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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ 99th percentile instructors

✅ Dual SAT + ACT prep

✅ Score improvement guarantee

Princeton Review has over 3 decades of experience in the test prep scene and understands the struggles and challenges SAT students face. That’s why they bundle together high-quality study materials, individualized study plans, thousands of practice questions, and many practice tests into stellar SAT prep packages with reasonable prices to match.

Princeton Review

Princeton Review is another veteran company in the college admission consulting and test-prep services. When it comes to SAT prep packages, they have quite a few of them at mid-range prices and include score guarantees and money-back assurances. 

Millions of students have already used the company’s SAT program to ace their exams and follow their dream. Read on to find out if the course is for you.


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About Princeton Review

Princeton Review was founded over 3 decades ago, and for the past 35 years, the company has been helping students score in the 90th percentile and get into their dream colleges or qualify for merit-based aid. 

Their approach focuses on the most critical aspects of the SAT and teaches the students in the most effective manner possible; that way, there’s no wasting time studying irrelevant facts or practicing subjects in which you are already proficient.

About Princeton Review

Features of the Princeton Review SAT

  • Over 3200 practice questions
  • Self-paced online, live online, in-person, and private tutoring packages
  • 3+ practice tests
  • Higher score guarantee
  • Printed book available
  • Video instructions
  • Mobile app available
  • No flashcards

Plans and pricing

In the SAT prep scene, Princeton Review is known for its range of course packages. Depending on your learning style and budget, you have the following options:



This is a $799 course for all SAT students, no matter their skill levels. It’s designed to help students achieve their SAT goals by teaching essential test-taking strategies. 

You can take the course online or in person. Immediately you enroll, you will get access to the study materials, instructional videos, and practice drills for a year. It also includes ACT study resources, so you won’t have to pay for an extra package if you plan on sitting for the ACT, too.


  • 18 hours of focused classroom instructions
  • Unlimited access to live online lessons
  • Over 135 SAT video lessons
  • Three self-proctored practice tests
  • 23 extra full-length tests
  • Eight single-section tests
  • Personalized homework assignments
  • Customized study plans
  • Progress tracking and interactive goal setting
  • Single-section and full-length ACT practice
  • Over 100 ACT video lessons
  • Higher score or repeat the course for free

SAT 1400+

SAT 1400+

The SAT 1400+ is the most popular Princeton Review SAT prep option. It’s available online and in-person, too, as a two-month subscription with a 1400+ score guarantee. It’s meant for students who want to get into the top 30 schools, and it includes:

  • Over 36 hours of live online classroom time or in-person
  • 99th percentile instructors
  • AI-powered practice drills
  • Customized assignments – this ensures the right drills at the right time and in the right amount to address individual student’s weaknesses.
  • A tutor available on-demand 24/7 to teach students how and when to apply concepts; you won’t have to pay anything extra
  • 1400+ points guarantee
  • Four se3lf-proctored practice tests
  • 22 extra full-length practice tests
  • Eight single-section tests.
  • Access to ACT self-paced
  • Progress tracking
  • Customized reports

SAT 1500+

SAT 1500+

Princeton Review SAT prep also provides tutoring at $233/hr. For students who need 99th percentile score guarantees. It’s available in person or online. 

The company will assess your goals and connect you to an expert tutor who draws from their experience and extensive training to help you achieve your SAT goals. You will also get a tutoring manager to support and guide your family as you prepare for the exam.


  • 1500+ score guarantee or get your money back
  • Both print and online study materials
  • Official SAT study guide from the College Board
  • Over 2200 practice questions and online drills
  • Over 235 expert-led interactive video lessons
  • Over 25 full-length SAT practice tests
  • Eight single-section SAT practice tests
  • Live online classes
  • Progress tracking
  • Interactive reports
  • Access to ACT self-paced course
  • One-year access to online practice materials

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

The summer camp is two weeks of specialized SAT instructions intended to help students raise their scores quickly. It’ available online and includes:

  • 18 hours of classroom instructions
  • 30 hours of tutoring
  • Guided practice
  • One-on-one princeton review’s
  • Extra live online sessions to provide help on the toughest questions
  • Over 140 video lessons
  • Four self-proctored SAT exams
  • 23 full-length practice tests
  • Eight single-section practice SAT tests
  • 3 SAT reviews
  • Printed books
  • Access to ACT self-paced course
  • The Princeton review SAT prep Review Guarantee -score higher or retake the course or get your money back.  

