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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ User-friendly online platform

✅ +4 Score improvement guarantee

✅ Affordable pricing

Magoosh’s TOEFL prep course focuses on improving your test score through a convenient online learning environment. If you are looking for a comprehensive course that can help them master the most difficult concepts, this is it.


The course combines over 420 practice questions, 140 video lessons, and fantastic prices to match. Indeed, it’s one of the lowest-priced TOEFL courses.

If you are pursuing a dream that involves English language skills, you may need to take the TOEFL test. The exam measures a non-natives ability to understand and communicate in English in a higher-education or work setting. 

You can find TOEFL preparation resources readily online, but not all are created equal. One online study platform that’s popular with TOEFL students is Magoosh. You can find various TOEFL books, tutors, video lectures, practice questions, and tests on the website. 

It’s also known to be one of the most budget-friendly study platforms. Read on to get the full Magoosh TOEFL review from the experts at Pisa Day.


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About Magoosh


Magoosh is an online platform for various standardized tests, including the TOEFL, GRE, SAT, IELTS, and GMAT. 

The platform was founded in 2008 by a bunch of education enthusiasts to help students crush their tests and get into their dream institutions or qualify for student aid.

A fantastic TOEFL iBT score will help you get into an English-speaking organization. It’s what most institutions use to gauge applicants’ English skills. A high score shows you can thrive in an English-speaking environment.

The Moagoosh TOEFL Review

Magoosh TOEFL Features
  • A risk-free trial so you can cancel your subscription one week after purchase if you are unhappy and get your money back
  • Score improvement assurance backed by a money-back guarantee for students looking for a sure thing
  • Graded essay assessments including tips on how to improve your work
  • 420+ practice questions with video explanations for each, so you get the level of exposure needed not to be intimidated by the actual exam
  • Full-length, proctored practice tests sampled from a pool of an attempted practice questions
  • 150+ expert-led video lessons covering each aspect of TOEFL plus valuable strategies and tips for each type of exam question
  • Progress tracking, including robust analytics providing a detailed look into key performance metrics to identify areas that still need work for maximum score improvement
  • 100% online for 24/7 access
  • Customized study plans
  • 2 weeks – 2months long study checklists
  • Accurate score predictor
  • Unlimited ask-an-instructor questions

How does the Magoosh TOEFL Prep course work?

The Magoosh course combines structured video lectures, practice resources, and full-length tests. The course is wholly online. No books or DVDs. You will get a personalized dashboard with links to the course features. 

It’s a stylish, easy-to-use platform that allows you to customize your prep using lesson suggestions and progress reports stats. Furthermore, there’s a student mobile app that goes along with your desktop account making things easy for busy students who want to study on the move.

Magoosh TOEFL Practice Tests

Magoosh provides timed, complete practice tests for working on in an exam-style setting. This is so you can get a feel of the real test day experience. Subscribers create the tests themselves by selecting questions from their pool of unattempted practice problems.

The company recommends creating a maximum of 3 tests, so you remain with a substantial number of practice problems. The practice problems are created by top SAT talent to mimic the real exam in every way.

MAGOOSH TOEFL Video Instructions

The Magoosh Prep course provides 140+ TOEFL videos containing English grammar lessons, practice question explanations, and instructions for the exam. 

They also contain tips and strategies for tackling different types of questions. They are prepared by the company’s TOEFL experts with qualifications from Ivy League universities and a passion for teaching content in an engaging and productive way. 

The videos are insightful and engaging, but they are not flashy. You can rewatch and rewind videos any number of times until you get the concept being explained.

Magoosh TOEFL Dashboard

The Magoosh dashboard is a one-stop shop for TOEFL study resources. It organizes the course features well, allowing easy navigation to tools such as study plans, video lessons, writing and speaking templates, practice problems, and tests and progress reports. 

It’s also intuitive because not all students are the same. You will get lesson suggestions based on your performance so far, and the practice questions will keep adapting to your skill levels.

Magoosh TOEFL Prep Course Pros and Cons

As already explained, Magoosh TOEFL is a completely online prep that combines structured video instructions, practice problems, and practice tests; here’s a look at the pros and cons of the course:

Pros 👍

✅ Simple Navigation

The Magoosh TOEFL course resources are organized on an online study platform that can be accessed via desktops and mobile devices anytime, any day. The platform is a one-stop shop for all the course features. 

You can easily navigate to the study plans, video instructions, practice questions, practice tests, progress reports, etc. Furthermore, it’s intuitive, allowing you to customize your prep and create your own practice tests from your pool of unanswered practice problems.

✅ Great Student Support

Another great feature of Magoosh TOEFL is the amount of support. You will get unlimited ask-an-expert questions where a team of online SAT experts will help you with challenging problems any day, anytime. The team is friendly and always responds promptly. 

