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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Extremely affordable

✅ Monthly-based subscription plan

✅ 7-points score improvement guarantee

The BestMyTest TOEFL course provides 20 practice tests, 1000+ practice questions, 2000+ TOEFL vocabularies, a 7-points score improvement guarantee, ask-an-instructor sessions, speaking and writing reviews, and a fantastic price tag to match.

BestMyTest TOEFL prep makes it to our list of the best TOEFL courses. The company was established in 2014 in Vancouver, BC by old college pals James Liu and Ron Ross. 

Founder James had to take the TOEFL himself to get to college, and that’s when he noticed a shortage of TOEFL prep resources on the market. He then pitched the idea to his buddy Ron, and they started a website to provide TOEFL prep services. Since then, it has grown to include IELTS and SAT prep services.


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BestMyTest TOEFL overview

BestMyTest offers a complete TOEFL course. It’s available exclusively online in various self-prep package formats. It starts with a diagnostic exam to identify your initial skills across all TOEFL sections.

Next, you’ll get an online TOEFL tutor to help you learn skills, strategies, and tips. The online tutor provides video lessons on all skills required to get top marks. The final step will be practice; the course includes over 1500 practice questions accompanied with answers to ensure students get an immersive learning experience.

BestMyTest encourages going through the above steps as many times as you have to until you are ready for the exam. So, finish a new computerized TOEFL exam, analyze your results, identify the areas you are not good at, and then polish those skills until you notice improvement.

Features of BestMyTest TOEFL

  • Online tutor tool
  • Over 200 practice tests
  • Over 150 interactive video lessons
  • 1500 practice questions
  • 20 full-length TOEFL practice tests
  • Over 2000 common TOEFL vocabularies
  • Essay grammar corrections
  • Ask-an-expert questions
  • Writing and speaking reviews
  • 7+ score improvement or get your money back

How does the BestMyTest online TOEFL tutor tool work?

The online tutor tool is the highlight of the BestMyTest TOEFL course. It provides step-by-step guidance through each section of the course and test. You can use the tool to get ready for TOEFL in 3 simple steps, as already detailed above.

Step #1: Diagnostic exam

Sit four a full-length diagnostic exam to help identify your strengths and weaknesses. Take the exam, and analyze the results to figure out where your TOEFL skills stand at the moment. The diagnostic test includes speaking and writing sections; make sure you get these graded, too.

Step #2: Adaptive lessons

Now that you’ve figured out your current TOEFL skills and identified your strengths and opportunity areas for growth, it’s time to work on those skills. The lessons on the website help master content, tips, and strategies. Simply find the lesson you want on the company’s TOEFL tutor lessons map.

Step #3: Simulated TOEFL practice

Preparing for TOEFL is not just about learning new skills; putting them into practice as much as possible helps refine them. That’s why BestMyTest provides over 1500 practice questions across all TOEFL skills. What’s more, they all include answer expiations., so get to work after completing the lessons.

Rinse and Repeat

Depending on the length of time allowed in the package you purchased, you can complete steps 1 to 3 in three weeks, then start over again and again until you feel ready for the exam.

What packages does BestMyTest provide?

The BestMyTest TOEFL course is available in the Custom, Premium, and Last-Minute prep package formats.



The Custom plan is a self-study package designed for students who are already confident in their language skills and can study on their own. It’s available in one-to-six-month terms starting from $69; simply select a suitable term and start working.

Package contents

  • Over 1000 practice problems
  • Over 2000 TOEFL vocabularies
  • A study guide containing 200 adaptive lessons organized
  • 20 full-length three-hour simulated TOEFL practice tests
  • Grammar corrections on five essays
  • Ten ask-a-tutor questions
  • Four speaking reviews speaking reviews
  • Two writing reviews
  • 7+ points score improvement guarantee or get your money back

TOEFL Premium

TOEFL Premium

The TOEFL Premium package is priced at $169 and grants six-month access to all features of the Custom package plus some.  It’s for students who need or want extra expert guidance:

Features of the package include:

  • Over 1000 practice problems
  • Over 2000 TOEFL vocabularies
  • A study guide containing 200 adaptive lessons organized
  • 20 full-length three-hour simulated TOEFL practice tests
  • Grammar corrections on 25 essays
  • 25 ask-a-tutor questions
  • 20 speaking reviews speaking reviews
  • Ten writing reviews
  • 15+ points score improvement guarantee or get your money back

TOEFL Last Minute

TOEFL Last Minute

This is the TOEFL bundle to get if you need to do some last-minute prep. It does not assure a score improvement or a money-back guarantee, but it does provide students with a week of ad-free access to the following:

  • Over 1000 practice problems
  • Over 2000 TOEFL vocabularies
  • A study guide containing 200 adaptive lessons organized
  • 20 full-length three-hour simulated TOEFL practice tests
  • Grammar corrections on one essay
  • Five ask-a-tutor questions

Why choose the BestMyTest platform to prepare for your TOEFL exam? 👍

From the virtual tutor to the practice questions and tests, there’s a lot to like about the TOEFL course from BestMyTest. Here’s the breakdown:

✅ Virtual tutor

As already mentioned, the online tutor tool is the highlight of the BestMyTest study platform. The TOEFL curriculum can be a bit complex, especially for new students. The BestMyTest virtual tutor tool helps navigate the course without any hassles. 