Private tutoring

Private tutoring

There’s private tutoring online or in-person and includes an expert to help understand tough topics and a manager to provide support throughout the prep. 

You can choose the SAT Comprehensive package at 150/hr for 18 hours; SAT Targeted at 160/hr for 10 hours; SAT Intro Tutoring at $180/hr for 3 hours.


  • 2000+ SAT practice questions
  • Over 135 interactive video instructions
  • Single-section and full-length SAT practice tests
  • A tutor expert plus a dedicated tutor manager for the family
  • Hard Copy books: official SAT study guide and Princeton Review SAT prep review book
  • Princeton Review Guarantee (SAT Comprehensive package only)
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Progress tracking
  • Interactive score reports

SAT & ACT Self-Paced

SAT & ACT Self-Paced

You can purchase this online DIY prep package for $299. It grants access to online prep materials for one year, and you have the option to add tutoring to the prep.


  • Over 280 online video instructions, including recorded versions of the SAT Night Live
  • Over 3,200 online practice questions and 377 online drills
  • AP Online video lessons – learn about the U.S government, U.S history, world history, English, and Chemistry
  • 17 SAT and 11 ACT practice tests
  • Princeton Review Guarantee
  • Choose only the SAT self-paced course for $199
  • 10 hours of on-demand tutoring at $290

On-demand Tutoring

On-demand Tutoring

You can also get online tutoring on-demand. This will connect you with tutors 24/7 for better grades. You can choose from 1hr/month ($39.99/hr), 2hrs/month ($79.99/hr) or 3hrs/month ($114.99/hr) and more packages.

On-Demand College Essay Review

On-Demand College Essay Review

You can also purchase this plan to get an expert to take a look at your college application essays, including how to select a topic, what to do when you are stuck, and more. It promises quick expert reviews with feedback within 24 hours. You can get help with any number of words for just $59.

Pros of Princeton Review SAT Prep 👍

From their SAT prep course package variety to expert tutors, discounted prices, and score improvement money-back guarantees, there’s a lot to like about Princeton Review SAT; here’s a look:

✅ 1. The best combination of features and price

If you want great value for money, Princeton Review SAT won’t let you down. Their self-paced course costs $299, and while that is significantly higher than Magoosh’s $129 course, you have to realize that the Princeton Review course combines SAT and ACT prep into one program; no need to purchase a separate ACT package if you plan on sitting for ACT too. 

Furthermore, you get over 28 practice tests, over 3200 practice questions, and free access to a personal coach; indeed, only PrepScholar provides a higher number of practice questions than Princeton Review. Plus, there’s the option to add on-demand tutoring to your prep for $199.

✅ 2. The Princeton Guarantee

Each of Princeton Review SAT packages come with the guarantee that you will improve your score or get your money back; alternatively, you can retake the course for free. Some of the company’s packages carry specific score guarantees. For example, the SAT 1400+ promises that you will score above 1400 points; the SAT 1500+ promises to give you a 99th percentile score. Other packages simply promise that you will improve on your previous score.

✅ 3. The course is available in every format.

Many SAT prep providers offer a self-paced and either a live online or an in-person package; never both. On the other hand, Princeton Review offers its course in all formats. The self-paced course is available online only, while the live classes and tutoring services are available in person and online.

Furthermore, there are hardcopy books that will be shipped to your location. These include the College Board’s guide to SAT and Princeton Review SAT review book.

✅ 4. Essay help

Princeton is one of the few SAT prep companies that provide Essay review services. At $50, you can get help with your college application and SAT essays. 

The essay tutors will provide help when you are stuck or are unsure about the topic to write about. You can submit any number of words for review, and they will get back to you in 24 hours.

✅ 5. Plenty of video instructions

Princeton Review packages include over 140 expert-prepared interactive video instructions for students who learn better through watching, including full recordings of their live online classes for those who cannot attend. 

