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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Longest access period

✅ 15+ score improvement guarantee

✅  Thousands of TOEFL vocabularies

PrepScholar TOEFL is top-rated because it includes the most generous score improvement guarantee (15+ points) along with thousands of practice questions and vocabulary words. They also write reviews. For just $200, you get access to the materials for life!

Learning a foreign language is no walk in the park. Even if you are cool at speaking English in public, completing the TOEFL exam to assess your language skills can be difficult. Prep Scholar’s TOEFL prep course provides learners with a customized approach to learning the language and a guaranteed higher TOEFL score.


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About Prepscholar

PrepScholar is among the most well-known test prep companies today, and its expertise extends beyond popular ACT and SAT prep courses. The company also employs a team of professionals to teach students how to pass the TOEFL to compete in the most demanding English-speaking environments.

The company benefits from the fact that it is neither too old nor too young. It was formed in 2013 by Allen Cheng (many teaching awards) and Fred Zhang (Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Economics), both former top Harvard graduates. 

It has some experience in the field but still remains innovative, providing students with an intuitive online platform for immersive and interactive test prep.

Learners who use the company’s TOEFL will benefit from various services that can elevate their prep to the next level. PrepScholar does, however, have a few flaws that may make it an unsuitable alternative for some students.

We go through everything you need to understand about the PrepScholar’s online TOEFL program, from material to pricing and anything in between, so you can determine if it’s right for you. If you believe there might be other TOEFL prep options that would better prepare you for the test, check out our list of the top 10 TOEFL prep courses on the market today. 

You’ll be able to see which prep options are the cheapest, the most expensive, and which offer the precise features you just might be after.

PrepScholar TOEFL Overview

Prep Scholar is an online study platform. However, it’s more than just a mere collection of videos and practice questions. Forget those one-size-fits-all prep platforms; here, the course is customized for each individual to enable maximum improvement in a short time.

It combines interactive TOEFL lessons, thousands of practice questions, and 1-on-1 Speaking and Writing reviews into 4-day, one-year, or unlimited prep packages; at competitive prices, of course.

Features of PrepScholar TOEFL

  • Online prep that you can take with you anywhere
  • Unlimited email support
  • 1-on-1 speaking and writing tutoring
  • Proven TOEFL strategies
  • Free TOEFL prep eBook
  • 15+ point improvement guarantee
  • 1000+ practice questions
  • 100+ hours of interactive lessons
  • 30-question adaptive diagnostic test
  • TOEFL vocabulary flashcards

What to expect from PrepScholar TOEFL?

Expect an interactive, immersive learning experience with a simulated practice where you get to use the knowledge you’ve learned to tackle questions and elevate your score. The course has been designed like a game. 

It starts with diagnostic tests; then, they create a course for you that includes study plans with lesson suggestions and instructions on when to take tests and review your work. The study plans are adaptive, so you can level up to a higher score as you progress through the course.

PrepScholar Customized Study Plan

PrepScholar uses study plans to provide learners with unique experiences. Forget those cookie-cutter TOEFL preps; with Prep Scholar, it’s all about an individualized learning experience. When you first get on the platform, you will spend 10 minutes signing up.

Then you will have to take a smart diagnostic exam, which contains like 30 questions on various TOEFL topics to gauge your initial skills levels. The test allows the company’s CustomPrep algorithm to create a course for each student. You’ll begin with the assignments that will greatly impact your TOEFL score before progressing to more challenging concepts.

In addition to the unique study plan, you will also get a chance to customize your prep further by creating your own study calendar. You will inform the course when you are available for lessons each week, and you will then receive reminders that’ll keep you on track to your study objectives.

PrepScholar’s Interactive TOEFL lessons and Videos

Just because a course is self-paced doesn’t mean it should be boring. PrepScholar TOEFL is designed like a game, with levels that you are supposed to progress through as your performance on each lesson improves. 

Part of the fun is in the interactive lessons and videos that support them. PrepScholar provides 150+ TOEFL lessons. This is the second-the greatest number of video lessons by any TOEFL course on our list. The only other company that tops this number of videos is Kaplan, with its 190+ TOEFL video instructions.

PrepScholar TOEFL lessons and videos are prepared by its award-winning instructors, often presenting concepts in a fun, interactive way to ensure your participation.

