The Best TOEFL Prep Courses [Updated 2022]

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Updated: January 31, 2022

🥇 The Winner: Magoosh 

🥈 Runner Up: Kaplan 
🥉 Honorable Mention: Prep scholar 

Looking to take the TOEFL test but don’t know where to start? We’ve made it easy with unbiased, expert reviews on all the top TOEFL prep courses on the market.

More than 27 million people around the world have taken the TOEFL test to prove their English proficiency. In addition, students and workers who are applying for visas and English-language learners tracking their progress frequently need to take the test.

Read on to get detailed, unbiased TOEFL reviews from the experts as Pisa Day.

What is TOEFL?


The TOEFL is an English language proficiency test mainly taken by students applying for university admissions in the United States. Some universities outside the United States require TOEFL scores as proof of English proficiency as well.

Several different tests are offered under TOEFL, including the popular TOEFL iBT (online). Other tests include TOEFL PBT (pencil and paper), TOEFL ITP (on-campus program), and TOEFL Junior Comprehensive (for kids).

In TOEFL iBT, there are four sections – reading comprehension, written expression, and oral expression. An English-speaking university would require a candidate to take a long and rigorous TOEFL test (more than 4 hours). Before taking the TOEFL exam, most students prepare for three to six months.

A TOEFL score obtained through online testing is valid for two years, with a range of 0 to 120. There is an official conversion table for this test published, but the scores for the paper version are calculated differently.

TOEFL tests can be taken as often as needed, up to once every 12 days.

The Best TOEFL Prep Courses




Check out our full review of the Magoosh TOEFL prep course here.

Both the site and the app contain everything a student needs to prepare for a job interview. There are many tools offered here, including a student dashboard, a TOEFL study plan, writing templates, and preparation tips.

Because of its accessibility, it is among the best online English test preparation courses. Below are among the best features guaranteed on this platform:

Comprehensive TOEFL question bank

It is an indisputable fact. To score high on the TOEFL, a candidate must practice a lot. Magoosh has 420+ practice questions to practice with, each with an explanation video.

The videos show how to approach questions related to the topic. Students become conversant with the actual TOEFL questions when they practice Magoosh practice questions.

Progress tracking

Through Magoosh TOEFL preparation, candidates can understand their score results from various practice questions and tests. Eventually, they can track their progress based on the answers and scores earned.

Accessibility on the app

Magoosh TOEFL preparation course is available on the app. The latter boasts an easy-to-use interface that allows you to study wherever you are. The benefit of learning while riding the bus or waiting in a line is that short bursts of study may boost retention.

Magoosh’s TOEFL preparation app includes TOEFL flashcards to help test-takers improve their vocabulary knowledge.

Video explanations

The Magoosh TOEFL preparation provides plenty of video explanations for the 4 TOEFL sections. They significantly help to boost understanding of the concepts. After every practice question, you get a video explanation to accelerate your mastery of the content. You can refer to the video explanations at your own discretion.

 Magoosh TOEFL prep costs

The most praised aspect of Magoosh TOEFL preparation is its extremely competitive pricing.

Preparation1 Week – $291 Month – $396 Months – $79
explanatory videosYesYesYes
420+ test questionsYesYesYes
140+  video classesYesYesYes
Study PlansYesYesYes
Email supportYesYesYes
4+ point score improvement guaranteeNoyesYes
Seven-day money-back guaranteeNoYesyes


  • No live tutoring
  • Fewer mock tests
  • No essay evaluation




Check out our full review of the Kaplan TOEFL prep course here.

Kaplan’s adaptive course begins with a deep-dive analysis of the candidate’s weak areas. They then curate the course in a personalized manner with perks such as:

  • Practice questions ranging from 100-400
  • More than 190 video lessons
  • Individualized instruction

Using Kaplan’s TOEFL prep plus readies you for every segment of the exam. It doubles your chances of scoring higher on the big day. You get about three months of access to the online course, and their video instruction makes learning easier for the candidates. The key features of the platform include.

Progress tracker

Most candidates demand the ability to track their progress when it comes to TOEFL iBT prep courses. Kaplan has this feature allowing candidates to focus more on their strengths.

The Kaplan TOEFL preparation materials come with a study plan for students who are not progressing as they would like. Basically, it is an additional aid for weak candidates.

Course schedules

You can access individual course schedules in Kaplan TOEFL Prep Plus. Nonetheless, TOEFL’s most popular preparation materials are the multi-schedule courses, which, unfortunately, you cannot find on Kaplan.

Practice tests

Even though there is no shortage of practice papers online, most candidates prefer a course that offers countless questions on the same platform. Kaplan offers 4 complete practice tests.

Feedback Facility

There are two TOEFL writing tasks offered by Kaplan TOEFL: mixed writing tasks and independent writing tasks. In addition to improving scores, these tests provide an excellent overview of different essay types.


