degrees and postgraduate qualifications from Ivy league schools. 

Testive coaches work with the family on flexible schedules. They understand the motivations of their students, provide guidance, help set clear performance objectives, and provide feedback to the parents.

Personal Plan

Testive doesn’t do a one-plan-fits-all; that’s why their prep begins with a phone or in-person consultation. You will ask all the questions you have, and they will ask theirs to determine your test goals, extracurricular activities, learning style, and habits. 

Once you decide to set up an account with the company, you will sit for a digitally-proctored test to help the company determine your base skill levels.

Digitally-Proctored Practice Tests

That way, they can create a plan to drill on your weak subjects, optimize your strengths and ensure maximum improvement in a short time.

You will get a personal study coach to work with your entire family and ensure you have the support you need.

Adaptive Learning Software

You will also get the learning software, with a calendar that you can fill out to let your coach know your preferred study days and the number of questions you want to do per day. It is a slick platform comprising short and well-organized practice sessions with video and written explanations and a note-section. 

It’s adaptive to keep things interesting ensuring you spend your practice time efficiently. The software even gives an estimate of the score you can expect should you follow your schedule strictly. You can also sign up for email and text reminders, and a scoreboard will also be visible on the calendar to show progress.

Eight Complete Practice Tests

Testive provides its students with eight full-length practice tests to gain test-taking confidence. These are 3 hours exams that you can download and print together with the answer sheet and take as a paper and pencil exam just like the actual exam. You could also just take them online. 

If you work on the tests offline, you will have to scan and upload your answers for marking. Expect swift feedback including your score and where you went wrong.

Over 3000 practice questions

The Testive online platform includes over 3000 SAT practice questions. That’s the 3rd largest number of practice questions by any SAT course on the market. Indeed, only PrepScholar 7200+ AND Princeton Review SAT 3200+ come ahead. If you are a student looking for more practice, this is it. You will never run out of questions on the Testive learning platform.

Includes ACT Prep

If you haven’t decided whether to take the ACT or the SAT or plan to take both, Testive includes ACT prep materials as part of their SAT course. Just click a button to switch between SAT and ACT prep, and you will get the same amount of coaching time and practice with each course.

Free Learning Software 

If you are not ready to commit to the Testive SAT coaching program, you can still use the adaptive software free of charge. You will have access to thousands of practice questions with video and written explanations. However, you won’t get a score guarantee; only those who pay for coaching get the Testive score guarantee.

Cons of the Testive SAT program 👎

Overall, Testive SAT prep is a great program, especially for students looking for mentorship and expert help on problem subjects. The company will provide you with the best instructional tool and fantastic coaching support. Still, there are a few misses; here’s a look at what you might not like about the SAT prep program:

❌ No Flashcards or dedicated student App

Flashcards and mobile apps are among the defining features of the best SAT prep programs. Flashcards are very handy for training memory; students use them to practice quick information retrieval. On the other hand, a mobile app makes it easy to access a course and study on the go. 

These tools make life easy for busy students, and it’s not an unreasonable ask that the company provides them since Magoosh, a company that began around the same time as Testive, already provides their students with dedicated flashcards and mobile apps.

❌ No live online or in-person classes

Testive provides a free self-paced SAT learning platform and premium coaching packages; no live online or in-person classes. Therefore, if you are a student looking for classroom learning opportunities, try Princeton Review, PrepScholar, Kaplan, or Prep Expert SAT prep.



Wrap Up

Testive’s adaptive learning software and human coaches are a winning combination. Their coaches provide mentorship, guidance and help keep students on track to their test goals, while the online tool provides enough practice with test and video explanations and a feature to take notes on important points for a later look. The only disadvantage is there are no flashcards, mobile app, live online or in-person classes. 

However, if you are a student who is interested in mentorship rather than traditional-style classes, this is it. You will get a personal coach to work with your whole family and ensure you have the support needed to excel. What’s more, your coach will work on your schedule.

If you are interested in the Testive SAT prep program, you can start today with the learning software free of charge or schedule a consultation to get a personal SAT prep coach.