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Updated: December 8, 2021

4.5/5 Pisa Rating

✅ Course personalization

✅ Many practice questions

✅ 5-day risk free trial

PrepScholar is one of the largest companies in the test prep scene, they provide a variety of courses, classes, and tutoring options.


The coursework is taught by 99th percentile instructors and you also get a study planner with weekly study topic suggestions and a guide on when to sit for tests and review your work.


The company is neither too old nor new in the test prep scene and has done a lot to change things up from the typical one-size-fits-all approach.

Prep Scholar

Prep Scholar is another provider of stellar SAT prep courses. Students have the option of self-paced online, live online, and private tutoring. The course packages cost between $390 and $900. This may seem more expensive than the competition.

However, they come with significantly longer access periods, the largest question-answer bank, more practice tests, and a generous score guarantee to justify the price. Read on to get the full PrepScholar SAT review from the prep test experts at Pisa Day.


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About PrepScholar

About PrepScholar

Prep Scholar comprises a group of standardized test experts dedicated to helping students crush their exams and get into their dream institutions and professions. The company has a distinct advantage of being neither too old nor too young. That gives it just the right experience while remaining innovative enough to develop a curriculum suitable for the modern test-taker.

Indeed, the company founders achieved a perfect SAT score themselves and now employ a wide variety of features to provide students with adaptive lessons, thousands of practice tests, and a generous score guarantee.

How does the PrepScholar SAT course work?

How does the PrepScholar SAT course work?

Prep Scholar is an online study platform. However, it’s more than just a collection of videos and practice questions. Forget those one-size-fits-all prep platforms; here, the course is customized for each individual to enable maximum improvement in a short time.

It starts with a diagnostic test; then, you get a custom prep program with step-by-step guidance on what to study, when to sit for tests, and how to review your mistakes. 

The platform also provides customized feedback, weekly reports, and private tracking. Furthermore, there are videos to go along with the interactive lessons, and you’ve also got the option to add one-on-one coaching to your prep.

Features of PrepScholar SAT course

  • Online SAT prep
  • 60+ score guarantee
  • Over 100 interactive lessons
  • Over 7100 realistic practice questions
  • High-quality videos on select lessons
  • 99th percentile scorer instructors
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Learn exam strategies
  • Ten official SAT practice exams
  • Private tutoring available at an extra fee
  • Expert-led classes at an extra fee
  • Dual SAT + ACT package
  • 5-day risk-free trial

Course plans and pricing

There are many options to choose from depending on your learning habits and style.

 Complete SAT Online Prep

Pay $397 once a year or $36/month to use this customized online prep. you will get a personalized study plan with tons of lessons, official SAT practice exams, and hundreds of stellar practice problems. The package includes a guidebook to the new SAT.

Package features:

  • Diagnostic quiz
  • Over 210 hours of content
  • Comprehensive SAT coverage, including skill lessons and strategy videos.
  • Over 700 videos on select lessons
  • 49 fine-grained SAT skills
  • Over 7100 practice questions with answer explanations
  • Ten official SAT practice tests
  • 24/7 access all year

PrepScholar Classes

This is an $895 one-year SAT prep. It includes all the perks of the Complete Prep package, plus instructor-led classes in the company’s state-of-the-art online classroom

  • Learn and interact with fellow SAT students who are just as motivated as you
  • Expert-led classes
  • Work with 99th percentile scorers in small groups
  • Get help on your areas of difficulty

Complete + Tutoring

This package includes all the perks of the Complete Prep Package plus one-on-one tutoring with the company’s top SAT experts.

  • Personalized instructions on difficult topics
  • Maintain focus and motivation
  • Double your score improvement
  • Focus on your specific mistakes

Complete Premium

This package includes all the features of the Complete Prep Package plus extra 12 months of access and prompt support. Purchase it once for $577 or $53/month.


This is a complete SAT and ACT course for just $577 or $53/month. Obviously, it’s for students looking to take both exams. That way, you save money on purchasing both courses separately by purchasing an all-in-one course.

Why choose the PrepScholar SAT? 👍

There are various features to like about The Prep Scholar online platform, and the sat prep packages found on it; here’s a look:

✅ The greatest number of practice questions

The Prep Scholar online platform provides over 7100 SAT practice questions, accompanied by a detailed answer explanation.  Not that you will need all of them, but it’s just good to know they are available. Just so you know what the other SAT prep services providers are offering, Magoosh offers 1750 questions, Kaplan provides 1000, Prep Expert provides 1500. 

