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Updated: December 2, 2021

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✅ PAL approach

✅ Access to tutors

✅  Economist subscription

Compared to companies like Kaplan and Princeton Review, ExamPAL is a younger test prep company and a bit more innovative.


All in all examPAL’s offers a solid GRE prep option for students looking for a slightly different approach.

ExamPAL GRE review is a test prep platform by 50 people from various fields such as teaching, data science, sound engineering, video production, programming, and designing. 

They came together to provide students with interactive, adaptive ultra-personalized learning experiences using today’s technology. 

The platform has been on the test prep scene for over 20 years, providing GMAT and GRE test prep services and MBA graduate school admission guidance.

Recently, the company partnered with the Economist to pair their stellar course material and intuitive algorithms with the latter’s wider reach to bring their course to a wider audience. This here is a review of the company’s GRE course; read on to find out if it’s suitable for you.


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About ExamPAL GRE Prep


ExamPAL GRE is a comprehensive course that uses machine learning technology to go through the experience and cumulative knowledge of 100,000+ students and bring you the best way to solve each exam question. 

The course promises to take you through the entire GRE content in 100-120 hours. It’s a wholly self-paced online course with a few tutoring options. Before you sign up, they will take you through its features which are as follows:

  • Online GRE prep that helps you focus your revision on key areas of growth
  • The PAL approach takes you GRE revision through Diagnostic, Improvement, and Optimization phases by matching you with the best answer solutions sourced from other test-takers. PAL stands for precise alternative and logical approach to problem-solving.
  • Real-time feedback highlighting your opportunity areas for improvement
  • Unlimited assistance from GRE experts all days of the week
  • A unique credit system to customize your GRE revision accordingly
  • 7-point score improvement guarantee
  • Over 1500 practice question
  • 4 ETS certified practice exams
  • Over 46 interactive video lessons
  • A diagnostic test
  • Essay reviews
  • MBA admission consultancy
  • Free trial

The examPAL GRE review Dashboard

The examPAL GRE is a compressive, adaptive, and user-friendly program designed for first-time test-takers or anyone looking to boost their previous GRE score. 

You start with a diagnostic test to assess your current skill levels then you get a personalized dashboard for accessing the course features on the go.

You will get plenty of math principles, essay writing tips, and quizzes to assess your progress along the way. You can use credits to customize your GRE revision as you please.

examPAL GRE Lesson Structure

examPAL GRE lessons are short 10-40 minutes sessions, with most of them lasting between 15 and 25 minutes. Each lesson discusses different concepts as revealed in the ‘Agendas’ menu on the dashboard. 

The lessons are presented in the form of an entertaining, interactive map where you will be required to achieve certain milestones before being tested on those areas. 

The first two lessons introduce the PAL method and GRE. They are in video format and break down GRE exam logic and skills needed to excel. The other lessons are comprised of quite a few subsections:  


This section introduces the basics of the specific topic, including relevant definitions, examples, and useful tricks. You’ll learn both the long approach to problem-solving and the straightforward approach, which involves memorizing methods and rules.

Real Test Strategies

This is the actual part of the lesson now and follows the basic principles. You will get explanations of both the correct and wrong answers to teach you the PAL approach

That way, you not only know the correct answer but learn how to reach it faster and in a simple way. You can forward, restart and pause the video to take your time and master concepts.


The last section of the lessons involves a personal set of practice quizzes generated from the company’s unique GRE practice questions bank. 

The quizzes are adaptive, of course, based on your performance on the diagnostic test; you’ll find the quizzes easier at first, but as your skills progress, you’ll be drilled on the harder concepts that you need more practice on. 

Your answers will be graded as you work through the tests, and you’ll be matched with the best solution for your skill levels as sourced from over 100,000 other test-takers.

How does the credit system work?

Not all students are identical; it’s cruel to restrict every student to the features of the study package they purchased. With the company’s credit system, you can redeem various course features and customize their GRE prep accordingly. 

For example, you can use credits to get more tutor services, extra essay reviews, and additional practice tests. But the credits are not infinite; you spend them when you answer questions, submit more essays, etc. Luckily you can always buy more credits.

What’s the PAL approach?

PAL stands for precise alternative and logical approach. Not all GRE exam questions can be approached the same way. Indeed, GRE doesn’t even test IQ or knowledge, just your ability to find the simplest and fastest solution to a problem. 

That’s why mastery of rules and strategies is key to excelling in GRE. The PAL approach shows you the three ways to answer GRE questions: logically, using elimination, or by being precise if you’ve got time. Here’s a detailed look:

P – Precise

If you have all the facts, you won’t need to go through all the answer choices looking for the correct one; you can always work out the problem yourself. 

This method is especially suitable for algebraic problems that require precise skills. The only con is it’s only suitable for use when you’ve got time on your side.

 L – Logical

The L is for logical approach, meaning you can always apply the facts and rules to find the correct answer to exam questions without even doing them. 

It’s especially useful on knowledge-based questions; simply apply a few rules to determine the validity of statements.

A – Alternate

The A is for alternate, i.e., where you use elimination to reach the correct answer. It’s especially suitable when you don’t have all the facts and rules, simply plug the answers back into the question and eliminate those that don’t make sense. It comes in handy when you don’t have the time to give a precise answer too.

In the GRE exam, test-taking strategies matter as much as content mastery. ExamPAL teaches the PAL approach. Based on how you answer quizzes, the platform selects questions to help you perfect your preferred approach. 

Is examPAL GRE Prep a good course?