It functions just like human tutors, providing a step-by-step guide through the course and practice exams, and whenever you feel stuck, there’s a team of human tutors online to help you anytime.

✅ Various course packages

As previously mentioned, there are two BestMyTest TOEFL study plans with money-back guarantees and one last-minute revision package. Students who are confident in their English skills and can study independently will benefit from the Custom package. 

You have the option of selecting terms ranging from one to six months. The Premium package is designed for students who require extra expert assistance, as it includes extra ask-an-instructor questions, essay grammar corrections, and writing and speaking reviews. 

The Last-Minute package is for students who want to put in the finishing touches a week before the exam. All of the packages are only available online. Any learner can use the packages, regardless of their English level, to prepare for the TOEFL.

✅ Comprehensive section-specific TOEFL lessons

With the online tutor, you will get step-by-step training for each TOEFL section. The lessons are simple to comprehend and cover all parts of the exam, including instruction, advice, and useful hints for passing the TOEFL. The Online Tutor takes you through each lesson to make sure you’re on track to your test goals.

✅ The most number of practice exams and questions

BestMyTest emphasizes enough practice to hone newly learned skills. There is no better method to get ready for any standardized test than to practice taking it. The course includes over 15000 practice questions and 20 full-length three-hour TOEFL practice tests. 

This is the greatest number of practice questions and tests by any TOEFL course on the market. What’s more, the practice questions include answer explanations to figure out what you got right and where you went wrong.

However, the practice tests are not official TOEFL practice exams. They are only set by the company’s TOEFL expert to mimic the real exam. Some of the company’s questions are even harder than the real exam to give you a thorough prep.

✅ Speaking and writing reviews

Another great feature about BestMyTest TOEFL is you can get personalized speaking and writing reviews. The company encourages students to attempt the writing and speaking sections and submit their work for review by a real TOEFL expert.

The reviewer for the TOEFL writing section will assess your work using real TOEFL scoring rules, correct your mistakes, and provide individualized comments to help you improve your writing.

The course’s TOEFL speaking reviews include scoring, written feedback, and audio recording from the reviewer containing tips on enhancing your speaking responses. The recording will provide the opportunity to listen to a native speaker offer advice on pronunciation, content grammar, and other topics.

The Custom prep package provides grammar corrections on five essays. The subscribers can also submit two writing samples and three speaking samples for reviews. 

The Premium prep package provides grammar corrections on 25 essays and can submit eight writing samples and 12 audio samples for review. Last Minute prep subscribers get grammar corrections on one essay; no speaking and writing reviews.

✅ TOEFL vocabulary tools

A significant part of learning a new language is acquiring a strong understanding of important vocabulary. BestMyTest TOEFL provides access to 40 vocabulary flashcard packs that contain the words that appear most commonly in the TOEFL exam. 

These smart, easy-to-use digital flashcards offer you the chance to enhance your vocabulary any time anywhere, as long as you have the internet. This is a good technique to sneak in a small TOEFL study whether you are on the bus, standing in a line, or taking a break from other tasks. The flashcards contain a total of 2000 common TOEFL vocabularies.

✅ Progress tracking

The BestMyTest TOEFL course includes tools for monitoring and analyzing progress. As you work your way through the TOEFL course, you’ll get real-time progress reports that give a detailed look into your key performance metrics. 

You can use the performance reports to identify which areas you need to focus your studies on and avoid wasting precious time on the skills you’ve already mastered.

✅ A great amount of support

Apart from step-by-step guidance from the online tutor tool, you will get ask-an-instructor questions and 24/7 email and chat support. You can take advantage of the features to get personalized whenever you feel stuck.

✅ Dedicated student mobile app

BestMyTest is one of a few test-prep companies that provide mobile apps to help take their courses with you anywhere. Mobile apps are useful, especially to busy students; rather than struggling with a desktop account or books, you can access the course features conveniently from your smartphone anywhere anytime as long as you have the internet.

✅ Score improvement and money-back guarantees

The Custom and Premium TOEFL packages come with score improvement guarantees. The Custom package promises that if you follow all the course instructions, you will see a 7+ point score improvement in the actual exam.

The Premium package promises a whopping 15+ point improvement. Furthermore, the company promises to pay you back 100% if you don’t perform as promised.

