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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Course variety

✅ Includes books

✅ 99th percentile instructors

Kaplan is the oldest test prep company and stands out because of its professional high-quality test-prep services.


The company has various SAT classes and products. You will learn concept explanations, test strategies and get various practice tests and quizzes.


Kaplan SAT is another well-reviewed SAT prep course. It’s available on-demand, in-person, and live online and includes concept explanations and test strategies from the top 1% of instructors, plus a score guarantee backed by a money-back promise. 

Furthermore, the company also offers Unlimited Prep and tutoring packages. Plus, if you are unsure, they provide a free consultation to help figure out your next move. The following is a deep dive into Kaplan SAT for those who want to learn more.


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About Kaplan

In the test prep scene and college admission consulting, Kaplan is generally considered king and for a good reason; the company has been around for over eight decades now, and each year they help SAT, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, and GMAT students to crush their exams and get into their dream colleges or qualify for merit-based aid. 

Stanley Kaplan founded the company in 1938 and has since grown to serve over 5 million students per year in over 36 countries thanks to its resolve to remain innovative and constantly evolving.

Kaplan SAT  Review

The Kaplan SAT review course combines over 50 expert-created interactive video instructions, printed books, 1000+ practice questions, complete length practice tests, and a money-back guarantee. 

The course is available in various formats and taught by 99th percentile scorers. It covers the SAT syllabus comprehensively and includes a collection of proven strategies to help get maximum points.

Features of Kaplan SAT prep include:

  • Printed books
  • Over 50+ video lessons
  • Over 1000 computer-simulated adaptive practice questions
  • Eight full-length practice exams
  • Essay reviews
  • Live online, in person, on-demand, and unlimited prep
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Six months of access

Kaplan SAT pricing and course packages

Flexibility is one feature of great SAT prep courses, and Kaplan provides that by making their course available in various formats. You can purchase an on-demand, in-person, live online, or unlimited prep package.

1. On-Demand

The On-Demand course package is the company’s introductory Kaplan SAT prep offer. It’s designed to help students who want to learn the basics of SAT. It includes video lessons, practice questions, and full-length practice tests but no hardcopy books. 

The videos are a quick 30 minutes that you can watch anywhere anytime and include quizzes. You can purchase full access to the course for six months or only sample lessons for one week. The plan costs $199 and includes a score guarantee money-back promise.

2. Live Online

Live Online

If you want a structured classroom learning environment, the company has this live online package with expert teachers in a virtual classroom. Kaplan’s package includes up to 18 hours of live classroom time, video instructions, four Sat books, practice questions, and full-length practice tests from the College Board. It costs $699 for six months of access. 

You will get all the guidance and support, including ask-an-instructor questions and private chat. The teachers will keep you focused and hold you accountable. If you complete the Kaplan course and see no score improvement, you are free to ask for a refund.

3. In-Person


You can also take in-person classes at the company’s various test prep centers across the country. Get structured support and guidance to keep you focused. Indeed, it’s an immersive experience led by the top 1% SAT instructors, and you can select the classes by a teacher, topic, or level of difficulty. 

You will get 18 hours of classroom time, 16 hours of recorded videos, official SAT practice tests, a question-answer bank, and 4  SAT books. The package carries score improvement and money-back guarantees too.

4. Unlimited Prep

Unlimited Prep

This package provides unlimited SAT and PSAT live virtual classes and access to the SAT self-paced course. You no longer have to worry about exam dates, schedule classes any time you want, and take as many of them as you want through the December of your final high school year. The plan costs $1299.

How is the course work? 🤔

The Kaplan SAT doesn’t disappoint when it comes to course structure and content. Kaplan uses a “Learn It, Drill It, Prove It” system.

Learn by watching videos

Subscribers of the on-demand course must complete five levels, including various subject-based modules containing lessons, quizzes, and drills. Each lesson is in video format. The videos are often short and engaging to maintain the attention of the teen audience. 

The instructors sit behind a desk and face the screen, then communicate concepts casually and conversationally, often using analogies and fun stories to make even the most boring topics relatable. The videos are also loaded with animations, graphics and are often accompanied by written notes and problem demonstrations on a whiteboard.

Drill it

Practice Drill

After the video instructions come the drill part, each lesson contains approximately seven drills that test a student’s knowledge of the topic in various ways. Often, you will get a list of answers and must select all that match the situation making the experience tougher than those true/false or multiple-choice questions.

Quizzes with video and or text explanations

The next section is the quiz section which often involves four or even five exam-style questions that simulate the test condition. What’s even more unique is that some of the questions are accompanied by video solutions in which instructors solve the problems on a digital whiteboard and provide explanations. The only con is that not all of the questions have this feature.


Apart from the coursework, you will also get a Qbank with each package. This is a library of realistic practice questions totaling over 1000. You can select the questions by topic, difficulty, etc., and customize your practice. There are video solutions for the questions but not all of them. Those that miss video solutions feature text explanations.

Progress report

This is the final part of Kaplan’s SAT course. It’s where the company allows you to look at your performance stats. Kaplan progress reports are not as detailed as those provided by examPAL, Magoosh, and other SAT prep course providers. Still, you will get a good look at your performance metrics, including individual section analysis, to know which areas still need work.

Kaplan Interface and dashboard

Kaplan’s online platform is simple and user-friendly. The student’s Study Plan is on the homepage. From there, you can navigate to the practice tests and study lessons on the left using the drill-down function.

