College Prep Genius SAT Review

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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Affordable SAT prep

✅ Course variety

✅ One year access period

College Prep Genius SAT is another fantastic SAT prep program because it combines award-winning strategies, video lessons, textbooks, workbooks, homework guides, and fabulous prices to match.


The company has been on the scene for quite some time now and emphasizes individualized instructions.

College Prep Genius SAT Review

College Prep Genius makes it to our review of the top 10 SAT prep courses on the market. The company was created in 2004 by Jean Burk to provide unique test prep services to help students crush their exams and get into their dream colleges or qualify for scholarships.


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College Prep Genius SAT Overview

College Prep Genius SAT Overview

College Prep Genius has a unique approach to SAT prep. Forget those courses that will have you relearning the material you’ve already mastered; here, you only are gifted the tricks and tools to navigate the exam just like a pro. 

The course will teach you how to recognize recurring patterns in the SAT exam and deploy shortcuts to tackle problems quickly and do more in the exam.

When you purchase the course, you get a library of online video lessons, a workbook, and a textbook. There are no other overwhelming features to bog you down; these three resources are all you need to navigate the standardized test and score top marks.

Subscribers also get an eCourse Homework Guide to go along with the video instructions and the practice work. It will serve as an answer key and helpful guide throughout the course. 

Use the guide alongside the full-length practice tests found on the College Board website. You can download the practice test free of charge.

Features of College Prep Genius SAT

  • SAT taking strategies
  • Student workbook and textbook
  • 11+ hours of video lessons
  • Homework guide
  • 12-month access
  • Official practice questions
  • In-person, live online, and on-demand videos
  • Combines SAT, CLT, and PSAT ACT.

What Does the College Prep Genius SAT Program Include? 🤔

The team at College Prep Genius has done a lot to distinguish their SAT prep course from others on the market. Indeed, their program focuses on helping students develop critical thinking skills needed for standardized tests. 

It combines SAT, ACT, CLT, and PSAT practice materials into one prep. The course will teach you how to navigate through the standardized exams, identify questions and approach them logically. Some of the things included in the prep are as follows:

😮 Award-Winning Strategies

There is an eCourse and a virtual or In-Person Boot camp where you will spend time with top instructors and learn the details of the College Prep Genius program, including the available plans and pricing options. If you decide to purchase a prep plan, you will get the test strategies, tricks, and shortcuts.

The teachers organize these into easy to memorize acronyms for use on the exam. For example, you will learn the COAT method to answer passage questions. 

The method teaches how to filter info as Completely Irrelevant, Obscure, Additional, or Totally Contradictory. College Prep Genius methods have won several awards as voted by and

😮 Video Lessons

Each College Prep Genius SAT plan includes 11+ hours of video lessons. The first video will introduce you to the details of the standardized test. 

Then the next videos will give you the prep materials. Three of them focus exclusively on reading, four provide math and writing prep, while the remaining contains tips, strategies, and practice tests with detailed instructions from Jean Burke.

😮 Student Workbook and Textbook

The company provides its students with textbooks and workbooks to go along with online video instructions. Use these materials for self-prep if you don’t want to take in-person or live online classes. The textbooks contain everything you need to excel, and they are available in both digital and print formats. 

The workbook is for use during your practice sessions. The company encourages much practice. Indeed, they have a saying that their program is not a pill, so you must put in the effort; just knowing tips and strategies needed to ace the exam is not enough. 

The course just introduces the material, but real progress happens when you keep the strategies in mind and apply them in the practice problems and tests.

😮 Homework Guide

For students who don’t plan on enrolling for live online or in-person classes, you will also get the eCourse Homework Guide to complement your self-prep. 

It’s a 99-page guide containing instructions that go along with each online video lesson and provide proper assignments throughout. 

The guide contains official College Board practice tests too. As you grade the practice problems and record results, the company will help keep track of your progress and provide stats that help pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

Plans and Pricing

Plans and Pricing

College Prep Genius has a range of eCourses and Live courses at competitive prices. Here’s a look:


For the eCourses, you can choose between the $139 Fundamental and the $189 Comprehensive package. Both grant one-year access to college Prep Genius textbooks and workbooks, SAT essay templates, 12 video lessons, and an outline of class notes for self-prep. 

You will also get a homework guide, 300+ practice quizzes, a journal for success, and a score tracker. The yearly renewal fee is $49. However, the Comprehensive plan includes a High School Prep Genius textbook, a vocab book, and a 15 Secrets to Free College book; all are in digital format.

Live Courses

The live courses include Virtual and In-Person Boot Camps for students looking for expert-led courses with someone to hold them accountable and keep them on track for their SAT goals.

Virtual Boot Camp

This package provides the option between 3-day and 8-week live boot camp sessions. It includes 12 hours of live instructions led by top SAT instructors. 

Students get the opportunity to engage with each other and the teacher online. You will also get a College Prep Genius textbook, a workbook, and a bonus eCourse. It’s a 12-month subscription.

In-Person Boot Camp

This is a 2-day live course that includes 12 hours of in-person instructions from top SAT experts.  You will also get a bonus eCourse. It’s a 12-month subscription.

Why Choose College Prep Genius SAT? 👍

Why Choose College Prep Genius SAT?

