Manhattan Prep GRE Review

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Updated: December 1, 2021

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✅ Course variety

✅ Highly trained instructors

✅ Plenty of free resources

Manhattan Prep is a popular choice for GRE hopefuls with courses on a variety of platforms, including self-guided online prep, classroom instruction, private coaching as well as extensive study materials.


Their classes maintain an ideal student-to-teacher ratio. You’ll undoubtedly find a package that fits your schedule and learning style.

The Pisa Day Manhattan Prep GRE review ✅


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Manhattan Prep

The Manhattan GRE Prep curriculum is a top choice for students. It combines several hours of in-person or live online instructions, study videos, tutoring sessions, downloadable books, a lot of practice questions, and several practice tests to help students get ready for the exam.

In addition, their classes are known to be small in size, ensuring the ideal teacher-to-student ratio for personalized attention. You can try their classes for free to find out if the program is right for you, and if you like to DIY, the course is available on-demand.

About Manhattan Prep

The company was established in 2000 by Yale graduate Zeke Vanderhoek who also worked for the Teach for America foundation. He assembled a team of top-qualified instructors to help students prepare for their GRE.

The company employs only 99th percentile scorers with teaching experience and has helped over 1.2 million students already. They’ve also sold over a million GRE prep books.

Their GRE course will help students ace their exams and prepare them for the challenges ahead as they try to earn their graduate degrees and progress in their career fields.

Features of the Manhattan Prep GRE Course

  • Live online or in-site instructions
  • On-demand options
  • Tutoring in-person or live online depending on where you live
  • Video instructions totaling over 27 hours
  • Daily vocabulary
  • Six full-length practice tests accompanied by assessment reports
  • Over 10000 practice questions
  • Numerous challenge problems to drill yourself
  • 8 study guides
  • Official GRE revised General Test guide book
  • Practice using real GRE Quantitative Reasoning section exam questions
  • Practice using official GRE Verbal Reasoning section exam questions
  • Free resources including practice tests, classes and events, study tips, forums, and a GRE blog to complement your subscription

Manhattan Prep GRE plans and pricing 🧐

There are several study packages to choose from, depending on your learning style and budget. Here’s a look:

➡️ GRE Complete Course

This is a comprehensive GRE course available live online ($999) or in-person ($1349). This study package includes 27 hours of virtual or in-person classroom instructions spaced out over 9 sessions. You will also get daily vocabulary via emails and unlimited GRE advice through blogs and online forums.

You’ll also get 8 GRE prep guides (fractions, algebra, decimals, fractions, geometry, quantitative comparisons, number properties, data interpretation essays, reading comprehension, sentence correction, and text completion)

You will also get to practice using real GRE quantitative and verbal reasoning section exam questions. During the course, you will also take up to 6 full-length tests to figure out your progress. You will also have access to on-demand recordings.

➡️ GRE Guided Self-Study Course

If you like to DIY, this course is also available on-demand for $499. The live classes have been recorded into 27+ hour-long video instructions so you can download and study at your own pace and time.

The course teaches all that is taught in the live online and on-site classes and includes the same set of practice questions and study resources, except you won’t get to interact with other students or teachers live.

➡️ Crunch Time Workshop

This study package is perfect for a last-minute rush through a specific section of the GRE syllabus before the exam. It costs $79 and includes two hours of teacher-led revise sessions online. 

It also includes timed and invigilated problems to stimulate the real exam day experience, followed by post-workshop homework for practice on your own and email support

➡️ Hourly Tutoring

You can also purchase tutoring packages if you need more help with your studies. The following hourly tutoring packages are available:

  •  $255/hour tutoring package

This package includes at least 2 hours of live online or on-site tutoring plus books and other study resources.

  • 10-25 hours tutoring bundles

These tutoring packages are available from $2450-$5525 and include individual coaching sessions with an expert instructor in person or online. You’ll also get 8 GRE prep guides (fractions, algebra, decimals, fractions, geometry, quantitative comparisons, number properties, data interpretation essays, reading comprehension, sentence correction, and text completion)

Pros of Manhattan Prep GRE course 👍

Comprehensive GRE syllabus

Manhattan Prep GRE is a well-rounded course with impressive study materials prepared by 99th percentile scorers with plenty of experience in the GRE test scene.

You will revise every section of the exam, practice using real exam questions, get personalized feedback and support via email or online chat. In addition, there are over 27 hours of video lessons to cover, packaged in a fun interactive format to ensure high content retention.

You will also get a personal set of practice questions (10000+) and 6 practice tests. The official GRE revised General Test guide book is also included with every study package.  When you complete the course, you will really be confident in your test-taking ability.

✅ Plenty of free resources

The purchase of any Manhattan Prep GRE study package comes with a number of free resources to complement your subscription. These include practice tests, challenge problems, study tips, flashcards, forums, and a GRE blog.

In addition, attend a free in-person or virtual class to get a sense of how Manhattan Prep’s training works and whether it is appropriate for you.

✅ Various course formats

Are you a self-driven student who likes studying at your own pace and time? Do you want short lessons to fit into your tight schedule? Do you prefer a classroom experience? Or maybe you want extra help with coaching? Whatever your learning style, there’s a suitable package for you at Manhattan Prep.