Practice Questions

PrepScholar provides 1000+ TOEFL practice questions across all exam skills. The company’s TOEFL experts design them, and some of them include written and video explanations.

You will also get practice tests that you can work on online, just like the real TOEFL iBT exam. You will be tested and graded across all four sections of the exam, and you will get feedback so you can review your mistakes and figure out where you went wrong. Your performance will be measured, and the stats will help update your next lesson and drills.

Why Choose PrepScholar TOEFL 👍

Why Choose PrepScholar TOEFL

There are various reasons to like about PrepScholar’s TOEFL course; here’s a look:

✔️ 1.   Personalized curriculum

One reason why the PrepScholar TOEFL curriculum stands out is that it can be tailored to individual students. When you first get on the PrepScholar platform to use the TOEFL course, you’ll take a diagnostic TOEFL reading exam that measures your basic reading skills.

As soon as you are done with the test, the company’s CustomPrep method computes how competent you are at various types of TOEFL questions. 

The algorithm will then put together a course for you. That way, different TOEFL learners get different experiences on the PrepScholar platform. You will receive a personalized study plan and assignments that you can work on at different paces.

The first assignments are selected to increase your TOEFL iBT score before moving to tough concepts. Apart from personalized study plans, you will get the opportunity to customize the course further by informing the algorithm when you will be available for lessons. It makes you a study calendar and sends you email reminders when the time comes.

✔️ 2.   Speaking and Writing Review

PrepScholar’s TOEFL course is designed to engage and provide 1-on-1 attention and feedback. It’s like getting your own private English tutor.  At various stages of the course, you will be asked to answer realistic Speaking and Writing questions.

They will be graded by an expert TOEFL instructor who will then provide feedback to help learn exactly what you did well, what you need to improve, and how to get a higher score.

PrepScholar is just one of a few companies that include speaking and writing reviews as part of their TOEFL course. The advantage here is the services are provided at no additional charge. Most courses charge an extra $50 for graded speaking and writing assessments. With PrepScholar, it’s part of the package. 

You can submit up to 12 audio samples across all the course’s speaking questions and four written samples across 2 of the course’s writing questions. Your work will be assessed based on TOEFL grading rubrics.

Speaking and writing sections are often the most challenging in the TOEFL exam. Getting experts to review your work and provide feedback can help identify areas for improvement. 

Many PrepScholar learners experience dramatic improvement in their writing and speaking scores after the assessment, reviews, and feedback. With other courses, you will have to pay for these services or look for tutorials on YouTube yourself, and that’s just not convenient now, is it?

✔️ 3.   Generous score improvement

PrepScholar offers some of the best score guarantees on its courses. Many test prep providers use score guarantees to show learners their courses are worth the price. If you don’t earn a higher mark on an exam even after finishing all the course content, you can ask to be refunded 100%. 

However, other companies simply promise a “higher score,” which means if you raise your score by one point, you won’t be entitled to a refund even though that’s not a great score improvement.  With PrepScholar, there’s no such problem.

The company guarantees that your TOEFL iBT score will improve by at least 15 points after completing the course, or they’ll give your money back. In some circumstances, 15 points can mean the difference between being accepted or denied admission into your dream college.

✔️ 4.   Free Trial

PrepScholar is also one of a few test-prep companies that allow students to try their course for free. The free trial provides you free access to the complete course for five days.

A customary “hold” will be set on your debit card when you register for the free trial. Please keep in mind that this hold will look like a charge on the card for some debit cards, so ensure you have enough funds if you’re using a card with tight financial standards. 

However, if you cancel your free trial by emailing [email protected], your hold will be released within 24 hours. If you don’t cancel your subscription five days following the diagnostic test, you will automatically be charged.

Features that you can access when using a free trial account include:

  • SMART diagnostic exam
  • Over 150 hours of interactive lessons with videos explaining tough concepts
  • 1,000+ practice questions
  • Proven TOEFL strategies and graduate school admission guides
  • TOEFL vocabulary course with over 20 lessons and 300 quizzes
  • 3,000 TOEFL vocabulary

✔️ 5.   Access Length

Preparing for standardized tests might take a lot of time, but several TOEFL courses don’t allow students much time to get acquainted with their curriculum.