These assurances set the BestMyTest part from the competition. Magoosh promises a 4-point improvement only while Kaplan just says you’ll get a higher score but no specific points. The only other company with such higher score improvement guarantees is PrepScholar; however, it lacks a mobile app and TOEFL practice tests.

✅ 7-Day Free trial – no debit card needed

A few test prep companies allow free trials on their course packages. However, only a few of them don’t require debit card info. BestMyTest will allow you to take their course for a 7-day test drive, no debit card needed. 

On the other hand, companies like Kaplan and Magoosh require debit card info before you are allowed to try their course; and if you don’t cancel your subscription before the trial period expires, you will get charges in your account.

What you might not like about BestMyTest TOEFL 👎

Overall, BestMyTest TOEFL is a good course, especially for students looking for lots of practice and extra guidance. However, there are some things about the course that you’ll likely find not very pleasing. Here’s a look:

❌ The price

BestMyTest’s advanced TOEFL course costs $189 for only six months of access to the prep materials. That’s about $40 more than the 6-month TOEFL course from Magoosh. Several other courses cost less too. For example, TestDen’s 180-day TOEFL courses start at $47; the one from English Success Academy costs $47 too, while the course from EDX is absolutely free.

However, one thing to note is BestMyTest TOEFL includes premium features. You will get more practice questions and tests, essay grammar corrections, speaking writing reviews than any other course provides. Plus, there’s the option to reduce the course price by opting for custom features. BestMyTest’s one-month Custom TOEFL prep costs about $60 less than the one from Magoosh.

❌ Access period

BestMyTest offers one-to-six-month TOEFL prep packages. If you plan to take the TOEFL in the next six months, everything is okay for you. 

However, if you want to prepare for longer than six months for one reason or another, the company doesn’t have a suitable package for you; you’d be better off looking for prep packages from Magoosh, PrepScholar, or English Success academy. 

For example, PrepScholar has a lifetime TOEFL prep package for a $385 one-time payment for students who are not 100% sure when they’ll be applying for college and just want to get their TOEFL prep going.

❌ A limited number of videos

BestMyTest says you’ll get video lessons; however, they are just brief slide shows introducing the lessons. What the training focuses on more is simulated practice. 

On the other hand, the Magoosh TOEFL course is entirely video-based. They provide video and written instructions for each of their practice questions too.

❌ No live online

If you desire a structured classroom learning experience, BestMyTest doesn’t offer that. The company’s TOEFL course packages are all self-paced. You won’t get the chance to interact or practice your skills with other learners. 

However, it’s not a total loss since there is enough support from tutors, including ask-an-instructor questions, email chat, and personalized speaking and writing reviews. 

Still, it’d be great if they allowed students to interact in virtual or on-site classrooms. Practicing English, especially among people at the same or higher language skills levels, leads to greater improvement.

❌ No TOEFL official questions

The BestMyTest TOEFL course includes 20 full-length three-hour practice questions that you will sit for across various stages of the course. 

However, they are not official TOEFL practice questions; they have only been set by the company’s TOEFL experts to mimic the real exam. However, if you want to practice on the real TOEFL exam, you will have to get them from the ETS yourself.

BestMyTest vs. Magoosh

Both MAGOSH and BestMyTest are also popular with TOEFL students globally. The two companies are recent entrants into the test-prep scene, having started in 2008 and 2014, respectively. However, they have done so much to distinguish themselves. Here’s a look at the differences

  • Magoosh is a much more video-focused TOEFL course. BestMyTest TOEFL video lessons, too, but not as many as Magoosh. If you are a visual learner, Magoosh TOEFL is the course for you.
  • Magoosh advanced TOEFL 6-month prep is considerably cheaper than BestMyTest. It costs $149 compared to BestMyTest’s $189. However, BestMyTest provides more practice questions and tests, essay grammar corrections, speaking and writing reviews.
  • BestMyTest allows students to reduce the price of their course by opting for custom features. The Custom package starts at $69 for one month of access to $129 for 6 months of access. That’s cheaper than Magoosh TOEFL.
  • Magoosh guarantees only 4+ points improvement while BestMyTest guarantees 7-15+ points improvement.
  • Magoosh doesn’t do speaking and writing reviews

Who is BestMyTest TOEFL prep for?

Who is BestMyTest TOEFL prep for?

BestMyTest will suit students looking for a comprehensive TOEFL prep. The course offers a step-by-step walk through the entire TOEFL curriculum leaving no stone unturned and provides tips and strategies too.

The only reason the course might not suit you is if you are a visual learner. As much as the company provides high-quality videos, they are not as many as Magoosh provides.


Wrap Up

That said, there are so many other things to like about BestMyTest TOEFL for students who don’t prioritize videos. It includes extra guidance in the form of essay grammar corrections, speaking and writing reviews, and ask-an-instructor questions.

You will also get full-length practice tests so you can really build morale for the actual exam. And you can learn more about the course starting with the free trial offer, no credit card required.