With an access period of six months and four practice exams, you might be able to justify the $349 cost of the course. However, it would be nice to have more features like speaking reviews with a price like this.

While Kaplan may be a bit more expensive, you may find that its unique features are advantageous, so don’t be discouraged by the price before you look into it.


  • Fewer practice questions
  • No spoken test reviews
  • Steep price

Prep Scholar

Prep Scholar


Check out our full review of the PrepScholar TOEFL prep course here.

As a leading company in test preparation today, PrepScholar has a positive reputation in SAT and ACT preparation areas. They offer TOEFL preparation courses designed to ensure that their students are equipped to succeed at a top-rated English-speaking university or workplace.

The unique features that PrepScholar TOEFL offers help students prepare more effectively for the test.

Tailored courses

With PrepScholar TOEFL online, each student gets an individualized course schedule.  That includes a customized personal study plan and the freedom to choose how much time you get to spend on each assignment.

The highlight here is a CustomPrep algorithm that works right from the start of your course to personalize the pedagogy at your pace and abilities to the end.

As part of the TOEFL reading test, you will first receive a diagnostic score and a report. The CustomPrep algorithm calculates your proficiency level on TOEFL questions immediately after the analysis.

Afterward, you are presented with a custom study plan. To increase your TOEFL score the most, you’ll start with easier concepts then advance to more challenging concepts when you’re ready.

You can also create your own schedule in addition to the custom study plan. You will answer questions on how you can commit to studying each week, and the platform then generates notifications to help you stay on track.

Yearlong access

The TOEFL exam can take a lot of time to prepare, but many major courses provide access to their content within a short time. Some courses last only a few weeks, while others last up to six months.

The study process typically takes students a few months, but having longer access to your course will also give you more flexibility in setting your study schedule.

Without a doubt, PrepScholar offers the longest access periods out of all the TOEFL online courses available. Their Best-Selling package includes a full year of access, while their Master package grants unlimited access.

You can study for TOEFL at any time within the year and at your own pace. To make sure you get the exact score you’re looking for, some people study for and retake the exam more than once. PrepScholar’s flexible access periods can be beneficial for those who have a demanding schedule and wish to improve their performance regardless of how long it may take.

A-list instructor

The expert team of instructors at PrepScholar is another strong selling point of the TOEFL course. As a student, you won’t interact with instructors every day, but they are still a critical part of the equation.

The teachers create practice questions, explain complex answers, make videos, and review oral and written tests. PrepScholar chooses high-achieving instructors who pass TOEFL in the top 1%. They are experts in what they teach.

The team of experts will provide you with explanations and videos as you progress through your course. Apart from the explanations and instruction, they also offer insights into the TOEFL test’s structure, content, format, and format.

Progress tracking

PrepScholar’s comprehensive progress reports are another great feature. During your TOEFL course, they will let you know how you are doing in each skill area. Using graphics and charts, you can identify your level of mastery of a specific concept, your progress in improving a particular skill or even get a glimpse into the possibilities of your future scores.

Reading test

The majority of courses will assess you on your listening and reading skills, but some won’t offer any feedback on your writing or spoken skills. These are especially companies without a large number of TOEFL instructors.

A course that does not include a speaking and writing component can leave you only partially prepared for the TOEFL. The TOEFL prep course from PrepScholar covers all four sections, making it a one-stop-shop.

As part of the TOEFL test preparation, PrepScholar allows students to submit up to 12 reading responses and four written responses for assessment. For the reading test, you’ll attempt questions ranging from basic to advanced, so you’ll be able to practice various topics.


There is a wide range of prices for TOEFL prep courses out there. A few will set you back more than $400, while some cost less than $50.

PrepScholar TOEFL is not the cheapest option available. It costs $187 for their Most Popular course. Despite the high price, it offers a lot of features that aren’t available in cheaper courses.

The course provider makes a 15-point score improvement guarantee. Your dream schools might choose to accept you or reject you based on 15 points.

PrepScholar’s website has more details on how you can qualify for this guarantee. Of course, this guarantee has some conditions.

Their long time of access further helps to justify the price. All in all, PrepScholar is still one of the best TOEFL courses for lots of students.


  • Questions are fewer, and content is less?
  • Steep price



Check out our full review of the BestMyTest TOEFL prep course here.

Best My Test

You should consider BestMyTest’s TOEFL preparation course if you want thorough preparation for the English test. BestMyTest’s online course explains all the TOEFL basics in an easily understandable manner, including clear, detailed instructions on how to achieve high scores. 

But if video-based instruction is of greater importance to you than other factors, BestMyTest TOEFL may not be a great course for you. BestMyTest TOEFL does not have as many videos as other options, such as Magoosh.

Although BestMyTest TOEFL does not offer a lot of video content, it is a good choice for most students due to the 200 additional resources and tools available.