Most of them allow 1-3 months of access because they rush to turn over many subscribers throughout the year and expand their profit margin.

There are just a few TOEFL courses on the market that allow students the freedom to practice as long as they want. PrepScholar is one of these companies.

There are two PrepScholar TOEFL packages: a $187 TOEFL prep, which gives access to all the course features for one year, and a $385 Master package which allows lifetime access.

With the extended access period, you can prepare for TOEFL slowly or as fast as you need. You might even prepare and take the TOEFL exam numerous times until you get the score you want.

These access times make PrepScholar an especially helpful course for learners with a busy schedule or those who wish to improve their score regardless of how long it’ll take.

✔️ 6.   Smart Diagnostic Tests

It’s impossible to reach where you want without knowing where you are coming from. Even the best test prep service providers know that. They include diagnostic tests to assess student’s initial skill levels and use the stats to craft a custom curriculum for each individual. That’s how they can tell you that their program will improve your score by a certain number of points.

PrepScholar TOEFL includes a 30-question diagnostic exam. You will sit for it for an hour after signing up. It will help gauge your strengths and weaknesses and determine which lessons and assignments you get first for maximum score improvement. The company’s TOEFL expert develops the exam. They’ll also use data from thousands of other students to correctly assess your skills.

✔️ 7.   Free eBook

For linguistic learners, PrepScholar TOEFL includes a free eBook. The book summarizes the company’s most effective TOEFL tips into a few pages. If your TOEFL iBT score is not improving, you’ll learn here how to fix it.

It contains five strategies to give you an extra 15 points in the exam. You will learn how the exam is marked and the key factor that determines your score. It also contains common silly mistakes to avoid, guides on reviewing your errors, and customizing your TOEFL prep.

 ✔️ 8.   Unlimited email support

Another great feature of PrepScholar TOEFL is the amount of support. You will get unlimited email support to ask a team of online TOEFL experts to explain challenging concepts and clarify exam answers. The service is available 24/7, and the team is friendly. They always respond to students’ questions promptly.

✔️ 9.   Top 1% Instructors

Another unique feature of the best prep courses is the instructors. The best test prep companies employ the crème de la crème of the test scene instructors.

With PrepScholar, you won’t engage with teachers every day. However, this team remains incredibly relevant. They take teaching very seriously. They are former 99th percentile test scorers and have a passion for teaching. They also care about their students.

They develop your practice questions, clarify complex answers, prepare lessons and videos and review your writing and speaking responses. As you advance through your course, you will read explanations and see videos from the team. These lessons and concept explanations are incredibly detailed and provide a comprehensive overview of the TOEFL test format, substance, and structure.

✔️ 10. Progress Reports

PrepScholar TOEFL includes progress reports to help learners identify opportunity areas for improvement and know when they are ready for the actual exam.

The platform summarizes your performance using charts and graphics to give you a visual look of where you are trending towards.  You’ll be able to see how much you’ve progressed each day and how far you are from your overall objectives.

Information like this is important. It helps know exactly what to study next to reach your test goals. It also helps gain confidence to sit for the exam.

✔️ 11. Group Options

Another advantage of PrepScholar is the group bundle offer. This is where students team up in groups of 5 to 100+ to buy PrepScholar TOEFL packages at discounted prices. The offer is especially advantageous to teachers who want to buy TOEFL prep packages for their classes.

You can buy the course for as low as $37 for a team of 100+ students, $49 for a team of 21 to 99 students, and $77 for 5 to 20 students. Of course, the price is per head. That means if you buy a $49 package, every student in the group pays $49.

All packages allow one year of access to the course. Furthermore, just because you purchase the course as a team doesn’t mean it will be a one-size-fits-all; every student in the group sits for a diagnostic test and gets personalized study plans and assignments, leading to different experiences within the group.

What you might not like about PrepScholar TOEFL 👎

PrepScholar TOEFL is a good course overall, especially for students who want guidance; the course distinguishes itself by prioritizing 1-on-1 help and feedback. That said, there are a few things you might not find pleasing about the PrepScholar TOEFL approach. Here’s a look:

❌ 12. The Price

So PrepScholar has a 5-day free TOEFL course. If you can prepare that fast, you won’t have to pay anything. The offer grants you access to lessons and video instructions, practice questions, diagnostic exams, TOEFL vocabularies, and quizzes.