Overall, the College Prep Genius is a great SAT program, with fantastic study plans and pricing for students with different study needs and budgets. The pros of the program include:

✅ Comprehensive Prep

College Prep Genius sets itself apart from the competition by providing both content coverage and test-taking strategies. Content mastery on its own is not enough to excel in standardized tests; knowing how to approach questions and having shortcuts to deploy and solve problems faster goes a long way too. 

The College Prep Genius SAT includes award-winning test strategies and tips to apply reasoning and logic during the exam. You will also learn how to recognize recurring patterns in the SAT exam and understand what kind of questions to expect.

✅ Homework Guide

Each of the company SAT prep packages include a homework guide. It’s a 99-page instructional guide to go along with the online videos and provide proper assignments on each lesson. 

It’s especially useful for students who buy the eCourse as it provides structure, ensuring you are on track to your exam goals.

✅ Progress Tracking

As you work through the eCourse, attempt the quizzes and practice problems, grade your work and upload your results, the company will keep track of your progress and generate metrics that give insight into your weaknesses, strengths, and opportunity areas for improvement.

✅ Affordable price

College Prep Genius has some of the least expensive SAT prep packages on the market. Their self-paced course starts at $139; that’s only $10 more than the Magoosh SAT course and $79 less than Kaplan’s self-paced SAT. 

Other test prep services providers charge significantly higher prices. For example, PrepScholar charges $499 for their self-paced course; PrepExpert $397; Testive $399; Princeton Review $299.

Even College Prep Genius Live and In-Person courses are cheaper too. You can purchase $355 or $395 virtual or in-person boot camps. PrepScholar and PrepExpert charge $799 for their live courses and $1000+ for in-person classes. Veritas and Princeton Review charge $899 for their Live and in-person classes.

✅ Long Access Period

All of the College Prep Genius SAT packages are 12-month subscriptions, giving students access to study materials, practice questions, and quizzes for a long period. 

You can use and reuse the course you want throughout the year until you achieve a great score. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay the full amount to renew the course, just $49 per year.

Cons Of the College Genius Prep SAT Program 👎

That said, there are a few things you might not like about the College Prep Genius SAT program; these include:

❌ Basic Interface

One defining feature of great SAT prep courses is that they have superior interfaces that include a broad range of study tools such as flashcards, course personalization, notes-section, etc. 

Sadly, College Prep Genius doesn’t include any of these tools, and while that helps keep things simple, some students prefer to have various study tools at their disposal. 

For example, flashcards are useful in training memory, while a mobile app makes it easy for busy students to access course features and study on the go.

❌ Only 300 Practice Quizzes

If you are looking for more practice, you will find college Prep Genius disappointing. The company provides 300+ practice questions only. Any serious student will run out of practice when using College Prep Genius. 

Just so you know how the competition is doing when it comes to SAT practice questions, Magoosh has 1750+, Kaplans provides 1000+, Princeton Review’s 3200+, and PrepScholar 7200+. Only Testive provides fewer practice questions than College Prep Genius.

❌ No Practice Tests

College Prep Genius doesn’t include practice tests. Instead, you have to download the tests yourself from the College Board’s website for use alongside the Homework Guide. But the College Board website doesn’t have many tests; they only go as far as 2016.

❌ No Essay Grading

Unlike Kaplan, Prep Expert, PrepScholar, and Princeton Review that include essay reviews as part of their SAT prep services, you won’t get any of that from College Prep Genius. Instead, the company focuses on providing tips and strategies to manage your time well during essay writing.

❌ No Score Improvement Guarantee

Most SAT prep services providers include score improvement assurances backed by money-back guarantees to inspire students’ confidence in their courses. 

It also helps appeal to students looking for specific SAT scores to gain admission to their dream graduate schools. 

College Prep Genius doesn’t offer such assurances. Therefore, if you are looking for a sure thing, try SAT courses from Magoosh (100+ score improvement guarantee) or Veritas (200+ score improvement guarantee), etc.

❌ No Free Trial

College Prep Genius doesn’t provide free course demos. That means there’s no way to take their course for a test drive free of charge. Companies like Kaplan, PrepScholar, and Olive Book SAT allow students to try their courses for free. They also have score-improvement assurances backed by money-back guarantees. 

That’s why so many students have confidence in their courses. It would have been nice if College Prep Genius provided such features with their course too. 

Unfortunately, you have no way to find out more about the company’s SAT prep unless you purchase the packages.

Who is the ideal customer? 🤔

Who is the ideal customer?

Anyone can use College Prep Genius SAT to prepare for their exam. However, the way the course is structured and provided, students who fall into the following categories will benefit the most: 

  • Self-driven students who don’t have doubts about prepping on their own
  • Homeschooling students
  • Students who want a structured course
  • Students who want to learn how to identify and tackle questions

Wrap Up 🎁

Overall, the College Prep Genius SAT prep course will help you gain test-driving confidence. You will learn different strategies for exam questions, including how to apply reasoning and logic to make the exam feel less scary. You will also learn how to recognize recurring patterns and, therefore, avoid committing silly mistakes.

The company has various prep packages to choose from: self-driven students have the option between Fundamental and Comprehensive eCourses, while those who want to enroll for classes have the option between virtual and in-person boot camps. All are one-year subscriptions. However, there’s no free trial, so you will have to purchase the course to find out more yourself.