Pros of Kaplan SAT 👍

There’s a lot to like about Kaplan SAT prep review, from the course structure to the instructors, pricing, and availability in many formats; here’s a look:

✅ 99th percentile instructors

All of Kaplan’s instructors scored in the top 1% of test-takers and have demonstrated a passion for teaching the SAT syllabus in a fun, engaging, and results-oriented manner. 

They have also earned degrees from Ivy League institutions and MBAs, JDs, PhDs, MDs, and other post-graduate qualifications. Most Kaplan students score in the top 5% of test-takers thanks to these expert instructors.

✅ Updated content

Kaplan may be the oldest company in the test-taking scene, but that doesn’t mean they are opposed to the new ways of doing things. 

From the start, the instructors are always looking at current trends in SAT and many students’ responses and feedback to create a course suitable for the modern exam. 

But that’s not all; the company also boasts innovative technology that simulates realistic test conditions and helps customize the practice to fit an individual student’s SAT goals.

✅ Hard Copy books

The live instruction online and Kaplan’s Unlimited Prep packages come with 4 SAT prep books. Now, SAT prep books may not appeal to busy students who want to study on the move; but still, they add value to the course.

If you can find time to sit down and peruse topics, you will find further explanations for the concepts beyond what’s included in the videos.

✅ A variety of course packages

Most SAT prep course services providers have only a self-paced and either a live online or an in-person package, but never both. But why limit students?

While some students love the flexibility that an on-demand course provides, others like the structure and accountability live online classes provide. Still, some prefer a traditional classroom learning environment. 

Kaplan caters to all of these types of students. Furthermore, while most of the company’s packages are 6-month subscriptions, the deluxe Unlimited Prep allows unlimited access to live online classes and on-demand prep.

✅ Coaching is available

Kaplan’s tutoring is not part of the Kaplan SAT prep course. Still, for students looking for higher scores than what the standard packages offer, this is it. There are 10-to-40-hour packages from $1999 to get students the help they need one-on-one.

Furthermore, the tutoring package includes a full live online course, eight practice tests, and 4 SAT prep books.

Cheaper live online course

Kaplan’s live online course is a $699 six months subscription. That’s about $100 less than the course offered by Prep Expert, Veritas, and Prep Scholar.

Furthermore, the Prep Expert’s Live Online plus courses are only 4-8 weeks subscriptions and don’t include as much classroom time as Kaplan’s. Kaplan SAT provides 18 hours of live classroom time. That’s nine two-hour sessions throughout the course.

✅ Qbank

A question-answer bank is one defining feature of the best test prep services courses. Kaplan includes a library of 1000+ realistic practice questions in all of its SAT course packages.

What’s more, the platform allows students to customize their practice by selecting questions by topic and level of difficulty, and upon completion, a score report is generated.

✅ Official practice tests

Nothing gets a student ready for the exam than practicing with official tests. Subscribers of the live online classes take eight practice tests; four of them are official college board exams. On the other hand, subscribers of the on-demand package take three practice tests, and there’s a video to guide them for realistic self-proctoring. 

All in all, Kaplan Practice tests, whether official or set by the instructors, are designed to simulate the real test-taking experience. They even include optional writing sections that will be graded by the company’s essay experts, who then provide personalized feedback. Students who complete the Kaplan SAT course rarely get nervous during the actual exam.

✅ Free trial

If you are interested in the Kaplan SAT course, the company has a one-week free trial where you will be allowed access to the video lessons and practice questions to feel what the course is about.

What you might not like about the Kaplan Sat Prep program 👎

Overall, Kaplan SAT is one of the best programs to help get ready for the exam. It’s available in various formats and boasts superstar instructors, high-quality interactive videos, and many training modules. However, there are a few things you might not like about the course; here’s a look:

❌ Price

Except for the $699 Live Online course, Kaplan’s other SAT courses are on the expensive side. For example, the on-demand package costs $199, and it’s only a six months subscription. That’s $70 more compared to Magoosh’s $129 12-month self-paced online course. 

Even Princeton Review’s On-demand SAT is $299 for a year, making it cheaper than the course from Kaplan in the long run. Kaplan’s other package, the Unlimited Prep, costs $1299, essentially cutting out students who can’t afford courses priced over $1000.

❌ Not all questions have video explanations.

One great feature of the Kaplan SAT practice is that you can watch instructors solve the problems on a digital whiteboard after completing the questions. 

However, this is only possible for a handful of questions as some feature text explanations only. Companies like Testive include video solutions for each of their practice questions, so it’s not unreasonable to ask that Kaplan’s should do the same.

❌ No specific score-improvement guarantee

Companies like Magoosh, Veritas, Prep Scholar, Prep Expert, and Princeton Review offer specific score improvement guarantees. 

For example, Prep Expert and Veritas promise to increase a student’s score by 200 points or give your money back. Magoosh has a 100+ score guarantee, while Princeton Review SAT 1500+ promises students a 99th percentile score.

On the other hand, Kaplan’s SAT promises a higher score, but not specific. So, if you are looking for a sure thing, this is not it. However, the company does have a money-back guarantee.

Wrap Up 🎁

It’s easy to see why Kaplan SAT is often considered the best. It’s a comprehensive curriculum provided on a stellar platform that’s very easy to use, plus it’s available in various student-favorite formats and insists on video lessons to keep students engaged.

Not only will you learn concepts and strategies, but you will also get the opportunity to put them into practice by attempting drills and practice questions.  If you want to learn more about this immersive learning experience, start today with the free trial!