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Updated: December 8, 2021

3/5 Pisa Rating

✅ Visual learning

✅ Affordable price

✅ Monthly-based subscription plan

Olive Book is a new test prep company that does things in a different style than the rest. The company insists on visual learning content only.


The company employs a team of animation experts who chop up the Sat syllabus and present it in the visual language of architecture that’s easy to understand.

Olive Book SAT is a recent entrant in the test prep scene. It was founded by a Virginia Tech professor just a few years ago. However, just because the company is the new kid on the block doesn’t mean they’ve got nothing to offer.

Olive Book

 In fact, they are very well known for their strong focus on visual learning. They employ a team of animators to chop and present every sat math and language topic in a fun and interactive animated way. Read on to see the full Olive Book SAT review from the experts at Pisa Day.


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Olive Book SAT Review

Olive Book SAT Course

The Olive Book SAT course is a self-paced study program available exclusively online. Subscribers get access to SAT math and language prep in the form of animated instructions, and they can choose either 1-,2-,3-or 4-month access. There’s also tuition starting at $49.99/month for those looking for extra help.

Features of the course include:

  • Emphasis on visual learning
  • 100+ practice questions prepared by experienced teachers and instructors
  • Grammar passages accompanied by questions and quizzes
  • Reading passages accompanied by practice questions and videos sharing reading strategies
  •  Essay writing prompts and tips
  • Math tutorials, test strategies, and tips
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Post-tests
  • Free preview

Olive Book SAT plans and pricing

Olive Book SAT plans and pricing

Olive BOOK SAT offers a $50 self-paced online course and monthly tutoring packages for $49.99. The self-paced course is for students who want the flexibility of scheduling revisions at their own convenience. There are no firm deadlines, meaning you can study whatever topics you want when you want. 

The course is accessible on any device and includes a 130+ points score improvement guarantee, or you will get your money back. You can purchase one-, two-, three- or four- month packages. Coaching starts at 49.99/month, and you can cancel anytime. Plus, members of the military community are treated to special tuition discounts.

✅ High-quality animated instructions

For students who enjoy learning by watching, this is it. The Olive Book SAT course includes animated videos and curated study plans.

The company employs animation experts to chop down and present concepts in a unique and fun way. The animated videos explain complex concepts and provide tips on tackling questions while the study plans guide student practice.

✅ Comprehensive

Olive Book SAT covers SAT math and language fully. You will get hundreds of practice questions written by top exam experts. The course also includes diagnostic tests to determine your weaknesses and strengths and post-tests to determine if you are ready for the exam. 

Also, apart from including video explanations for some of their practice questions, the company provides written explanations. This is a detailed explanation of the problem solution in a way that’s easy to follow on your own.

✅ Study resources and test tips

Study resources and test tips

Apart from animated and written problem solutions, Olive Book SAT prep includes study guides, tips, test insights, and teacher-recommended plans to guide study sessions.

✅ Essay writing prompts and guides

You will also get to practice for the optional exam essay section with unique prompts and writing guides.

✅ Score improvement guarantee

Score improvement guarantee

Olive Book SAT prep says that their average student improved their score by 160 points. Therefore, the promise is that if you don’t add 130 points to your SAT score after using their program, you are entitled to a refund. That’s a more generous score improvement assurance than the 100 points the Magoosh self-paced SAT course promises.

✅ Tuition

For students who want one-on-one help, Olive Book tutoring packages start at $49.99 per month. It’s not one-on-one, though, as you will join a group of other students and share one tutor. 

However, that comes with the advantage of shared costs, plus you can interact with other students in the online space.

✅ Discounts guaranteed

Olive BOOK has some fantastic discounts on its SAT course. Starting with tuition, members of the military community are charged less. There’s a need-based discount for the general population as long as you can show your need for financial assistance. Even teachers of needy students can purchase the course at a discount or free.

✅ Various study schedules

Olive Book has its self-paced course in one, two, three, or four-month study schedules. Depending on when you’ve scheduled your exam, you can purchase the course that gives you the amount of time you want to practice. However, the company recommends a 3-month study plan to master the syllabus before the exam.

What you might not like about the SAT course 🤔

Olive Book is a new test prep company that has done quite a lot to distinguish itself and stand out in the market. From the emphasis on animated content to special discounts and essay writing prompts, there’s a lot to like about the company. 

Still, the fact that the company is still a noob in the test prep scene rears its ugly head from time to time. The cons of the Olive Book SAT prep course include:

❌ Limited practice

The Olive Book SAT program includes only 100+ practice questions. That’s a minimal number of questions compared to Kaplan’s 1000+ let alone Princeton Review and Prep Scholar, whose SAT prep course includes over 3000 practice questions. Any serious student will run out of practice while using Olive Book SAT. Therefore, if you want more practice, try other SAT prep courses.

❌ Not every question has an animated explanation.

The company has tried to include animated explanations for their practice questions. However, only a few questions have these video explanations; some have the written explanation only. 

Not that this is a deal-breaker because the written explanations are detailed and very easy to follow. However, companies like Magoosh and Testive have video explanations for each of their practice questions, and therefore it’s not unreasonable to ask that Olive Book does the same.

❌ No Robust stats

This is the age of machine learning, and you’d expect a new company to be innovative. Companies like Magoosh and the ExamPAL use AI to power their prep courses. 

The algorithms track students’ progress and match them with the right content and tutors. They also generate in-depth progress reports giving students a detailed look at their performance metrics. They make it easy to analyze performance by topic and determine where to put more work.

Sadly, these are the features you won’t find with Olive Book SAT. In fact, apart from diagnostic tests and tutor-recommended study plans, there isn’t much going on in terms of course personalization.

Who is the Olive Book SAT Prep course suited for? 🤔

Who is the Olive Book SAT Prep course suited for?

That said, if you are looking for a comprehensive SAT prep course at a discount, this is it. The available discount programs make it best for needy students and teachers looking to get a good prep course for their class. The graphically loaded video explanations will appeal more to visual learners as they get content in a fun and unique way.

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Wrap Up 🎁

Overall, Olive Book’s SAT is a good prep course, especially for visual learners, students who need financial aid, or teachers looking for a course for their class.

Instead of emphasizing on practice, the course stands out because of high-quality animated instructions and affordability.

There’s no free trial, though; however, there are offers in place that can reduce the course price to zero, so you won’t have to pay anything. For more information about the SAT course, check the company website.