✅ 4+ Score Guarantee

Score guarantees are the defining features of the best TOEFL prep courses. They help inspire learners’ confidence in the material. 

Most TOEFL providers offer score improvement guarantees. For example, PrepScholar promises 15+ points improvement, BestMyTest TOEFL promises 7-15 points improvement, and Kaplan promises just a higher score.

Magoosh, on its part, promises learners a 4+ points improvement, though not as much as the guarantee offered by PrepScholar and BestMyTest but still better than Test Den, EDX, and English Success Academy, which offer nothing when it comes to scoring guarantee. 

What’s more, if you complete the Magoosh TOEFL course but see no score improvement in the exam, you can ask to be refunded ASAP.

✅ Affordable Pricing

Magoosh offers two TOEFL prep course packages. There’s a  $129 one-month premium prep, which includes all the features of the Magoosh course plus one graded essay assignment. There’s also a  $149 six-month premium prep, which includes all course features plus four graded essay assignments. 

These prices are better than what Kaplan and BestMyTest charge for their courses. The Kaplan course is $349 and allows only three months of access, while BestMyTest TOEFL is $189 for six months of access. 

What’s more, the Kaplan and BestMyTest TOEFL don’t come with unlimited ask-an-expert questions or score improvement guarantees. Therefore, Magoosh TOEFL packages combine the best features and prices if you are looking for great value for money.

✅ Graded Essay Assessments

All Magoosh TOEFL packages include detailed writing feedback and scoring by experts. The writing part is one of the most challenging sections of the TOEFL exam. The Magoosh one-month premium TOEFL prep includes one graded essay assessment, while the 6-month prep includes 4 of them.

The only other TOEFL courses that provide graded essay assessments are the ones offered by Kaplan and BestMyTest. So Magoosh is up there with the crème de la crème of TOEFL preps.

✅ Video Instructions

One defining feature of the Magoosh TOEFL prep course is its extensive video lectures. You will get 150+ video lessons containing English grammar lessons and instructions about the exam, including tips and strategies for tackling different types of questions. 

The company also provides video explanations for all the practice questions; this feature you won’t find with other courses on the market. Most of them provide written instructions only; on the other hand, Magoosh provides written and video explanations. You can rewind and rewatch the videos any number of times until you get the concept.

✅ Risk-Free Trial

Another defining feature of the best TOEFL prep courses is trial offers. The top test prep companies are confident that learners will love their courses; therefore, they allow free trials to give people a taste and motivate subscriptions. Magoosh has a one-week risk-free trial offer on their TOEFL packages. 

That means that if you are not pleased with the course for any reason, cancel your subscription within seven days of purchase and ask for a full refund. However, if you live outside the US, you may not get the full amount as your credit card company may deduct a foreign exchange fee.

✅ Expert TOEFL Instructors

The instructors at Magoosh are the crème de la crème of the TOEFL world. The company only hires education nerds with a passion for teaching and caring for learners. They hold degrees and postgraduate degrees in English literature from Ivy League intuitions and have demonstrated the ability to deliver the content in a fun, engaging, and productive manner. The teachers are in charge of designing the course. 

They prepare the video instructions, set the practice problems, grade essays, and answer student questions via email, Facebook, or phone chat. They also keep up with student feedback and current trends in the TOEFL world to update the course accordingly.

✅ 100 % Online

The Magoosh TOEFL prep course is 100% online. No book. No DVDs. That’s advantageous because you can access it any day, anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. 

There Are no books, no classes, no commuting. You can study at your own pace and time.

✅ Mobile App

Another feature that adds to the convenience of the Magoosh TOEFL is the availability of a dedicated student app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android platforms and makes it easy to access the course features on the move.

You can use the app to watch video lessons, view progress reports, access flashcards, etc. It makes it easy to squeeze lessons into your busy schedule.

✅ Flashcards

The Magoosh course includes flashcards for TOEFL vocabulary. Flashcards are useful when revising for any exam. They help train memory by practicing quick information retrieval. Magoosh TOEFL flashcards are digital. 

The platform also tracks your progress as you work through each of them, helping index words you’ve already mastered, those you’ve just begun to learn, and those not yet untouched.

✅ Well Organized

Overall, the Magoosh TOEFL course is well-organized so that learners can use it without feeling overwhelmed.

It includes study plans, structured video lessons, practice problems, and tests. The study-pans organize your revision into mini-study sessions that easily fit into an already-tight schedule so you can learn in short bursts and maximize information retention. 

Finally, the company rounds things up by providing an app for accessing the course features on the move.

Cons 👎

❌ Only 420+ Practice Questions

Magoosh TOEFL prep course includes only 420+ practice questions. What’s even worse is that you have to select from the practice questions to create practice tests. Of course, this will leave you with very few problems to practice with. 