Only Princeton Review comes close with 3200 questions, but that’s not even half of what Prep Scholar has for you.

One of the most important aspects of test preparation is practice problems and their explanations, and having an unlimited number of them to practice with is a great thing. You can review a concept as much as you want without the material becoming boring. It makes learning exciting and fun.

✅ Course personalization

As already mentioned, this is far from a mere collection of video lessons and practice questions. Not all students are the same, and Prep Scholar understands that. That’s why course personalization is important to them. They will start you on a diagnostic exam to figure out how to help you. 

Then you will get a personalized prep program with a study planner and a score guarantee. The study planner is a step-by-step guide on weekly study topics, when to take practice tests and how to review mistakes. You will also get custom feedback and progress reports highlighting key areas of growth.

✅ Multiple course formats

It’s correct to say that the Prep Scholar online platform has an SAT prep package for just about any type of student. If you want a self-paced course, you have the Complete SAT Online Prep, which provides a personalized study plan that includes tons of adaptive lessons, practice problems, and tests.

If you want tutor-led lessons, they are available via the company’s innovative online classroom. There’s also the option to add 50 hours of tutoring to your prep if you want individual guidance. But it doesn’t stop there; there’s also a 24-months self-paced course and a dual ACT and SAT course so that you can prepare for both tests at a discount.

Just so you know what the competition is all about, Magoosh offers a self-paced online SAT course only, and Testative offers SAT tutoring packages only. On the other hand, Prep Scholar caters to a wide range of students.

✅ Generous 160+ point guarantee

Score guarantees are not a must; however, they help increase confidence in the course. Plus, for students looking for a sure thing, courses with score guarantees are more appealing. Many SAT prep courses offer score guarantees, but not as generous as Prep Scholar’s 160+ point improvement. Indeed, this is only rivaled by veritas and Prep Expert’s 200+ points guarantee. 

However, these two charge a $499 starting price each and do not provide as much practice as PrepScholar SAT. The 160+ points guarantee is enough to take your score from the 50th percentile to the 75th percentile.

✅ Year-long access period

Most SAT prep platforms allow 3-6 months access to their courses, and while that may seem like enough time to get your revision on, unfortunately, the SAT syllabus is just too complex, and, in most cases, students need extra time to prepare. That’s why Prep Scholar provides the longest access period on the market, 12 months to be exact. 

This is enough time to take the exam again and again while preparing using stellar course material until you get the score you want. But if you don’t want to buy a 12-month study package, you can pay for month-to-month access. Apart from that, there’s also a 2-year study package giving you all the time in the world to prepare and sit for your SAT only when you feel ready.

✅ 99th percentile instructors

Many companies say their staff is the best, but only a few of them can substantiate their claim. On the other hand, PrepScholar employs superstar instructors, and their 99th percentile SAT scores and Ivy League education proves it. 

They design the curriculum, conduct lessons, set practice problems, grade essays, and provide one-on-one feedback. The course is always getting updated. The teachers use current SAT trends, students’ answers, and feedback to create new lessons.

✅ Private tutoring for students who need extra help

The Complete SAT prep + Tutoring package enables students to get expert help one-on-one.  Your tutor will help you stay motivated and focus on your exact mistakes. They will also answer all your questions and provide guidance to help double your score improvement.

✅ Interactive lessons

The lessons include text and video instructions, drills, and practice tests. They are dynamic and interactive to keep students engaged throughout. They are conducted by superstar teachers who know their way around the SAT exam; even the most challenging topics are broken down into easy-to-grasp concepts.

✅ Essay grading

Forget those SAT prep providers that do nothing to boost students’ writing skills. Essay writing is one area students always need help with. Unfortunately, most SAT courses offer only mere tips and strategies via email. But Prep Scholar is different; you will get the chance to have your writing assignments looked at by top SAT essay experts. They will correct your grammar, score your work and provide direct feedback to help you make improvements.

✅ Five-day risk-free trial

If you are not sure whether the course will suit you, you can try it for five days; and if you decide to cancel your subscription within the five days, you won’t be charged anything. You will have access to the entire course to make your own evaluations.

✅ Progress Reports

Progress reports are an essential part of prep courses. Students use the information to know how far they’ve come and which areas to drill on. Prep Scholar provides weekly progress reports via email to students and their parents. They detail the number of lessons covered so far, how much time a student has spent on a specific lesson, and their test performance. This helps keep students from developing laziness.

