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Updated: December 2, 2021

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✅ Cutting-edge course personalization tech

✅ Affordable GRE prep

✅ Money back score-improvement guarantees

As a new player in the test prep scene, PrepScholar GRE doesn’t have as many practice tests or course format options as other courses.


Still, it’s among the best 10 GRE prep companies because it emphasizes course personalization and makes assurances such as score improvement and money-back guarantees.

PrepScholar is a recent entrant into the test prep scene. The company was founded in 2013 by former top Harvard graduates Allen Cheng (multiple teaching awards) and Fred Zhang (Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Economics). 

The company provides SAT Prep, PSAT Prep, ACT Prep, AP Tutoring, College Admissions, GRE Prep, GMAT Prep,  and TOEFL Prep. All their test prep program curriculums are designed by expert teachers who mastered the tests themselves, and they carry score improvement assurances backed by money-back guarantees. The following is the Pisa Day PrepScholar GRE review. 🙂


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PrepScholar GRE review

Prep Scholar

PrepScholar may be a brand-new company but don’t underestimate their courses. Their GRE prep program is one of the best in the market. It combines interactive lessons with over 2000 practice questions and a 7-point score improvement assurance. It’s a self-paced online course available in free-trial, 1-year, and lifetime options.

Features of PrepScholar GRE Prep

  • Two full-length practice exams
  • Over 2000 adaptive questions and mini-lessons
  • 72 interactive lessons customized for individual students
  • Vocabulary course
  • Diagnostic test comprising 60 questions to identify areas a student is not good at yet
  • Comprehensive: teaches both content and strategies, including what skills will be tested and how
  • Grad school admission guidance
  • 7-point score guarantee
  • 24/7 access

The PrepScholar GRE Prep method

The PrepScholar GRE Prep method

Before starting the course, subscribers take a diagnostic test, and then the company’s CustomPrep Algorithm designs a course for each individual. You will receive a guided minute-by-minute study plan with reminders of what to do next. 

You will also get interactive lessons and simulated GRE exams, customized feedback, and individual coaching, plus progress tracking to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunity areas for improvement.

How much is PrepScholar GRE prep?

Prep Scholar GRE Pricing

The GRE course from PrepScholar is a self-paced online test prep program available in 3 options:

PrepScholar Free Trial

Prep Scholar Free Trial

Why believe us when you can take the PrepScholar GRE program for a test drive yourself? The company allows a 5-day free trial period which allows access to the adaptive diagnostic test, a customized guided study plan, over 150 hours of interactive lesson, progress tracking, and grad school admission guidance. Although it’s a free trial, you will cover both GRE content and strategies.

$38 one-year access study package

This is an affordable study package for students looking for comprehensive GRE prep on a budget. It includes all features of the 5-day free trial course plus some. 

Not only does the program include 72 lessons on Core GRE skills and Advanced GRE skills each, but subscribers also get over 300 hours of mini-lessons on the newest GRE exam skills. 

What’s more, the Core and Advanced GRE skills lessons include 1500+ and 800+ practice questions. It also includes two adaptive full-length practice tests, progress tracking, a vocab and math cheat course. 

The study package is backed by a 7-point score improvement assurance. You can try the course for free to help decide whether to subscribe.

$345-lifetime study package

Pay $345 now and gain access to the course for a lifetime; this GRE prep package includes all the features of the $38 package, plus your AWA assignments will be graded and reviewed. 

In addition, you will receive personalized feedback, including tips on how to improve your performance on the section. You can also try the package for free.

Pros of PrepScholar GRE prep course 👍

Game-based learning

Prep Scholar GRE game based learning

Have you ever played one of those interesting fan-favorite online video games such as Fortnite? PrepScholar GRE has been designed to give you the same experience; get ready to immerse in interesting lessons, strategies mastering, crucial information recall, and problem-solving as you work to level up your GRE score. 

It’s a comprehensive course covering both content and skills and includes the opportunities to apply them to realistic practice questions.

✅ Course Personalization

Forget those providers of one-size-fits-all courses; the GRE prep course from PrepScholar is intended for teaching and interacting with you.  When you first start on the platform, you take a diagnostic test that measures various GRE-specific skills to determine your current ability level. Then, based on your stats, the platform’s CustomPrep algorithm prepares a course for you.

Expect over 150 hours of interactive lessons constituting videos and dynamic texts on core GRE concepts and strategies. The course also includes simulated online drills and mini-lessons on real GRE traps and tricks to avoid. 

A continuously adapting study plan offers the lessons and tests in the most efficient arrangement to help you improve your GRE score as quickly as possible. Thus, you will get the most impactful lessons before tough lessons that bring no pronounced score improvements.

✅ Cheapest course on the market

PrepScholar has the cheapest starting price for GRE prep courses. The price of quality GRE review courses starts somewhere at $200 to $600+; however, PrepScholar GRE is only $38 at the time of this review! 

And with a 12 months access period, that is an unbeatable offer. The company’s other more comprehensive course is also reasonably priced at just $345 for lifetime access.

You won’t find such offers on the market. Indeed, most GRE course providers charge the same price or even more for six-month access or 12 months at most what’s more. 

PrepScholar also offers customized lesson plans and score guarantees that you won’t find with some premium courses. Therefore, in terms of value for money, PrepScholar offers the best combination of features and prices.

✅ Generous GRE  score improvement assurance

The company’s score improvement on its premium study packages is the most generous on the market. Indeed, GRE courses from veteran companies like Kaplan and Princeton Review only carry a one-point score promise, while PrepScholar promises a 7-point score improvement backed by a money-back guarantee. 

