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Updated: December 2, 2021

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✅ Comprehensive GRE prep

✅  Risk-free trial and money-back guarantee

✅  Tutoring and live options available

Target Test Prep is another course that has multiple success stories to back it up. Students appreciate the flexibility it affords them. Study materials can be accessed online at any time and from any device, whether a desktop or a mobile phone.


The company is so confident in its approach that it offers a risk-free five-day trial period and a complete refund in case you don’t see a 5+ point gain in your score.

Target test prep GRE review

Target Test Prep GRE is an online course that provides students with effective and affordable preparation for GRE. It’s a revolutionary GRE quant course that pairs innovative software with effective study methods to give students all the practical and theoretical methods needed to tackle the quantitative reasoning section of the exam.

 It’s available on-demand, and the company allows a risk-free 5-day trial period and a full refund should you decide to cancel your subscription.


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About Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep is based in Los Angeles. It was founded in 2013 to offer innovative virtual study platforms and one-on-one private tutoring for students of standardized tests. 

It’s a privately owned company comprised of a small team of GRE, GMAT, and MCAT enthusiastic teachers who design unique online study curriculum and private coaching to students wherever they are.

The founder of the company is Scott Woodbury-Stewart, a former teacher himself. His area of specialization was math, physics, chemistry, and biology. 

Pushed by his love to help students crush their GRE, he founded the company with other like-minded instructors, and for the past decade, they’ve helped thousands of students master the quantitative section of their GRE.

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How is Target Test Prep for GRE?

  • Over 500 individual lessons: any prep course is about details; TTP’s is a 21 chapters quant course spaced over 500 lessons that deeply delve into high-value exam quant topics such as geometry, data interpretation, and word problems. And it’s packaged in an accessible format.
  • 36 training modules. One for each section of quantitative study, and an extra for reviews and exams
  • Over 3000 practice problems set to mimic the real exam, even high achievers will love this math practice
  • Over 800 video solutions
  • Smart, actionable learning analytics to determine your progress and suggest lessons to help improve your score.
  • Study Plan
  • A GRE blog with instructor-led videos containing more strategies, reviews and tips reviews, tips for success
  • Diagnostic Exams
  • Customized tests
  • Equation guide: packing an advanced overview of quant concepts and important equations.
  • Active review: you will get study sheets to make notes and organize concepts, so that your learning remains focused and efficient.  

Features of the Target Test Prep GRE course

The Target Test Prep GRE course is available exclusively online, plus a few tutoring bundles for students looking for one-on-one help. The company prides itself on pairing smart technology with proven teaching methodologies to give students all they need to tackle the exam’s math section. The top features of the course include:

✅ HD videos by highly qualified instructors

Stream HD videos containing step-by-step strategies, essential concepts, and neat solutions taught by passionate GRE teachers with many years of experience in the field.

✅ Smart, actionable analytics

No need to keep practicing what you’ve already mastered; the areas you are not good at are the ones that you should be focusing on during the final months before the exam. Use smart analytics to drill on your weak areas and turn them into strength. You will get robust performance stats on each topic you complete. Simply click the chapter title to take a look-see at the performance metrics.

✅ Customized study plans

Forget courses that don’t adapt to your learning style and skills progress; the TTP quant course is adaptive. There are 6 different study plans and customized lessons to suit both armatures and veteran test-takers.

✅ Create your own practice tests

Draw from a pool of over 3000 realistic practice questions to create your practice tests. You can select them based on topic, chapter, and level of difficulty. There are 3 levels of difficulty.

✅ Live support

You will get a customized dashboard that’s simple to navigate. It displays each section of the course. With a simple click, you can move to the practice problems section, view suggested lessons, create your own practice tests, etc. you can also fire up questions to the support team for immediate feedback.

✅ Guaranteed score improvement

Target Test Prep assures quantitative score improvement, and if your quant score doesn’t improve after completing the course, you can ask for your money back, no strings attached.

 ✅ Wholly online

The Target Test Prep GRE course is entirely online. It is designed to work on tablets, smartphones, and home workstations so students can study from the comfort of their couch.

