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Updated: December 3, 2021

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✅ 99th percentile instructors

✅ Course variety

✅ Higher score guarantee

Prep Expert is another relatively new company in the test prep scene. It boasts an exceptionally talented staff and offers a variety of courses, classes, and tutoring options. It was originally known as 2400 Expert as a tribute to its founders’ perfect 2400 perfect SAT score.

Prep Expert provides online SAT prep classes that will help you achieve an impressive SAT score. The courses are taught by veteran tutors who have achieved a 99th percentile SAT score themselves, boast years of teaching experience, and have assisted thousands of students in crushing their exams using the most brilliant test prep strategies.

Prep Expert

The teachers will teach you over 100 methods created by Dr. Shaan Patel and will take you through the entire SAT prep process from start to finish. When compared to other SAT courses, they provide approximately twice the course hours at half the price.

Prep Expert students have improved their average SAT scores to industry-leading levels, and they have gotten admissions offers into leading academic institutions and won over $100m in scholarships.


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History of Prep Expert

Prep Expert began a few years ago when Shaan Patel pitched his idea of a test prep company on Shark Tank and convinced Mark Cuban to invest. Shaan, a perfect SAT scorer himself, had this entrepreneurial drive to help students crush their exams and change their lives.

Ever since appearing on the popular TV show, the company has grown to be one of the best in education. PrepExpert employs expert educators and a precise, intensive program to enhance students’ SAT and ACT scores significantly.

Prep Expert SAT review.

Prep Expert offers a 6-week Flagship SAT course, an 8-week course, a self-paced online course, and a Weekend Review course. Learners in the six-week course meet twice a week for 3 hours of live online lessons and take a four-hour self-proctored exam every week.

Instructors teach students new test prep strategies and explain how to approach questions. The teachers also respond to student’s questions and review assignments.

Prep Expert students also build the confidence and stamina required for excellent performance on the real exam by applying what they’ve learned to official test questions during the 4-hour practice exam that simulates test-day experience.

Following this tried-and-true formula, many students experience weekly improvements in their grades!

 Features of PrepExpert SAT programs include:

  • Top one percent instructors
  • 200-points score improvement guarantee
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Self-paced online, live online, in-person, and private tutoring course formats
  • Masterclasses for students looking for top 1% academic success, higher test scores or help with their graduate studies

Which SAT study packages can I purchase from Prep Expert?

PrepExpert SAT courses fall into the following categories:

6-Week Flagship

These are complete SAT prep courses for learners looking for huge score improvement in a short time. They are mostly live online courses by the top one percent of instructors:

Features of the course include:

  •  200 score guarantee or get your money back
  •  Three hours of live online lessons twice a week and a four-hour self-proctored exam every week.
  •  60 hours of live lessons
  • $799-$1599
  •  Essay grading

8-Week Capstone

The 8-Week Capstone Course is the highest-tier SAT prep on the platform. For students aiming for perfect and 99th percentile scores, this is it. The classes are taught by perfect SAT scorers only and are intended to take students’ SAT scores to the next level.  

Lessons focus on solving the most difficult SAT concepts, allowing all learners to improve their scores with the guidance of 99th percentile instructors.

Features of the courses include:

  • 100-point improvement guarantee
  • 85 hours of live online lessons 
  • $1299-2599
  • A six-week SAT flagship course
  • Weekly lessons and SAT exams
  •  Essay grading
  • A weekend review course the weekend before the SAT exam to review the strategies learned in the 6-week course

 Self-Paced Course

As of this review, there’s only one course in this category, and it provides video SAT prep for learners who want to prepare at their own pace and time.

Features of the course include:

  • 100 strategies by Dr. Patel
  •  30 hours of video content
  •  $499 price
  • 12-month access
  • Essay grading
  •  Desktop and mobile-platform optimized
  • Higher score or get your money back

Weekend Review

The Weekend Review provides last-minute prep for students looking to do some final touches the weekend before their exams.

Features of the course include:

  •  Live online classes
  • A revision of the 100 strategies by Dr. Patel
  •  To 1% of instructors
  • $499 price

 Why choose Prep Expert SAT? 👍

Why choose Prep Expert SAT?

There’s a lot to like about the PrepScholar SAT platform; here’s a look:

1. Score guarantee

Prep Expert provides the most generous score improvement guarantee in the industry. The 8-week capstone course and the 6-week flagship course come with 200-point improvement guarantees. The self-paced course promises a higher score too. Furthermore, if you don’t perform as promised after completing the course, you are entitled to a 100 % refund.

