Achievable GRE Review

A Master’s or MBA supercharges your career growth and earning potential.  One of the test requirements for entry into graduate school is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test. By taking the GRE, you can showcase your best abilities to maximize your chances of admission to the best schools.

Stanford, HBS Wharton, LBS, and many other schools require graduate school applicants to take the GRE test. It is the same for those seeking an advanced degree or doctorate. The GRE is required.

Schools use the GRE General Test to compare candidates’ qualifications regardless of their educational and cultural backgrounds. Unlike undergraduate records or recommendation letters, GRE scores are used as a supplement by graduate admissions or fellowship panels.


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GRE prep courses

GRE preparation courses offer a host of advantages. Taking the GRE test can be expensive, so you want to do everything right to get a high score on your first attempt.

You will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses after completing the practice exams and tests included in your GRE prep course.

In most instances, the GRE courses let you develop a study program built around your lifestyle. Some courses have live tutor support.  Coming up is a comprehensive review of Achievable, one of the respected GRE courses in this area.

Achievable GRE Review

Even though the Achievable GRE course provider has only been around for a handful of years, this newcomer has been making waves lately.

However, many students wonder whether this prep course is effective, given that it popped up from the blue. This is a full review of Achievable’s features and GRE preparation material.

Things You Will Love
  • Affordable pricing
  • A whole year of access
  • Expertly-curated coursework
  • Student-centered algorithm
  • AI-scored questions
  • Interactive digital textbook
  • Digestible content
  • Plenty of free content
  • Easy user interface
  • Mock tests
Things You Will Wish They Had
  • Classes and video lessons
  • Hard copy books
  • Mobile app
  • Tutor support
  • More delivery paths

✅ Affordable pricing

Achievable GRE is among courses in the budget-friendly category. You get exceptional value at a competitive price point. The company offers one of the best score guarantee standards in the industry.

They have a simple pricing structure and offer a variety of course options. It is a single prep package that comes with everything they have to offer, and it costs $199. 

Despite your limited option selection, many like the elegance and simplicity of a one-price package.

It is a great deal. In our reviews, most of the flagship packages for courses are priced around $1,000. In general, So Achievable is much cheaper than their competitors. 

They still offer discounts on their preps of 25%. There is widespread agreement that this 25% discount GRE pre-test course is worth its salt.

✅ A whole year of access

A prep course with a full year of access is an excellent option for many GRE candidates, even if many students only need a couple of months to prepare for, study for, and pass the GRE. 

In general, it’s good to build in a little bit of flexibility when it comes to your prep timing. Plans may change, and unexpected events may arise.

Because the GRE assesses your knowledge much more profoundly, it may be wise to give yourself enough time to take the test multiple times to get your best score. You will have much flexibility and assurance with Achievable 12-month course access.

✅ Expertly curated coursework

As far as prep courses go, Achievable has the most solid content. You receive a study plan that gets constantly re-optimized by a self-learning AI. 

You will have your practice essays graded by machine learning and AI, and the prep course is patterned learning based on memory science.

✅ Student-centered algorithm

They have an advanced algorithm for content personalization. Achievable also stands out for leverage algorithms to maximizing your retention of the concepts you learn and keep them fresh as you prepare for the exam.

As a result of individual study schedules matched to each student’s memory needs, Achievable delivers customized learning for all students. 

This is especially helpful when learning new vocabulary terms.  You may find it easy to master the section on Verbal Reasoning, which is of the most difficult parts of the GRE.

While all this may sound like marketing taradiddle, the course is accurate and effective. With this algorithm tracking your study, you will feel it at work. 

Taking practice tests and answering questions feeds it with more data for customizing your GRE study plans. You are assigned tasks based on your knowledge, and you are asked to review sections based on how you score.

The program intelligently re-assigns work to your areas of weakness to improve your strengths and refresh old material. This way, you focus on what you ought to improve upon rather than what you are good at.

✅ AI-scored questions

You might also like their AI-scored essays. Achievable grades your essays with machine learning the way ETS does. You don’t get technology like this even with major course providers that charge a king’s ransom. 

As far as identifying issues and a student’s areas of weakness, their AI is remarkably accurate.

Additionally, Achievable is committed to helping you remember what you learn. They build their courses more effectively by taking advantage of memory science and integrating it into their content. 

You will see the practice tests from a learning module in a review quiz after learning a particular topic. Later on, you will be asked to take a mock test.

✅ Interactive digital textbook

Achievable’s digital textbook is the core of the course structure. No live classes or video lessons are offered. Instead of reviewing content and developing instructional materials, candidates use interactive texts.

Throughout the textbook, you will find 89 chapters divided up into learning modules. You review a section of the book, work on the topic questions, and receive performance reviews.

Regarding the book, in particular, it is among students’ favorites. The authors explain some rather complex technical topics and concepts using plain old English. This may help you improve understanding and retention of the material.

✅ Digestible content

The chapters of the Achievable digital textbook are short and easy to read. The books can be read in about ten to twenty minutes each. There are also more than just words on the page.

The content makes use of well-crafted examples to illustrate the point. Your study sessions are effortless once you read the first section that explains the subject matter.

✅ Extensive practice questions

In addition to the digital textbook, the Achievable GRE practice question bank will also be a major component of your prep course. The number of verbal practice problems on Achievable is around 200, and it contains an infinite quantity of quant practice problems.

How are they able to provide many such questions? In reality, it’s not that complicated at all. Their smart tech allows them (once again) to swap out variables each time they generate a problem, and they build 100 or so templates based on the most heavily tested quant question types.