✅ Coaching via Skype and WebEx

Target Test Prep GRE is one of the few online courses that include tutoring and live classes too. You can take the private coaching or attend online classes via WebEx and Skype. You can choose a by-the-hour, 10 or 20-hour coaching bundles starting at $300/hour. TTP’s one-on-one coaching allows students to get extra help with their math, verbal, and integrated reasoning questions. Prepare for private customized lessons and one-on-one feedback. Above all, you can schedule the classes at your convenience wherever you are.

✅ Monthly billing

Target Test Prep charges for their services every month. You can cancel your subscription anytime if you like.

Target Test Prep GRE course plans and pricing

Target Test Prep GRE course plans and pricing

There are several packages to choose from depending on your budget and learning style. Here’s a look:

1.  $1 Five-Day Trail Package

You can start with the $1 Trail package; this allows 5-day access to the course so you can find out if it’s suitable for your learning style and skills levels. You won’t be billed any further after the expiration of your trial period unless you choose to enroll in any of the company’s subscription-based GRE plans.

2.  $99 one-month GRE Flexible Prep

The shortest plan is the $99/month GRE Flexible Prep course. It comes with a guaranteed quantitative score increase, over 600 customized math lessons, 3100+ practice problems, 800+ HD video explanations, precise and intelligent analytics, live support, and custom GRE practice tests.  You can renew your subscription every month.

3.  $299 Four-Month Dedicated Study

If you want longer than a month of access, you can subscribe to the Dedicated Course for $299 to enjoy four months of unrestricted access to all the features of the GRE Flexible Prep. You can pay the $299 one-time or opt for monthly billing of $74.75.

4.  $399 Six-Month Maximum Learning Package

To enjoy six months of unrestricted access, you can pay $399 once or $66.50 per month. This plan is called the Maximum Learning and includes all features of the Dedicated Course.

5.  Private Coaching Online

Private coaching is also available via Skype and WebEx starting at $300 per hour and includes help on the quant. Verbal and integrated reasoning exam sections.

What you will like about Target Test Prep GRE 👍

What you will like about Target Test Prep GRE

Target Test Prep prides itself in being innovative by pairing proven study methods and stellar software so students can access the curriculum at their own convenience. The advantages of this GRE prep course include:

✅ Comprehensive GRE math syllabus coverage

This GRE prep course breaks down the quant section into 21 chapters spaced out over 500 lessons that thoroughly focus on high-value exam topics such as data interpretation, geometry, and word problems. With such a strong emphasis on GRE math absorption, no quantitative math topic is left overlooked. Students can sit for their exam with confidence, knowing that they have mastered the material.

✅ Multi-platform access

Target Test Prep GRE prep is an online course designed to be accessible to smartphones and tablet users, home workstations, and laptops so students can schedule studies at their own convenience from the comfort of their couch.

✅ Money-Back Guarantee

If you complete the Target Test Prep GRE course and do not see any points improvement in your official GRE score, you may request a refund. The requirements for refund eligibility are simple, but time is of the essence.

✅ Tutoring & Live Options

Target Test Prep is one of the few GRE prep courses that provide tutoring as well as live classes. Private coaching is available via WebEx and Skype. You can choose from hourly, ten-hour, or twenty-hour coaching packages starting at $300/hour. 

TTP’s one-on-one coaching enables students to receive assistance in the quant, verbal and integrated reasoning exam areas. Get ready for private, tailored lessons and one-on-one feedback.

✅ Flexibility

This GRE test prep course is wholly online and can be built around your schedule. Above all, the dashboard is user-friendly and simple to navigate. 

You can always resume from where you left off, customize your study plans to suit your strengths, weaknesses, and schedule without constantly worrying about daily conflicts or obstacles.

✅ Over 3100 practice tests

Subscription to the Target Test package allows access to online course books and over 3000 practice questions to gain confidence in test-taking. Above all, you get 800+ video solutions. Even high achievers will love this math practice

✅ Risk-free trial

Target Test Prep allows a five-day risk-free unlimited access to their GRE prep course for $1 so students can figure out whether this is the course to help them get into their dream schools. Get a first-hand look at the curriculum. You will get a customized dashboard with lesson suggestions based on your initial skill levels. You will also access a number of practice problems, video solutions, and tests. If you don’t subscribe to any of the company’s plans after the trial period, you won’t be charged extra.