However, you won’t get 1-on-1 speaking and writing reviews, practice tests, the 15-point score guarantee, and unlimited email support. If you want these services, you will have to purchase either the 1-year or the unlimited prep packages.

Now, these don’t cost a little. In fact, a look at our top 10 TOEFL course comparison chart reveals this is the second most expensive course after Kaplan. The 1-year prep costs $187, while the unlimited prep costs $385.

The Magoosh 1-year TOEFL package costs $40 less, and you can even pay less if you decide to go with TestDen TOEFL ($47, 180days).  However, these other companies don’t provide as many practice questions as PrepScholar TOEFL. Plus, there’s a 1-on-1 speaking and writing tutorial.

  13. No mobile app

PrepScholar doesn’t have a mobile app. Not that this is a deal-breaker because you can still access the TOEFL platform via browsers. However, a mobile app could’ve made things much smoother, especially for busy students who want to access the course on the move.

Magoosh started just around the same time as PrepScholar, and they provide a dedicated student app which you can use to access the video lesson, TOEFL vocab flashcards, and performance reports on the move.

Should you get the lifetime or the best-selling or plan?

Depending on where you are in your college application process, you have a choice between a one-year Best-Selling Plan and an unlimited Master Plan. The features of the packages are the same, except for the access period; here’s a look:

Best-selling Plan

This TOEFL package is suitable if you are absolutely sure you’ll sit for the exam sometime in the next 12 months. It’s the company’s most popular plan and requires a one-time payment for 1-year access to the following:

  • Online prep anywhere anytime
  • Personalized study plan
  • Customized onboarding and auto-synced email reminders
  • Eight 1-on-1 speaking reviews
  • Four one-on-one writing reviews
  • Proven TOEFL strategies
  • Free TOEFL prep eBook
  • 15+ point improvement guarantee
  • 1000+ practice questions across all TOEFL sections
  • Unlimited email support on all questions
  • 150+ hours of interactive lessons
  • 30-question adaptive diagnostic test
  • Flashcards containing 3000 TOEFL vocabularies
  • Vocabulary course -20 lessons and 300 questions

Master Plan

This plan requires a $385 one-time payment for access to unlimited TOEFL prep. It’s suitable if you are not 100% sure when you’ll be applying for college and just want to study and be done with the TOEFL first. You’ll have unlimited access to it. You can prepare slowly, take time to read, and re-read for the exam until you are sure you are ready to sit for it.

You will have lifetime access to the same features as detailed in the Best-Selling plan above.

Who Is PrepScholar TOEFL Suitable for?

Who Is PrepScholar TOEFL Suitable for?

PrepScholar is suitable for everyone taking the TOEFL. However, it is especially useful for learners who belong into one of these categories:

  • Busy students or professionals: If you have a job, classes, or other obligations already taking up much of your time, PrepScholar is a TOEFL program that you can easily squeeze in the schedule without overwhelming yourself.
  • You are looking for an efficient study program: If you want a course to help achieve your target score in the shortest time possible, this is it. You won’t waste your time on the topics that won’t increase your score; the first assignments are selected to give you a max score boost before moving on to other study topics.
  • You can’t TOEFL iBT score can’t seem to get any better: Perhaps you started revising for the TOEFL already and were making progress at first, but you’ve since plateaued and are still a couple of points short of your target score. PrepScholar TOEFL can help make up the difference; the course includes smart diagnostic tests to identify every learner’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • You are looking for guidance: Perhaps you are new to the TOEFL exam and don’t know how to navigate the complex curriculum. Having a tutor to show you the steps can lead to effective prep. PrepScholar does exactly that. Every week, you will get email reminders of lessons, assignments, etc., plus, you will get one-on-one help with speaking and writing assignments and unlimited email support on the practice questions.


Wrap Up

PrepScholar TOEFL is one of the greatest TOEFL courses on the market right now. The company’s CustomPrep algorithm ensures each student gets a personalized curriculum suitable for identifying and drilling you on your weaknesses, turning them into your strengths.

Although the course is pricey and lacks a few features that other courses may offer, it’s still among the best 10 TOEFL curriculums. PrepScholar students can rest assured that their practice will result in significant score improvements thanks to the company’s high-quality content.