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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Actual GMAT tutors

✅ 620+ GMAT score promise

✅ Course discounts

MLIC  GMAT is another trusted GMAT prep course on the market. The course lectures and practice span 120 hours and are available in three phases.

The company employs only 99th percentile tutors who must constantly take the exam to prove their skills.

If you are looking for a GMAT course to help you score above 620 in the exam, MLIC has various options for you. They provide practice tests and lectures in 3 separate phases – pre-course, in-class, and post-class training – spanning 120 hours. 


Want to see all GMAT options?

Check out our in-depth best GMAT prep courses post to compare all GMAT options and find which is the best for you!

You must have completed FIFTY hours of pre-course drills in Analytical Writing and Quantitative Refreshers to take the in-class courses.

You must also have gone through the rules and strategies for the verbal section (Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Correction) of the GMAT.

This review goes through the pros and cons of the course to help you determine if it’s the best fit for you.

You might also want to check our GMAT course-by-course comparison chart to see how MLIC GMAT performs against the competition.

GMAT Prep Classes Near Me

If the only thing keeping you from joining your dream MBA program is a decent GMAT score, consider taking GMAT prep classes to boost your skills across different sections of the exam.

The GMAT is an exam that most MBA-admission boards use to evaluate the skills of various applicants and decide who to invite to join their programs and who to decline admission.

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The exam assesses your Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing skills. These are the primary skills that reflect your readiness for the rigors of the MBA course and the business world thereafter. 

MLIC delivers structured GMAT preparation that includes over 100 hours of practice tests and training modules provided by actual MBA instructors.

MLIC instructors must take the GMAT once a year and score in the 99th percentile to keep their job. MLIC GMAT prep centers are available around the world and open all days of the week.

About MLIC

MLIC was launched in 1996 as a cutting-edge consulting and education company. As a consulting company, it offers services for players in the business, marketing and technology sectors.

As an education company, it provides test prep and admission consulting services for various charter schools and programs.

MLIC GMAT Overview

MLIC offers 120+ hours of structured, comprehensive GMAT training, provided in three distinct tiers using regularly updated GMAT study and practice materials.

You’ll prep using authentic GMAT questions, unlike other courses that use their own practice questions, which may not mimic the dynamics of the GMAT curriculum well.

MLIC GMAT Features

  • Over 120 hours of structured, comprehensive GMAT coaching and training
  • 99th percentile instructors
  • Real GMAT practice questions
  • Generous 620+ score guarantee

 MLIC GMAT Course Options

MLIC has a variety of GMAT courses to suit students with different schedules and study needs. Here’s a look:

1. Weekend Intensive Prep

This GMAT Prep course provides in-class GMAT training over three consecutive days, beginning on a Friday and concluding on a Sunday. GMAT classes are held on Fridays from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

2. The smarTest GMAT Prep course

This package includes 21 hours of GMAT strategy training and more than 100 hours of supplemental materials.

The SmarTest weekend review course provides extensive training in GMAT concepts, methods, and techniques as they apply to advanced level problems in the actual exam. 

The materials and in-class training, when combined, will help you improve your theoretical and practical skills, develop efficient GMAT test-taking tactics, and gain skills and confidence in the GMAT sections to score higher than 700 on the exam.

However, this course neither teaches the basics of GMAT math nor high-level exam concepts; for those, consider the Turboprep below.

3. GMAT Turboprep® Course

GMAT Turboprep is an extended version of the SmarTest course. You will attend the in-class part of the GMAT training over four consecutive days, starting on a Friday and ending on the following Monday.

This amounts to a total of 27 hours of in-class training and 6 hours of assignments and post-class virtual session.

This course delves deeper into GMAT high-concepts and math, including how to deal with data sufficiency.

4. GMAT Online Prep

You can also choose to prep in a virtual classroom by enrolling in an ONLINE MLIC GMAT course.

Training in the GMAT assessment topics can be conducted over a 6–8-week timeframe.  Saturday or Sunday. Virtual classes are normally held from 9:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

It’s a full GMAT course, but you can also choose to receive Custom GMAT training only in Verbal or in GMAT Quantitative or GMAT AWA. Choose 3-6 weeks, GMAT Verbal Assessment [package only, requiring 15-20 hours of study per week. 

Or, choose a 3 to 6 weeks package focused on the GMAT Quantitative Assessment section only; this requires 15 to 20 hours of study per week.

Alternatively, you can train for the GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) in 3-4 weeks by devoting 10 hours per week.

MLIC GMAT Course Requirements

All students in MLIC in-class GMAT prep course options such as the Turboprep GMAT course, the SmarTest prep, and the Weekend Intensive GMAT prep course are required to complete 50 hours of pre-course training before presenting themselves for the in-class training sessions and post-class training after the course.

Why pre-GMAT-class review?

