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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Course variety

✅ Individualized instructions

✅ Free workshops on the college application and admission process

Higher Test Scores make it to our list of the best 10 SAT prep courses because of their unique approach to test prep. The company insists on creating a family-like system of support around the student to ensure they get all the help needed to succeed.

The SAT is an integral part of a student’s college application; it could mean the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and graduating with a massive student loan or maybe not even graduating at all because of lack of cash for college. 

Preparing for the exam well can lead to better performance. However, finding a good SAT course is not easy. It can be difficult to know who to trust to help revise and improve your test score without spending a fortune or canceling your plans for the time being.


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About Higher Scores SAT Test Prep

Higher Scores Test Prep is a family-owned and operated company. It provides SAT or ACT prep courses as well as college admission consulting services. The company was founded in 2009 by Lauren Gaggioli

For the past 12 years, it has helped thousands of students score high in their exams and leverage the SAT scores to get scholarships to their dream colleges and universities.

Lauren holds a B.F.A. in Theater from New York University and is assisted in the company by her mom and dad. The dad is the CFO and helps Lauren host SAT workshops, while the mom is the delivery leader in charge of shipping prep materials to students. Together, they will build a support system around you to ensure effective Prep.

How does Higher Scores Test Prep SAT work?

Higher Scores Test Prep provides two SAT courses: SAT Quick Prep and SAT Complete Package. Both are on-demand courses available to students with an internet connection.

Features of Higher Scores Test Prep SAT Courses

Powerful SAT prep course Study Guides

 SAT prep course Study Guides

The courses include online strategy video guides, a student workbook, and weekly email reminders. The strategy lesson videos will walk you through a clear, tried-and-true plan for putting your acquired testing knowledge into practice and do more in the exam.

On-Demand SAT Video Tutorials

On-Demand SAT Video Tutorials

Higher Scores test prep includes personalized guidance from a top SAT expert. It comes in the form of pre-recorded video lectures available online anytime. 

The video lectures provide a full review of the academic ideas tested in the SAT exam. You will have to create a student account on the company’s online platform to access the video tutorials. 

You can watch the videos anywhere, anytime on mobile or desktop devices, as long as you have an internet connection.

Phone, email, and chat support

The company prides itself in clear communication with both parents and students. All packages include weekly email reminders to keep students on track with their SAT prep course study plan. You can also call, email, or contact Lauren on Facebook to clarify any questions you have after watching the video lessons.

Additionally, Complete Package subscribers can submit challenging practice questions via the company’s in-course Q&A portal. You will get a personalized email or video explanation reply at no extra cost at all.

SAT workshop

All subscribers get a free bonus College admission counseling workshop co-hosted by Lauren and her dad, the CFO. You’ll learn how to use your SAT prep course score to get cash for college even if you aren’t a 99th percentile scorer. The SAT workshops and college admission consulting are provided at no extra cost to students.  

SAT prep books

If you purchase the Complete SAT Prep course, you will get two paper-and-pencil SAT prep books delivered to your house via USPS Priority Mail. If you live in the States, the books will arrive within 3-5 business days. International shipping takes around 2-3 weeks. The books contain more lessons and drills for practicing on your own. 

You will also get a 24-day study guide. The guide organizes your video lectures alongside free prep materials found on the College Board website so you can learn how to put the learned strategies into work before the exam day.

100 % satisfaction guarantee

Points and satisfaction guarantees are two defining features of the best test prep courses. Companies use these offers to inspire students’ faith in their programs. However, most of these promises come with strings attached, like you have to prove that you took the course; otherwise, you get no refunds if you don’t score as promised. 

Higher Score Test Prep provides a 100 % satisfaction guarantee, no strings attached. If you don’t like their SAT course, you can cancel your subscription and ask for your money back. The satisfaction guarantee period depends on the course bought. The Quick Prep package comes with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee period, while the Complete Prep package has a one-month risk-free trial period.

Pros and Cons of Higher Scores Test Prep SAT Courses

The Higher Scores Test Prep family has done a lot to ensure students love their course, and even if you don’t, they have a 100 % satisfaction guarantee in place.

The pros 👍

  • Great support system: the company is family-owned and operated, and they will create a family support system around you.
  • Comprehensive SAT prep: the SAT prep courses include video lessons on SAT content and strategy guides to tackle exam questions
  • On-demand lessons are available anywhere, anytime via mobile and desktop devices.
  • Risk-free trial: 14 days for the Quick Prep course and 30 days for the Complete Prep course
  • Weekly email reminders to help students be on track
  • Free college workshop to teach students how to turn good SAT scores into scholarships and get cash for college

The cons 👎

  • No sat practice tests: Higher SAT Score Test Prep doesn’t provide their own practice tests. Instead, you will have to download them from the College Board website, which isn’t that much as the archive only goes back as far as 2016.
  • Higher starting price: the Quick SAT Prep course cost $187, and the Complete Prep course costs $327
  • Short access periods: the $187 will help students have access to the Quick Prep course for only three months, while the $327 allows you access to complete Prep for only two months.
  • No specific score guarantee: companies like Magoosh, PrepScholar, and Veritas have score guarantees on all their SAT prep packages; Higher Scores Test Prep doesn’t. So, if you are looking for an SAT score to help you achieve a specific mark, this is not it.
  • No flashcards
  • No mobile app

Which package suits you?