The videos are prepared by expert SAT instructors who are enthusiastic about teaching content in a fun, interactive manner geared towards raising students’ scores.

✅ 6. AI-powered prep

Many companies say they have AI to help students prepare for their exam in a smart way, but few of them boast of vast amounts of data like Princeton Review; after all, what’s AI without data to train the algorithms? 

For the past 35 years, the company has been collecting data that now shapes their algorithms, helping match students to tutors and lessons that match their SAT goals. You will get the right amount of practice at the right time for maximum score improvement. The software also provides interactive reports and progress tracking.

✅ 7. Impressive instructors

Princeton Review SAT prep courses instructors are among the best in the industry. Not only are they selected based on their excellent SAT scores, but they also undergo training. Get ready for fun and interesting classes that will leave you able to solve problems and feel confident.

✅ 8. Long access periods

Most Princeton Review SAT packages grant 12 months of access to study materials. That’s a long enough period for students to prepare for their exam well and even use the prep courses to revise for retakes if they don’t like their exam score.

✅ 9. All courses include access to ACT prep.

Princeton Review has a feature called Freepass; this allows subscribers of their SAT packages access to self-paced ACT prep. 

Indeed, the company is the only one that provides an all-in-one SAT and ACT prep, making it suitable for students who haven’t decided which test to take or are looking to take both. 

The Freepass features allow SAT subscribers access to single-section and full-length ACT practice tests and over 100 expert-led video lessons.

✅ 10.  Focus on tutoring

Princeton Review has 3 SAT tutoring packages. You have the SAT 1500+ tutoring package, the best option for students looking for a perfect SAT score. 

Then there’s the private tutoring at $ in person or online. The third tutoring package is the on-demand package which is available 24/7 starting at $39.99/month.

Furthermore, the private tutoring has the SAT Comprehensive, SAT Targeted, and SAT Intro options. It’s this dedication to one-on-one help that makes the company stand apart from the competition.

Cons of Princeton Review SAT 👎

That said, there’s are a few things you might not like about Princeton Review SAT; here’s a look:

❌ 11. Price

Princeton Review’s Summer Camp SAT 1400+ and SAT 1500+ packages cost upwards of $1000. That means if you are not ready to spend more than $1000 on your SAT prep, these are not for you. However, you can still get the self-paced SAT course at $299 or the in-person and live online courses at $799, the same amount that Prep Expert charges for theirs.

❌ 12. Not exclusively online

The Princeton Review SAT course includes three offline study books. These are high-quality resources that the company will ship to your location upon purchasing the course. But in as much as they bring additional value, they make it hard to study on the go. Indeed, most students prefer online prep courses with a dedicated app for accessing study materials on the move.

❌ 13. No free trial

Princeton Review doesn’t allow students to try their SAT prep courses for free. Therefore, unless you purchase the course, there’s no way to know for sure if it’s suitable for you.

Who is the Princeton Review SAT suitable for? 🤔

The Princeton Review SAT program will suit just about any student. The company has a lot of course packages, making it an all-inclusive prep; here’s a summary of who will benefit the most from the course:

  • Self-driven students who like to prep at their own pace and time can choose the $299 on-demand package.
  • Students who are not sure whether to take the SAT or ACT will benefit from the Freepass feature.
  • Students looking to take both the ACT and SAT
  • Students who learn better by watching will benefit from over 150 interactive video instructions.
  • Students who want 99th percentile scores will benefit from the SAT 1500+ package.
  • Students who benefit more from a structured program will; enjoy the live online and in-person classes; plus, a personal coach is included in every package to provide support.

Wrap-up 🎁

It’s easy to see why the Princeton Review SAT is popular with students. They have a wide range of SAT prep course options and include top 1% instructors, many high-quality video lessons, score guarantees, and expert support 24/7. The only disadvantage is that some of their packages cost way over $1000. But if budget is not an issue, you will surely find the help you need to crush your exam and get into the college of your dreams or qualify for scholarships.

If you are interested in Princeton Review SAT programs or need a further chat, call the company today to speak with an expert and figure out your next move.