Just so you know what the competition is about when it comes to score improvement and money-back guarantees, Magoosh promises 100 points only. In contrast, Kaplan, Testive, Princeton Review, and Olive’s book SAT don’t promise specific point improvements. 

The only SAT prep with as much score guarantee is Veritas. A 200-point improvement is enough to take a student’s score from the 40th percentile to the 84th percentile.

 ✅ 2. Top 1% instructors

Prep Expert takes teaching very seriously. The company only hires teachers who have a passion for teaching and care about their students. Their SAT teachers are exceptional. They are the crème de la crème of former test-takers and have shown an exceptional ability to teach content in a fun, individualized, and results-oriented manner. 

Prep Expert’s faculty members have earned degrees from Yale, Harvard, and MIT and excellent SAT and ACT scores and advanced postgraduate (MBAs, PhDs, JDs, MDs, etc.). Students achieve outstanding SAT and ACT outcomes thanks to superstar instructors!

3. Sat private tutoring

Private tutoring is a key feature of the nest SAT prep platforms. Not all students are the same; some can study independently, while others require extra guidance from experts. The best SAT courses provide packages that allow students to add tutoring to their prep. Prep Scholar is one of those. 

You can get one-on-one help starting from as low as $59/hour. This is personalized private coaching at your own convenience. Select from several tutors who are 99th percentile scorers themselves. If you need help picking a tutor, you can ask for guidance.

4. Essay grading

Forget those SAT prep courses that provide essay writing tips and strategies only; Prep Expert tutors provide essay grading services too. Essay writing is one section of the SAT that students usually find tough. 

A little one-on-one guidance could go a long way in inspiring students to greater writing skills. Prep Expert tutors will look at your writing samples and provide direct feedback, including highlights on how you could improve your work. Simply scan your work and submit as a PDF.

5. In-person and Online Course Options

While many SAT companies offer only in-person or live online prep services, Prep Expert offers both. If you live in Las Vegas, NV, or Princeton, NJ, you can choose to take classes in-person at one of the company’s on-site centers. But if you live far from these locations, there’s the option for live online classes. The company uses Adobe Connect, and students are encouraged to participate.

Other learning materials are also available in the form of video lessons and downloads. However, the practice tests require pencil and paper before entering the answers into an online platform. The written samples must be scanned and uploaded in PDF format.

6. 4-week PSAT Prep Course

This is a four-week program by Dr. Patel and Clay Coper, two perfect SAT scorers and National Merit finalists. It’s designed for students looking to take the practice version of the SAT exam. You’ll learn 100+ tried-and-tested strategies by the two exam experts. 

Students meet twice a week for three hours of lessons and once a week for a four-hour self-proctored exam. It helps students get a head start at the SAT process and is backed by a score improvement money-back guarantee.

7. A polling system to encourage class participation

Prep Expert uses Adobe Connect to connect learners to their teachers and encourage interaction. Teachers employ various tactics to encourage participation. For example, they may initiate a poling system where students are required to answer a certain percentage of questions in the class. 

Otherwise, they are marked as absent. To be marked as having completed the course, you must be present in a specific number of class sessions; otherwise, you won’t qualify for the score improvement and money-back guarantee.

8. Long access period

When a learner subscribes to a Prep Expert class, they have access to the recorded and live stream lessons and assignments and the company’s comprehensive course books. The books provide great insight into SAT techniques, strategies, and concepts that are the cornerstone of the Prep Expert curriculum.

These books are a helpful addition to your class sessions if you take the live online or tutoring packages. They contain detailed lessons explaining those tough concepts that might have left you puzzled in class.

If you choose the self-paced study option, the company recommends that you go through these books to understand Dr. Patel’s 100+ SAT strategies better. The advantage is you can keep using the books even after your course has expired. Students in the 6-week or 3-week course will be allowed up to two months to access their course materials and dashboard after their final class. 

The extended period of access is advantageous because students can read through the course after getting the SAT score report. If a student doesn’t like their score, they can take advantage of the extended access to go through the course again.