As already mentioned, Higher Scores Test Prep provides two SAT prep courses: Sat Quick Prep and SAT Comprehensive Prep.

SAT Quick Prep

SAT Quick Prep

The SAT Quick Prep promises to improve your SAT score in just under 4 hours. It teaches proven SAT strategies and is suitable if you are busy and don’t want to invest in a full SAT prep course or have already completed another SAT course with another company and still want to boost your SAT score. It will also be useful if you have less than 2 months to the exam.

Features of SAT Quick Prep

  • Subject-level, strategy-focused video tutorials
  • 10-day study guide (optional)
  • Four hours of strategy tutorials videos available on demand
  • Students’ workbook
  • Weekly email reminders
  • Three months of access
  • College workshop

SAT Complete Package

SAT Complete Package

Test yourself, push past your barriers, and get your best SAT score yet. The SAT Complete Package Course offers a thorough study of the academic concepts assessed on the SAT and advanced training on target-score-specific methods. It’s for students who are very motivated to earn top marks with exhaustive preparation. 

If you haven’t used a SATY course before and would like to learn from a top SAT expert, this is it. You can use the course to get ready for the exam in two months.

Features of the course include

  • 24-day SAT study guide
  • Over academic concepts review and score-specific tactic video lessons available on-demand
  • Personalized Question & Answer correspondence and video explanations
  • Two paper-and-pencil exam prep books shipped to your house
  • Weekly email reminders
  • Access to PSAT prep materials
  • Free college workshop

How long will you take to finish each daily SAT study guide?

The Quick Prep program 10-day study guides take roughly 2 hours a day for instructions. However, the 8th-day study guide devotes more hours, 4.5 hours to be exact, so that subscribers can take a SAT practice test.

The Complete Prep package organizes on-demand video lessons. Drills and two complete SAT practice tests into a 24-day study guide to be completed over 8 weeks, meaning 3 hours of study per day. However, on days 12 and 21, you will have to spend 4.5 hours on the program because the practice tests are scheduled then.

The advantage here is you won’t have to commute, book on-site classes or take hidden homework. The study plan accounts for every lesson and practice, so you know exactly how long the program will take to complete.

How long will it take you to complete the SAT prep courses?

You can be done with the Quick SAT Prep course in just 4 hours, that’s if you decide to watch the video lectures only and forgo the study guide. However, if you decide to use the study guide, then you will complete the course in 2-5 weeks.

If you choose the Complete SAT Prep course, take the whole course before your exam. It comes with a 24-day study guide. You are advised to spread the days across 8-12 weeks, giving yourself enough rest between study days, so the concepts sink in properly.

However, if you have less time to prepare, you can divide the study guide in two and complete the first half before your first part of the exam and the second before the second exam date.

What score improvement range should you expect after using Higher Scores Test Prep SAT Courses?

The company doesn’t guarantee a specific score improvement. However, they say that their average SAT prep students gain 80-160 points after completing either of the SAT prep courses.

Who answers the questions students have throughout the course?

After 12 years of teaching students SAT academic concepts and strategies, Lauren has the experience to clarify any question you have. You can contact her via the company website, email, phone, or Facebook chat. Furthermore, Complete Prep package subscribers can submit questions about the lessons or practice problems and tests via an online Q&A portal. You will get a written email or video reply at no extra cost.

How does Higher Scores Test Prep SAT compare to Magoosh SAT?

Both Magoosh and Higher Scores Test Prep are popular with SAT students. They also started around the same time. However, they have done very much to distinguish themselves.

Plans and Pricing

Magoosh provides self-paced and live online SAT prep, while Higher Scores Test Prep provides only on-demand SAT courses. Magoosh’s self-paced courses start at $100 for one month of access, $119 for three months of access, and $129 for twelve months of access. 

The company’s self-paced + live classes package costs $399 for 12 months of access plus 16 hours of live instructions. On the other hand, Higher Scores Test Prep Quick Prep costs $187 for three months of access, while the Complete Prep costs $327 for two months of access.

When it comes to course features, Magoosh courses provide more practice, 1000+ questions per package, and 3 SAT practice tests. On the other hand, Higher Scores Test Score courses emphasize test strategies.


No two SAT prep courses are the same; it all depends on your learning style and budget. If you want more practice and at a much cheaper price, go with Magoosh.

On the contrary, if you want to learn strategies and excel in the exam without having to master every concept, go with Higher Score Test Prep. 

Plus, the latter provides the level of support you won’t find with any other company. They make everything a family endeavor. You can chat with the experts via phone, email, Facebook, or leave your questions on the Online Q&A portal.


Wrap Up

It’s easy to see why Higher Scores Test Prep SAT courses are popular with SAT students. They are comprehensive, easy to use, and provide great support to help improve one’s score on the SAT.

However, they only come with fewer practice questions and tests. But still, you will learn proven strategies to make the exam feel less intimidating. If you are interested in the courses, start today with the risk-free trial offers.