All practice questions come from the same 100 to 140 templates, so each question is different. You gain a more thorough understanding of a problem by solving it ten times with ten different variables. 

It helps you speed up your master of the subject by learning the underlying concepts instead of memorizing answers based on specific figures. 

✅ Explained answers

Further, you may find Achievable’s practice problems impressive because of the explanations given in the text. 

It gives you a clear sense of why each possible answer is correct or incorrect by succinctly reviewing each answer in a brief sentence. They provide a lot of information very effectively.

✅ Mock tests

Using Achievable GRE, you can test your knowledge by taking ten practice exams. Just so we are clear, there is a  caveat here. The mock tests are compiled straight from the practice questions—the question bank.

To wit, if you are looking for mock tests that simulate the authentic exam-room feel, this is not it.  The ten mock tests contain questions that you have already tackled before in practice.

Nonetheless, this caveat is limited to the verbal section.  You will get a limitless number of quantitative mock tests and in-depth explanations for problem questions.

✅ Easy user interface

Achievable scores well in the category of user interface and user experience. Silicon Valley tech guys are the founders, so there is no surprise here. 

Intuitive, clean, and modern, the Achievable platform is a great place to learn after a long day of work and house chores. It’s pretty and easy on the eyes.

Furthermore, the responsiveness is outstanding. Lagging and slow page loading are unheard of here. It is easy to use and is very fast.

✅ Vocabulary assistance

The unique vocabulary review system included in Achievable’s GRE prep course makes it unique. Before teaching you vocabulary terms, the GRE course starts with verbal practice questions. 

Achievable also provides a vocabulary review presented in clusters to help you understand the meaning of the words more easily.

It often happens that hundreds of words have similar meanings that differ slightly on the GRE. Achievable empowers students to learn the differences between words that sound similar or have similar connotations by clustering words together in vocab review. 

This makes Achievable GRE an excellent option for those seeking a new approach to vocabulary review.

✅ Plenty of free content

The idea of trying out Achievable may attract you, but you’re not sure if you’re willing to enlist in a program without first seeing how it works. Unlike some other services, Achievable provides you with access to their study material without requiring you to sign up for a trial period.

Lessons from their online textbook come with verbal and quantitative exercises, and review questions and vocabulary quizzes follow. The free content offered by Achievable should be enough to enable you to decide whether the course is right for you. Even so, you won’t have access to any full-length practice tests without purchasing the entire course.

Things You Will Wish They Have 👎

Classes and video lessons

Live classes and video lessons are not offered by Achievable GRE. In other words, if you occasionally use animations, live video, and graphics to concretize your understanding, Achievable may not be the right fit for you. Nevertheless, it has a digital textbook that has illustrations and examples.

On the other hand, if you lack the motivation to study on your own, Achievable is probably not for you either because of its structure. If you are self-driven and self-motivated, Achievable offers self-paced, flexible learning.

Hard copy textbook

There is a major complaint here– the Achievable GRE textbook is digital-only. Sometimes having a hardcopy version that you can carry to the beach with you is nice—it saves you from eye strain.

Mobile app

Achievable does not have a mobile app, but the app’s platform can be used on a mobile device. It’s very mobile-friendly. In this case, the platform was developed by California techies, so mobile was a top priority. Mobile users can make do with the sleek and snappy design of the platform.

Still, it would have been nice to have a standalone mobile app to facilitate compartmentalizing of work. Apps offer a better overall user experience than a website.

Tutor support

The only GRE course that Achievable offers is an online course with self-paced learning. It does not offer live courses with private tutoring. 

Thus, if you want to interact with classmates or receive tutoring from live sources, you might want to find other options.

Delivery paths

If you need video-based training, Achievable GRE will disappoint. The current Achievable GRE course consists of text only; videos are not available. 

However, this is not a negative per se since you can absorb information most effectively by reading. The information can easily be understood even by those not bookworms, as presented in short segments (unlike most college textbooks).


➡️ Is the Achievable prep course worth the money?

Yes. Despite maybe not being the most comprehensive course, Achievable is an incredible value for under $200. Interactive textbooks and practice materials are both excellent.

➡️ What is the cost of the Achievable GRE course?

At $199, Achievable GRE costs less than half the price of other GRE prep services. Many times, there is a 25% discount available.

➡️ Do you think Achievable will increase my GRE score?

According to experts, completing the whole prep process with Achievable will result in a higher score. Compared to the competition, they have excellent preparatory materials.

➡️ How does Achievable handle refunds?

This program is designed to help you achieve your goals. If you are unhappy with the program, Achievable will give you a full refund within seven days of your purchase.

➡️ Are there any guarantees of increased scores?

With the GRE prep course offered by Achievable, students are guaranteed an overall score improvement of 7 points. 

To be eligible for any score increase guarantees, you must submit your official GRE score within seven days of buying the course. You must then take the GRE within a month after concluding the Achievable course.

➡️ Which GRE sections are covered in Achievable?

As far as Quantitative Reasoning is concerned, Achievable gives you a comprehensive review. The GRE course provider is new to the field, so keep that in mind. In contrast to their competitors, they do not yet have solid content on verbal reasoning. 

They have excellent material for the vocabulary section and related questions, but the Reading Comprehension portion leaves a bit to be desired.

Wrap Up 🎁

Achievable is a breath of fresh air in GRE prep courses. A high-quality structured course with maximum efficiency, Achievable helps students meet their individual preparation needs. 

It guides you through content and practice questions to improve your retention. If you seek a budget-friendly course, an innovative approach and a modern platform, Achievable might be your ideal GRE preparation course.