✅ Support Included

In case of technical issues, the company provides phone and email support 24/7.

What you may not like about the course 👎

PrepScholar SAT prep is a great course overall. It comes with a ton of features that sets it apart from the competition. However, there are a few things you won’t like about the course; here’s a kook:

❌ No Mobile App

PrepScholar doesn’t have a dedicated student app; not that this is a buzzkill since you can access the course via browsers. However, a mobile app would have made things much smoother. Magoosh, for example, provides an iOS and Android mobile app to go with the desktop platform; this makes it easier to access the course features on the go and get your prep anywhere, anytime. 

You can use the app to access video lessons, practice questions, flashcards, and progress reports. For a $397 price per year, it’s a shame Prep Scholar fails to include a student app.

❌ Expensive self-prep than Magoosh

The Magoosh one-year self-prep package costs $129. It provides over 1750 practice questions with text and answers explanations, 200 lessons, three practice tests, and a 100+ score improvement guarantee. 

On the other hand, Prep Scholar charges $397 for one-year access to their Complete SAT Prep course. However, PrepScholar offers thousands of more practice questions, significantly higher score guarantees, and more practice tests.

❌ No in-person classes

If you are the kind of student who thrives better in a classroom learning environment, PrepScholar doesn’t have any in-person classes for you. It’s strictly a self-paced online, tutoring, and live online platform. If you want, in-person classes try Prep Expert, Veritas, or Princeton Review SAT.

❌ No flashcards

A set of flashcards is another essential feature of great test prep courses. Flashcards are used to improve memory by practicing quick information retrieval. Many students find them useful, and most test prep services providers know better than not to include them. 

For example, Magoosh provides flashcards for SAT vocabulary and prep to drill on specific English and math concepts. On the other hand, PrepScholar doesn’t include any flashcards, so you may have to find other learning aids.

Prep Scholar vs. Prep Expert

No two SAT prep services providers are the same. Both Prep Scholar and Prep Expert offer quality SAT prep services. Prep Expert is a company by Mark Cuban and Shark Tank Company. It was founded in 2010. On the other hand, Prep Scholar was founded in 2013 by Allen Cheng and Fen Zhang. Both companies have done a lot to distinguish themselves; here’s a look:

  • Course plans and pricing

Prep Expert has self-paced online, live online, in-person, and tutoring SAT prep courses created and taught by various freelancers. This makes it possible to filter courses by duration, format, and price.

Most of the courses on the portal are priced over $799. It’s rare to find a course that costs $500 or less on the platform. On the other hand, PrepScholar offers self-paced online, live online, and SAT tutoring services only. The courses on PrepScholar start at $397, making them cheaper.

  • Overall

Prep Experts has only two advantages over PrepScholar: it’s a portal with a wide variety of courses from various SAT experts, and it’s possible to get in-person class packages. But in all other areas, Prep Scholar comes out on top. Expect more lessons, practice problems, tests, and a higher score guarantee at significantly lower prices.

Who is the course best suited for?

Anyone can use the Prep Scholar SAT course to prepare for their exam. However, the following types of students will benefit the most:

  • Self-studiers: the Complete SAT Prep package is a customized course for doing all your prep on your own.
  • Students who want expert one-on-one help: the Complete SAT Prep + Tutoring allows students to add 50 hours of private coaching to their prep
  • Visual learners: in addition to interactive lessons, there are videos on select lessons
  • Buy professionals: with the self-paced package, you can get your prep anywhere, anytime, as long as you have internet access. 
  • Students who want tutor-led classes: the $895 Prep Scholar classes package provides 9 hours of devoted classroom time with an experienced instructor in groups of 9 students.

However, there are no in-person classes with PrepScholar for those looking for a traditional classroom learning experience.

Wrap Up 🎁

Any average student will find the Prep Scholar SAT course great. The course packages may seem expensive, but they include tons of unique features to make it worth it. Expect thousands of more practice questions than what the competition offers, official IELTS practice tests, hundreds of lessons, and a generous score improvement backed by money-back guarantees.

Furthermore, you have the allowance to change your mind, cancel your subscription, and ask for a refund after five days of trying out the course. All these features put the Prep Scholar SAT course a spot above the competition, and you can try it for free to find out more. Alternatively, you can email or call to speak with an SAT expert. The company prides itself on providing 24/7 support.