The reason for pre-GMAT-class study modules is to give you a refresher on the basics of GMAT math and review the concepts and methods that will be useful when dealing with verbal reasoning and quantitative questions in the exam.

During the Pre-GMAT sessions, you will complete 5 Analytical Writing Samples in argument analysis and master strategies and procedures for dealing with advanced-level GMAT questions.

 Why post-GMAT-class review?

Fifty hours of post-class training helps revise the subjects covered in class and provides opportunities to ask questions and seek clarifications on the concepts you don’t understand.

You’ll also be required to attend 2 Live Virtual Class sessions with your instructor to review Data Sufficiency and Sentence Correction tests.

GMAT Study Guides For 700+ GMAT Score

Apart from in-class courses, you can also order GMAT books from MLIC to study for the exam. These are carefully written guides that promise to take your score past the 700 marks.

GMAT Course Fee

  • MLIC GMAT courses fees vary depending on your location and course as follows:
  • SmarTest GMAT Prep in Canada and USA: U$895.
  • SmarTest GMAT Prep in London, Singapore Sydney: U$1,295.
  • 40-hour GMAT prep in USA/Canada: U$1,495
  • GMAT Online prep fee in all locations: U$695
  • Study Guides for GMAT  700+ score: U$79
  • Study Guides accompanied by audio lectures: U$129

Corporate Discounts

Corporate Discounts

Employers buying the MLIC GMAT courses for their employees can take advantage of special discount offers to reduce their expenditures on the course.

The employer must agree to sponsor more than five learners during one year to be eligible for corporate discounts. Your employees can select from one of three GMAT prep courses.

Why Choose MLIC GMAT 👍

From the course structure to the instructors and the guarantees in place, here are some of the pros of MLIC GMAT:

  Highly structured, real training.

MLIC GMAT courses provide over 120 hours of systematic and highly structured training on all GMAT assessment topics. You will get more than 100 hours of practice tests and study guides.

The questions used are 100% authentic as sampled from past and present GMAT exams; this helps get an accurate idea of what the exam is about and how to approach it.

✅ Actual MBA instructors

MLIC uses actual MBA instructors, not part-time moonlighters who’ve never stepped into a business school. As an added measure, the instructors must take the exam once a year and score in the 999th percentile if they want to keep their job.

✅ Up-to-date study materials

Up-to-date study materials

Unlike most GMAT courses out there, whose materials tend to be still stuck in the exam trends of the past decades, MLIC study materials are constantly updated to contain the most recent information on GMAT.

The instructors rely on current trends in the exam and student feedback when designing the curriculum and preparing class notes. That way, you’ll learn relevant skills to excel in the test, business school, and profession thereafter.

✅ Guaranteed +620 score improvement

 Guaranteed +620 score improvement

MLIC GMAT courses come backed by the promise that they’ll help you score in the 620+ marks if you follow all the instructions.

Cons 👎

That said, MLIC GMAT has a few aspects that may make other courses better alternatives. Here’s a look:

❌ No self-paced course

MLIC solely offers GMAT classes, either online or in-person. Because it’s not self-paced, the course is unsuitable for busy students or working professionals looking for a course package that allows for self-guided preps. Consider Magoosh, Princeton Review Veritas, or even Kaplan GMAT if you want a self-prep GMAT course.

❌ No mobile app

Many B-bound students and working professionals have demanding schedules and therefore can’t take a break to prepare.

Courses with mobile apps make things easy for students to access and use course features such as practice questions, video instructions, flashcards, and progress tracking on the go.

Unfortunately, MLIC GMAT does not feature a mobile app; thus, you will not benefit from such advantages.

❌ No money-back guarantees

While MLIC GMAT has a score improvement assurance, it’s not backed by any money-back guarantee.

Many other GMAT prep companies offer money-back guarantees as well as score improvement guarantees. Sadly, there’s no way for dissatisfied MLIC GMAT users to obtain a refund.

❌ Limited availability of in-person GMAT training

MLIC in-person courses are only available to students in major cities where the company’s learning centers are located. If you don’t live in the cities, your options are restricted to the online course or study guides. Yikes!

Who Should Use the MLIC GMAT Course? 🤔

MLIC GMAT provides proper training in all GMAT assessment subjects over 120 hours, most of which you’ll spend in a virtual or real classroom. It’s therefore suitable for students who thrive well in classroom environments.

With teachers holding you accountable, scoring your work, and providing feedback, you’ll get the structure you need to learn concepts and get ready for the exam. 

The only disadvantages are fewer practice questions and tests and limited availability of in-person training. But you can always take the online course if you can’t make it to the training centers.

If you are interested in the MLIC GMAT course and would like to know more, call or email to speak with one of the company’s GMAT experts. Wishing you the very best as you get ready for your exam.