Kaplan SAT Prep Review

Kaplan SAT Review

Kaplan SAT is another well-reviewed SAT prep course. It’s available on-demand, in-person, and live online and includes concept explanations and test strategies from the top 1% of instructors, plus a score guarantee backed by a money-back promise.  Furthermore, the company also offers Unlimited Prep and tutoring packages. Plus, if you are unsure, they provide a free consultation to help figure … Read More

College Prep Genius SAT Review

College Prep Genius makes it to our review of the top 10 SAT prep courses on the market. The company was created in 2004 by Jean Burk to provide unique test prep services to help students crush their exams and get into their dream colleges or qualify for scholarships. This here is a deep dive into the course, including a … Read More
Higher Scores SAT Review

Higher Scores SAT Review

The SAT is an integral part of a student’s college application; it could mean the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and graduating with a massive student loan or maybe not even graduating at all because of lack of cash for college.  Preparing for the exam well can lead to better performance. However, finding a good SAT … Read More
Testive SAT review

Testive sat review

Testive is another provider of fantastic SAT prep services. They come in the form of learning software and human coaches. Yeah, you heard that right; there’s no live online, in-person, or tutoring; instead, the company focuses on mentorship and pro-active curriculum building.  That means that as students use the learning software, their coaches review their performance stats and provide help … Read More
Prep Scholar TOEFL Review

Prep Scholar TOEFL Review

Learning a foreign language is no walk in the park. Even if you are cool at speaking English in public, completing the TOEFL exam to assess your language skills can be difficult. Prep Scholar’s TOEFL prep course provides learners with a customized approach to learning the language and a guaranteed higher TOEFL score. About Prepscholar PrepScholar is among the most … Read More
Best My Test TOEFL Review

BestMyTest TOEFL Review

BestMyTest TOEFL prep makes it to our list of the best TOEFL courses. The company was established in 2014 in Vancouver, BC by old college pals James Liu and Ron Ross.  Founder James had to take the TOEFL himself to get to college, and that’s when he noticed a shortage of TOEFL prep resources on the market. He then pitched … Read More
Princeton SAT Review

Princeton Review SAT Review

Princeton Review is another veteran company in the college admission consulting and test-prep services. When it comes to SAT prep packages, they have quite a few of them at mid-range prices and include score guarantees and money-back assurances.  Millions of students have already used the company’s SAT program to ace their exams and follow their dream. Read on to find … Read More
Prep expert sat review

Prep Expert SAT Review

Prep Expert provides online SAT prep classes that will help you achieve an impressive SAT score. The courses are taught by veteran tutors who have achieved a 99th percentile SAT score themselves, boast years of teaching experience, and have assisted thousands of students in crushing their exams using the most brilliant test prep strategies. The teachers will teach you over … Read More
Target test prep GRE review

Target test prep GRE review

Target Test Prep GRE is an online course that provides students with effective and affordable preparation for GRE. It’s a revolutionary GRE quant course that pairs innovative software with effective study methods to give students all the practical and theoretical methods needed to tackle the quantitative reasoning section of the exam.  It’s available on-demand, and the company allows a risk-free … Read More
ExamPAL GRE review

ExamPAL GRE review

ExamPAL GRE review is a test prep platform by 50 people from various fields such as teaching, data science, sound engineering, video production, programming, and designing.  They came together to provide students with interactive, adaptive ultra-personalized learning experiences using today’s technology.  The platform has been on the test prep scene for over 20 years, providing GMAT and GRE test prep … Read More