That’s enough to take your score from the 50th to the 75th percentile.  Furthermore, you can opt to repeat the course free of charge instead of getting a refund if you don’t like your exam scores.

✅ 24/7 Access

The GRE prep course from PrepScholar is an online self-paced study program. The platform accommodates individual students’ schedules. That means you can study at your own pace and time. You can choose to study all day or schedule various lessons at different times, including nights and weekends. 

✅ Free Trial

So, you are interested in PrepScholar GRE  prep but aren’t sure whether to commit? Don’t worry; the company offers a free trial for those looking to find out more about the course. 

Then, you can take it for a spin for five days in which you will have access to adaptive diagnostic tests, a customized guided study plan, over 150 hours of interactive lessons, progress tracking, and grad school admission guidance.

Unlike other companies that limit the features you can access with the free trial, PrepScholar makes their course features completely accessible so you can make informed choices. 

However, they will require a working credit card for this package, and they’ll place a hold on the card for the duration of the free trial, so before signing up, ensure there are enough funds on the card. For some specific debit cards, this “hold” may appear as a charge, but you won’t be charged for the duration of the free trial.

✅ Progress Reports

The GRE exam has a complicated structure; knowing where to focus one’s studies for maximum improvement is pretty hard; progress reports make things easier. PrepScholar provides robust stats. You will always get weekly email reminders for customizing your revision, so you gain the biggest score improvement in a short time. 

You can also access your progress report from the dashboard to know which skills you are close to mastering. These skills give you insight into the exam-specific test questions and how to attack them

✅ Long access period

Forget those test prep companies that charge you starting prices upwards of $300 for their GRE prep courses only to allow three-month access or six at most. PrepScholar only charges $38 for 12 months access or $345 for lifetime access if you want a more comprehensive package.

No need to rush; you can take your time and prepare as thoroughly as you want for the exam to guarantee a score that sets you apart from other grad school applicants.

✅ Superstar instructors

PrepScholar employs only 99th percentile scorers with teaching experience and knowledge of GRE to teach the course. The instructors design the curriculum, prepare videos explaining tough GRE concepts and strategies. 

They also set the exams and prepare the answer explanations. If you subscribe to the lifetime package, you will also get to work on your AWA assignments with these teachers.

Cons of PrepScholar GRE Prep 👎

That said, there are a few issues you won’t like about PrepScholar GRE; here’s a look:

❌ Fewer study materials

Being a new entrant into the GRE test prep scene, PrepScholar is yet to amass a huge pile of course materials. Indeed, the company provides only 2000 practice questions compared to Kaplan’s 5000. You will also get only two practice tests compared to Princeton Review, which offers 8 of them. 

There’s one advantage, though, unlike Princeton Review that uses its own questions in practice tests, PrepScholar’s practice tests are ETS-certified. That means the questions are computer-adaptive and very close to what’s in the real exam.

❌ No essay review unless you buy the lifetime package

PrepScholar teachers will only grade your AWA writing assignments if you have the $ 345-lifetime study package. Don’t expect help with your essays if you buy the $38 study package. Compared to companies like ExamPAL, which Include AWA reviews even with their cheap course packages, PrepScholar is a bit of a disappointment.

❌ No dedicated student app

PrepScholar doesn’t have a dedicated student app; not this is a deal-breaker because you can still access the course using a computer. But still, an app would have made everything smoother since many GRE students are already juggling multiple activities and want the ability to fit courses into their busy schedules and study on the go. 

❌ Limited course option

Companies like KAPLAN, Princeton Review, and The Economist have self-paced, live online, in-person, and private coaching offers on their GRE courses. On the contrary, the PrepScholar GRE prep course is in the self-paced online format only, limiting study opportunities for students who want a classroom experience or one-on-one help. That said, students who love to DIY will enjoy the course more. 

Not only is it up to you to decide when to study, but you will also get a personalized schedule, with weekly email reminders of which topics to study next. You can schedule studies the whole day or break them up for fitting into your already-tight schedule. From the dashboard, you will have access to progress reports to identify opportunity areas for improvement.

Who is the PrepScholar GRE course most suited for? 🤔

Who is the Prep Scholar GRE for?

Anyone sitting for GRE can use Prep Scholar. However, the course is ideal for the following students:

  • If you have other priorities such as a job, classes, etc., it’s easy to fit Prep Scholar GRE lessons into the already-tight schedule.
  • If you are looking for efficient GRE revision: Prep Scholar prioritizes lessons that will make the most impact while scheduling those that need more work for later.
  • You are no longer able to improve your GRE  score: If you’ve been preparing for GRE, but from the practice tests you see your score has flatlined just a few points shy of your desired score, Prep Scholar’s diagnostic exam helps identify opportunity areas for improvement and customizes a study plan for you.
  • If you are overwhelmed by the complex GRE structure and need step-by-step guidance, including weekly reminders of what to do next, progress reports
  • You like to study at your own pace and time: you can access the Prep Scholar GRE course online anytime, any day, for DIY revisions.

Wrap-up 🎁

Aside from a few cons, Prep Scholar GRE guarantees value for money. Not only will you pay the cheapest prices, but you will get some of the best features such as 12 months or lifetime access, official ETS practice exams, a personalized dashboard, and weekly study topic reminders.

If you are interested in the course and want to find out more, start with the free trial offer, which grants full access to all the features for five days. For more information, contact the company here to speak to one of their GRE experts.