What you might not like about Prep Expert SAT 👎

Overall, Prep Expert is a great SAT prep course for students looking for comprehensive self-paced online prep, live online, in-person, or even private tutoring. Still, there are a few things you may not find pleasing: here’s a look:

9. Higher starting price

Prep Expert’s on-demand SAT costs $499. And even though it grants one-year access to 30 hours of HD SAT videos, it’s still expensive compared to Magoosh’s $129/year self-paced online course or PrepScholar’s $397/year Complete Online Sat Prep. 

What’s even worse is the amount of practice you get from Prep Expert isn’t even anywhere close to what Prep Scholar and Magoosh provide. PrepScholar will give you 7100+ practice questions and ten official practice tests. On the other hand, Prep Expert provides only 1500 practice questions and six practice tests.

When you look at the company’s advanced SAT courses, things get better a bit. Most of them cost $799 for 60 hours; that’s like $13/hour. Compared to other companies, that’s much better. For example, Princeton Review charges $599 for 18 hours of live lessons; that’s like $33/hour. Testive charges $799 for 54 hours of live lessons; that’s like $15 an hour.

10. The student interface is not user-friendly

Although the Prep Expert SAT platform is generally up to date and simple to navigate, several user interface features need updating. For example, when you login into the dashboard, you can see the lessons, books, assignments, and practice tests, but there are no video lectures on the dashboard. 

To view the video lessons, you have to log into a separate website. Furthermore, students must download Adobe Connect, which is a distinct software program, to participate in live class sessions. Prep Expert’s online approach can be a little difficult when switching between websites to access different resources, but students can readily get acclimated to it.

The assignment grading process could use a bit of fixing too. Students have to download a PDF version of the assignment, and they are also allowed to download the answers whether they’ve finished the work or not. While this helps encourage accountability, the opposite is also true that it tempts students to take a peek at the answers before they’ve worked through the assignment.

However, these are just minor issues; the Prep Expert platform is generally great, allowing students to submit their practice tests and assignments without any hassles.

11. Heavy workload

Because the Prep Expert SAT program lasts only 3-6 weeks, they cram a lot of content into a short course resulting in a hard and frequently stressful workload.

Throughout the 6-week or 3-week program, students will complete a maximum of 10 SATs. Four of them are broken down into sections that are given as homework multiple times a week. The remaining 6 SATs, including the essay component, are taken once a week as full, self-proctored practice tests. 

The tests with essays take about 4 hours to complete, and Prep Expert recommends that all students attempt it regardless of whether they intend to sit for the writing part of their SAT come official exam.

This means that students in the 6-week course will get at least one SAT each week while those in the 3-week course will complete thrice the number of exams each week. That’s roughly 12 hours of assignments each week, and there doesn’t even include class sessions and self-study.

However, there’s an advantage to cramming massive content in a short course; students who are likely to slack off because a course is long and boring no longer have the opportunity to do so. Plus, there’s a way to ensure class attendance by polling students’ participation.  

Moreover, if you don’t like the intensity of the course, you always have the option of an on-demand course. The self-paced course allows students the flexibility to schedule revision sessions at their own convenience.

Who is the course for? 🤔

Any student can use the Prep Expert SAT courses to prepare for their exam. There’re many options to choose from:

  • Self-paced course with a score improvement money-back guarantee: this course is for students who want the flexibility to revise at their own pace and on their own time.
  • Live classes for students who want the structure that in-person classes provide but are far away from Prep Scholar’s learning centers
  •  In-person classes for students in Princeton New Jersey, and Las Vegas Nevada
  • Private tutoring for students who want one-on-one expert help

However, the type of student who Prep Expert SAT is most definitely not for is one with an already busy schedule. Prep Expert SAT is an intense 6-week or 3-week prep that’s hard to fit into an already tight schedule. Expert rigorous schedules and tight deadlines.

Wrap-up 🎁

Prep Expert employs top 1 percent instructors, the most generous score improvement guarantee, and various course formats for its SAT prep services. However, it’s an intense course characterized by multiple lessons and SAT exams each week for three or six weeks.

Expect to be rushing to meet deadlines always. But if you can take it, you’ll surely build the confidence and stamina to crush the exam and gain the scholarship to pursue your dream graduate program.

There’s also a self-paced one-year course if you want to study at your convenience. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial, so you’ll just have to believe the reviews or subscribe to find out, and if you stick with the course, it either changes your life positively or gives your money back. Try the course here to find out more.

Alternatively, if you need a further chat, you can always speak with an expert here. Good luck in your exam, champs!