PISA4U is a new global online program for school improvement that is available to teachers and other educational professionals such as administrators, education policy actors, managers, and educational researchers. It was developed by the OECD in collaboration with Candena, a leading provider of collaborative online learning solutions. Working in a team, participants will move through a sequence of assignments to help identify and work on a school-focused challenge – either one from a participant or one presented by the program. Participants can work on areas such as reading, teacher-student relationships, or opportunities for historically underserved students. Participants will access a library of examples of school cases and a vibrant community of education professionals that have dealt with these topics previously, to help participants gain fresh insight and examine and share best practices.

OECD’s Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) is an ongoing study of the work environments of teachers and principals. The 2013 iteration examines the components of an effective program for developing teacher professionalism, such as opportunities for teacher induction and mentoring. In 2013, Marc Tucker from the National Center on Education and the Economy took a closer look at professional development in Shanghai, a consistent top performer on PISA.