You can choose an on-demand study package or schedule on-site or live online classes. You can also pay for coaching or a last-minute cram session on a specific GRE section.

✅ Smaller class sizes and high-quality curriculum

The live online and on-site class sizes are small, ensuring an ideal teacher-to-students ratio for optimal participation and individualized attention. The company’s curriculum is developed by highly qualified instructors and is updated regularly.

It is based on genuine exam questions, and the teachers make even the most boring material interesting.  

✅ Downloadable lessons

The company’s live or in-person lessons are available on-demand. You can download them to your computer or iPad. They are high-quality videos prepared by expert teachers, and once you get them on your phone or computer, you can access them anyway, anytime, wherever you are; no restrictions.

✅ Highly qualified Instructors

Only 99th percentile scorers with plenty of teaching experience get a chance to teach with Manhattan Prep. That means you receive effective test-taking strategies from the crème de la crème of GRE prep instructors.

✅ Quality Practice Tests

Manhattan Prep offers six high-quality practice tests in addition to comprehensive study materials. They’re considered to have great sample questions that are quite similar to the ones in the actual. The practice questions are adaptive, just like the actual GRE, drilling you on your weak areas and changing as your skills improve.

Some students even say the practice exams are more difficult than the real ones. Each practice exam is accompanied by a full breakdown of your performance on various sections of the exam. You will also get the solutions and explanations for each question to see where you missed the correct answer.

Solid customer support

Student support is available 24/7 via online chat and emails. So, you can ask questions whenever you feel stuck and get real-time help. 

Free trial

Apart from free study resources on the company’s blog and online forums, you can sit in a live online or on-site class free to get an idea of what the Manhattan Prep GRE course is about and whether it’s right for you.

Cons 👎

No Money-back Guarantee

According to Manhattan Prep’s website, all fees are nonrefundable. The company doesn’t refund payments when you decide to cancel your subscription or get unsatisfactory results.

No essay grading if you go with the on-demand option

If you subscribe to the self-guided package study package, you won’t get the opportunity to work with an essay expert on your writing skills. The only thing you will get is essay writing tips, but no grading and personal feedback to know where you need to make improvements.

  No dedicated student app

Apart from the GRE Toolkit, there’s no dedicated student mobile app; and while that’s not a big deal, an app would’ve made aces to content much smoother. The GRE toolkit is a product of Manhattan Prep and NKO Ventures.

It allows access to content but not much, just 184 questions, games, and flashcards for $9.99. It would have been nice if we got everything like Magoosh does with their app.

Who will love the course? 🤔

This GRE course will appeal to anyone who enjoys having a variety of study resources at their disposal, as well as the ability to choose from a variety of learning modes – live online, In-Person, or On-Demand.

Oh, and what could be better than being taught by folks who have previously aced the test? Manhattan Prep instructors make even the most boring material interesting.

  • Self-studiers: if you are self-driven and like DIY, there are recordings of the classes for downloading to study at your own pace and time.
  • Students who prefer a classroom experience: 9 on-site or live online tutor-led sessions total up to 27 hours of lessons, you will get to interact with other students and participate in the class.
  • Hardworking students who are committed to finishing their assignments: this is a comprehensive course with over 27 hours of lessons accompanied by assignments, 10000+ practice questions, and 6 full-length practice tests. 
  • Students who need coaching: private tutoring is also available for students who require individualized assistance and are ready to pay for it.


Wrap Up

The large range of course selections, comprehensive study materials, and amazingly accurate adaptive practice exams offered by Manhattan Prep is among the most compelling reasons to subscribe to any of their study plans.

They provide the course on various platforms, including self-paced online and classroom instruction, as well as extensive study materials, so you’ll be able to pick a program that fits your schedule and learning style. In addition, most of their course options include a set of study guides and access to additional practice material free of charge.

To determine whether their curriculum is right for you, take a practice test and sit in on one of their live online classes free of charge. If you are looking for a comprehensive GRE prep course with superstar instructors and adaptive training modules, this is it.

FAQs about the Manhattan Prep GRE course

➡️ Is Magoosh GRE better than Manhattan? 

No two test-prep programs are the same. Magoosh GRE, for its path, is a wholly online test-prep course suitable for self-driven students with a few tutoring packages. On the other hand, Manhattan Prep is comprehensive and available in all formats for all students.

➡️ Are Manhattan Prep tests harder than the real exam? 

Not really; the questions are set to give you a sense of what the actual exam looks like. Do you prefer the real test harder than what you practiced or easier?

The company does its best to help students prepare adequately for the exam. So, if you find some of the practice question sections harder than the real exam, just know it’s because the company wants you to have no regrets come exam time.

➡️ How accurate are the program’s practice tests? 

Manhattan Prep’s practice tests are highly accurate. The company goes over all of the exam questions creating a scoring mechanism that closely resembles real GRE.

Manhattan Prep’s adaptive exam is also the only one with an un-scored experimental part, making the company the only one that can help learn the real full test-taking experience.

➡️ What’s a decent GRE score?  

For each GRE section, the average score is between 150 and 153. A decent GRE score is entirely dependent on the school you want to attend. Some schools place a great value on the GRE, while others do not.

A “good” score in the exam ranges from 150 to 170 points. Look at the website of your target school to see what score they want, then select the study package that will best help you achieve that score.