✅ Extra study resources free of charge

Students get a lot of other free resources, including a GRE blog, webinars, and extra practice questions to complement their subscription.

What you may not like about the course 👎

Target Test Prep GRE prep course is one of the best curriculums to help you ace the exam and get into the graduate program of your dreams. Still, there’s one thing to complain about the course; it doesn’t include a verbal platform. 

A lot of experts say the quant section is the one that students need extra help with, so TTP puts a laser focus on the maths syllabus. However, there are students looking for help with creative writing and verbal reasoning too, so it’d be nice if these platforms were included.

Who is the course recommended for? 🤔

Who is the course recommended for?

The Target Test Prep GRE course suits any student looking to improve their quantitative score. With its 36 training modules completely focused on GRE quant problems, any highly motivated student will love this course. 

Starting with a customized study plan based on your schedule, your target GRE math score, and exam date, you can take advantage of informative videos, numerous reading lessons, equation guides, blog posts, active reviews, worked out practice problems and prescribed practice tests to master all 30 GRE math topics and gain confidence in test-taking.

The dashboard is well-organized and simple to navigate. The course features and contents have been organized into five sections. 

There’s a homepage to view your progress stats, a page to access suggested training modules, a page with diagnostic tests and a personal set of practice exams, and finally, a resources page for extra study materials, tips, and strategies. 

It’s an interactive course to keep students motivated. Progress stats are presented in red- and green-colored charts. 

The platform uses the stats to gauge your commitment to the program and compares your score with other students and their official GRE score to determine your projected test score. 

Self-driven students who don’t mind an unstructured course will love this platform. It’s a comprehensive GRE prep program that allows students the freedom to schedule lessons at their own convenience from the comfort of their homes, office, or wherever they are.

How long does it take to complete target test prep?

There’s no definitive answer for this; it depends on your initial skill level, learning style, the number of lessons you take per day, and the target GRE score. Remember, the course is broken down into 21 chapters, so you could estimate the completion time from how long it takes you to complete one chapter. 

For example, if you cover one chapter every week, that means four chapters per month, and in five months, you’ll be done with the course.

The important thing to remember is that TTP GRE is competency-based; you have everything needed to excel in GRE math. 

The more time and effort you put into the program, the more value you’ll get. Many students who have used the course for 3 + months have been able to bump their score by 3+ points.

Is the GRE harder than the practice tests?

TTP GRE practice problems and tests are set to mimic the real exam, so you have the true test day experience. They are not easier than the real exam; in fact, some students say they found the exam easier than the practice problems and thank GRE for being a thorough test-prep curriculum.

Are GRE prep courses worth it? 🤔

Are GRE prep courses worth it?

It’s well known that practice makes perfect; that applies to GREs too. Without revising and building mastery of GRE chapters, you won’t do much in the exam. So, GRE prep courses are totally worth it. 

But it depends on how the curriculum is designed. TTP is designed for self-starters and self-driven students. It features interactive lessons, practice exams, and tests to build confidence for the real exam.

How does this course compare with other online GRE and GMAT prep courses?

Target Test Prep GRE is like no other; it’s exclusively a math platform comprising over 500 individual lessons, 3100+ practice problems, 800+ video explanations, active reviews, bookmarks, and prescribed tests. 

With smart learning analytics, no longer do you have to waste time going over topics you’ve already mastered. The Target Test Prep GRE platform utilizes your progress stats to drill you on your weaknesses, so you can turn them into your strengths and maximize your test score.

Give the program a try, and you’ll discover it’s one of the best GRE math curriculums.

Are group discounts available?

TTP does offer discounts to various businesses, universities, and organizations who want to buy the course for their needy students. Contact the company here for further inquiries.

Wrap Up 🎁

TTP GRE is one of the most highly reviewed courses online. Students love the freedom it allows them to access learning materials and coaching at their own convenience. The dashboard is user-friendly, allowing students to access lesson suggestions, create their own practice tests, view progress stats, and get real-time support.

For students who need extra math practice, this is it. With over 3100+ practice questions, you will never run out of problems to test your skills on. Start today with the company’s 5-day risk-free trial for $1 to determine why students recommend this course in troves.

The company assures a score improvement backed by a money-back guarantee should you fall short. Above all, it’s accessible to PC, smartphone, and tablet users.