Whether you are applying to computer science, psychology, MBA, or any other program, a higher GRE score will make you stand apart from other applicants. 

But that means you have to prepare for it thoroughly; after all, the GRE is not known to be easy. ExamPAL is one of the best platforms to help you get ready for the test.

The pros of the platforms include: 👍

✅ 7-point score guarantee

ExamPAL offers the most generous score improvement assurances on the market for its GRE course. The company promises subscribers a 7-point score increase after just 100-120 hours of revision. 

And it does that by providing a diagnostic test, then drills you on key areas of growth using over 1500 questions accompanied by the best solutions sourced from over 100,000 other test-takers.

 It’s a tried-and-true platform that has helped over a million students get into the colleges of their dreams.

Personalization Algorithm

The patented technology of examPAL, aka the PALgorithm, will customize the course to fit your schedule, level, and thinking capacity.


 It uses machine learning to Machine learning to match you with the best solution strategy for each exam question. You will also get real-time feedback highlighting key areas for improvement.

✅ Self-paced online

if you are a student who likes DIY instead of commuting to a classroom and fighting with 15 other students for a teacher’s attention, this is it. Say goodbye to the hassles of organizing your day around classes. 

With the self-paced online GRE platform, you get to study for the GRE exam at your own pace and time from the comfort of your home or on the go. Plus, if you’d like one-on-one coaching, it’s available.

✅ Free trial

So, you are interested in examPAL but have no money to subscribe? Start revising for your GRE with the company’s free trial offer. 

This offer allows you access to the complete course, taking you from the basics of GRE to complete content mastery. And if you’d like to register, you can start with their six weeks Express course for $399.

✅ Essay Reviews

Most test prep companies neglect to provide AWA assignment grading and review services. ExamPAL is not one of them. 

You will get at least three essay reviews as part of all their study packages. Plus, you can use credits to get more essay reviews, including score, summary, and inline notes.

✅ Intuitive Study Planner

The platform uses an intuitive study planner to space out lessons based on your schedule, learning habits, and patterns. You’ll just need to input your test date and let it do its thing. 

As long as you stick to the provided course study schedule, you won’t find yourself rushing to cram content last minute. 

Forget being bogged down by lessons; you will have lots of break opportunities as they have been broken down into separate videos and quizzes.  

You can schedule tests within the confines of your plan, sit for them early if you have other activities such as vacation coming up to avoid missing personal time.

✅ Money-back guarantee

ExamPAL backs their score improvement assurance by money-0back guarantees, which means if you don’t perform as expected, you can ask for your money back, no strings attached.

✅ Teaches test-taking strategies

Throughout the course, you’ll also get test-taking strategy videos without quizzes. These lessons cover a wide range of topics, including vocabulary, analytical writing, and memorization. 

The information contains the amount of time allotted for each segment and the precise skills being evaluated, particularly in the analytical writing area. 

These areas of the course aren’t assessed. They are just useful details to give students an extra advantage come exam day.

Cons of examPAL GRE 👎

That said, there are a few issues you might not like about the examPAL GRE online prep platform. Here’s a look:

❌ Requires internet access

The examPAL GRE prep is an entirely online course. Even the tutoring packages are provided via skype. That means if you don’t have internet access, you are basically locked out of studies.

❌ Small question bank

In terms of practice questions, examPAL provides one of the smallest question-answer banks – comprising only 1500 questions compared to Kaplan’s 5000. 

Any serious student will run out of questions to drill themselves on. That said, the platform’s quizzes and practice tests have the advantage of being ETS certified, unlike those offered by Kaplan and Magoosh.

What premium GRE prep options does examPAL provide?

There are several options to choose from depending on your budget.

1. $399 Express plan

The Express plan allows six weeks long access to the quant and verbal GRE course. You will get 1500 practice questions, 4 ETS certified tests, two essay reviews, and 975 credits. However, there’s no score improvement guarantee.

2. $599 Premium plan

The premium plan provides the same features as the Express plan plus some, including 6-months long access, more essay reviews, 1035 credits, 1-on-1 graduate school application consultations. It comes with a 6-point score improvement guarantee or gives your money back.

3. $899 Genius plan

Pay $899 for all the Premium plan features plus some such as 12-months access, 7-point score guarantee, 6 essay reviews, 3060 credits, 3 private coaching sessions, and expert assessments.

Who is the examPAL online study GRE prep platform best suited for?

Who is the examPAL online study GRE prep platform best suited for?

ExamPAL GRE is a thorough course aimed at students taking the GRE for the first time, but it is also appropriate for those who want to boost their current GRE score. 

You’ll be guided through the course and then sit for a diagnostic test to determine your ability level.  Following the exam, they will create a plan that focuses on your key growth areas.

There are several options. Self-driven students can choose the six-weeks express package, which grants access to the quant and verbal course, 1500 practice questions, essay reviews, four practice tests, and 975 credits to get extra study resources.

Students who like extra help can choose the Genius package, which includes expert assessment, three tutoring sessions, and grad school admission guidance.


Wrap-up 🎁

Compared to companies like Kaplan and Princeton Review, ExamPAL is a younger test prep company and a bit more innovative. They use machine learning technology to match students with the best revision possible for enhancing one’s GRE score.

Get ready to immerse yourself in one of the most personalized GRE study experiences, including personalized study planners, adaptive quizzes to enhance your PAL method, and essay reviews, including scoring and inline notes.

Take advantage of the free trial offer to find out more about the course, or call their office to speak to a GRE expert now.