Any serious students will run out of practice after a short time. Companies like BestMyTest, PrepScholar, EDX, and TestDen pride themselves in providing TOEFL learners with substantial amounts of practice. 

TestDen offers the highest number (2400). The other 3 provide 1000 practice questions each. However, as already explained, the courses from these companies cost a bit more than the course offered by Magoosh.

❌ No Listening Speaking and Writing Reviews

Apart from graded essay assessments, Magoosh TOEFL doesn’t include speaking and writing reviews. 

Many other TOEFL prep companies provide these services, where you can upload your audio and written sample for reviews, and you will get feedback, including tips on how to improve and start writing and sounding just like native speakers. 

There’s no excuse why Magoosh doesn’t include these features, even newer smaller companies like English Success Academy and TestDen have the features as part of their TOEFL course.

❌ No Tutoring

If you are looking for expert one-on-one help with the TOEFL curriculum, Magoosh doesn’t provide that. Theirs is strictly a self-paced online course, suitable especially for students who are already confident in their language skills to prepare on their own. 

There are also no live lessons, so if you are looking for something close to a traditional classroom learning experience, try English Success Academy TOEFL programs.

Which Magoosh TOEFL package is suitable?

Magoosh offers two types of TOEFL prep packages: a one-month prep, which is great for students with limited time remaining to the exam, and a 6-month prep if you want longer access. Here’s a look at the features of each package:

The 1-month premium course

The 1-month premium course

This package costs $129 for only one month of access to the Magoosh TOEFL course. The features of the package include:

  • One graded essay assessment
  • Comprehensive TOEFL lessons
  • 120+ video lessons
  • 420+ practice problems
  • Six full-length practice tests
  • Personalized study schedules
  • 4+ points guarantee
  • 7-day risk-free trial period
  • Unlimited ask-an-instructor questions
  • Pause plan anytime

The 6-month prep

The 6-month prep

This is a $149 TOEFL package for students who want longer access. The package features include:

  • Four graded essay assessments
  • Comprehensive TOEFL lessons
  • 120+ video lessons
  • 420+ practice problems
  • Six full-length practice tests
  • Personalized study schedules
  • 4+ points guarantee
  • 7-day risk-free trial period
  • Unlimited ask-an-instructor questions
  • Pause plan anytime

Magoosh TOEFL vs BestMyTest TOEFL

Both Magoosh and BestMyTest TOEFL prep courses are popular with learners worldwide. BestMyTest started in 2014, while Magoosh started in 2008.  Both companies have done so much to distinguish themselves. Here’s a look:

Plans and Pricing

BestMyTest offers Custom, Premium, and Last Minute TOEFL prep. These are self-paced TOEFL prep packages. They include over 1000 practice questions, 2000+ TOEFL vocabularies, 200 video lessons, 20 full-length practice tests, ask-an instructor questions, essay grammar corrections, writing and speaking reviews. 

The Custom package comes with a 7+ points improvement while the Premium package carries a 15+ points improvement. The Custom package starts at $69 for one month of access with the option to increase the term by 30 days up to 6 months.

The Premium package costs $189 for six months of access, while the Last-Minute package costs $39 for one week of access.

On the other hand, Magoosh offers one-month and six-month TOEFL packages only for $129 or $149, respectively. These packages provide fewer video lessons, essay grammar corrections, practice questions, and tests than BestMyTest TOEFL packages. 

Plus, they don’t include speaking and writing reviews. However, you will get a mobile app for smooth access. On the other hand, BestMyTest doesn’t include a mobile app. Another great feature about Magoosh TOEFL is that every of their practice questions has a video explanation.

Who is Magoosh TOEFL best suited for? 🤔

Magoosh TOEFL Prep Review

Anyone can use Magoosh TOEFL to prepare for their exam. However, the way the course is organized, the following kinds of students will benefit the most:

  • Self-studiers: If you prefer to study independently, the course is structured into a self-paced package for studying anywhere, anytime on your own
  • Video-lovers: The course includes over 150 videos covering the TOEFL syllabus, explaining each practice question and providing tips for tackling exam questions.
  • Busy students: This is a well-organized course structured into mini-study sessions that fit easily into an already-tight schedule, plus you get a mobile app to go with your desktop account.

Wrap Up 🎁

Overall, the Magoosh TOEFL course is a great TOEFL prep option, especially for self-driven, busy students or visual learners. The course combines structured lessons, practice problems, and tests into one or six-months preps.

Plus, the company allows a 7-day risk-free trial on all the packages. If you want to find out more about the course, start with the free offer and if you don’t like it, cancel your subscription within seven days of purchase for a full refund.