Progress tracking

The progress tracking and analysis feature that BestMyTest TOEFL offers is one of the most valuable tools available. With BestMyTest, you can track your progress in real-time as you make progress through all of the practice tests and TOEFL practice questions.

It empowers you to identify which areas you should work on most, allowing you to focus your TOEFL studying efforts better. So, rather than repeatedly studying for parts of an exam you have already mastered, you can shift focus to the most troublesome areas.

You can focus on the areas of your TOEFL preparation that most need improvement with our TOEFL Diagnostic Reports.

Lessons that cover everything

Using BestMyTest TOEFL, you can learn each TOEFL section step-by-step. This course provides instruction, advice, and tips on succeeding on the TOEFL exam, with easy-to-follow lessons covering every aspect of the test. Every class is comprehensively explained by the Virtual Tutor to ensure that you’re on the right path.

Flexibility in pricing and accessibility

BestMyTest TOEFL offers several options for accessibility and pricing as part of the course subscription. BestMyTest provides various practice TOEFL prep options tailored to your preparation time, resources needed, and budget.

Virtual tutor

It is possible to find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the amount of helpful content available in the BestMyTest TOEFL online course. Thankfully, its Virtual Tutor ensures a smooth transition from start to finish.

In addition to providing instruction during each lesson, the Virtual Tutor also provides instructions that will keep you on track as you progress through the course to know what is essential and how to approach each section. Through its TOEFL Virtual Tutor, BestMyTest offers you comprehensive instruction and insights on your TOEFL preparation.

Vocabulary Tools

When preparing for the TOEFL, bolstering your understanding of vocabulary is a sine qua non for success. Whenever you can spare a few minutes, you can practice your vocabulary skills with BestMyTest’s handy digital flashcards.

When you’re on your commute, in line, or taking a break from your other studies, this is a great way to sneak in a little TOEFL study. TOEFL prep is enjoyable and straightforward with BestMyTest’s TOEFL Vocabulary Flashcards.

Practice tests

Any online TOEFL preparation course must provide plenty of TOEFL practice tests and questions. It does no good to study for standardized tests without gaining experience taking them. There are 20 full-length TOEFL practice tests and thousands of practice questions that make BestMyTest TOEFL stand out from the competition.

Smooth user experience

The BestMyTest course comes with a Virtual Tutor, which helps you navigate all the TOEFL prep material contained within the course. It is equally easy to use the TOEFL course overview, which is another feature of its intuitive interface.

Alternatively, the study plan can be viewed as a lesson plan. BestMyTest provides you with a foolproof way to navigate the whole program with confidence. You get to focus on improving your TOEFL score by using the comprehensive BestMyTest TOEFL study plan.

Customized grading

In addition to delivering a high level of personalized feedback about your TOEFL writing and speaking abilities, BestMyTest TOEFL offers a wide range of practice papers and practice tests. A BestMyTest TOEFL expert will review your grammar, written, and spoken test submissions.

TOEFL scores are calculated based on the actual TOEFL test parameters, and suggestions are included for improving writing skills as part of the TOEFL writing section.

We provide BestMyTest TOEFL reviewers with both written and audio feedback for reviews of TOEFL speaking sections. Having a native speaker who can provide you with tips on pronunciation, grammar, and content is a bonus that helps you improve your speaking levels.


Custom package $69

  • 2000+ vocabulary words
  • 1000+ practice questions
  • 20 full-length 3 hours TOEFL mock tests
  • 200 TOEFL lessons
  • 10 ask instructor questions
  • Five essay reviews
  • Two writing reviews
  • Four speaking reviews
  • 7-point score improvement  guarantee

Premium package $189

  • 2000+ vocabulary words
  • 1000+ practice questions
  • 20 full-length 3 hours TOEFL mock tests
  • 200 TOEFL lessons
  • 25 ask instructor questions
  • 25 essay reviews
  • Ten writing reviews
  • 20 speaking reviews
  • 15-point score improvement  guarantee


  • Fewer video lessons
  • Costlier than the alternatives

Test Den


Check out our full review of the TestDen TOEFL prep course here.

TOEFL preparation may be easier with the TestDen Online Preparation Course. It furnishes you with a realistic picture of how the TOEFL exam is structured and its basic criteria.  Below is an overview of the course’s features.

2480 practice questions

The Test Den TOEFL prep course offers you the best refund policy. They offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the services. You can ask for a refund within a month.

Comprehensive writing and reading classes

The course may be ideal for students who plan to take the TOEFL in three-four months. You are provided with sufficient information for success on the TOEFL exam in a short period.

Their free resources, such as TestDEN’s IBT model, TOEFL Speaking and Writing Trainer model, and mini TOEFL tests, offer a great way to begin preparing for the test. They also offer a Practice Online Tour, which includes a TOEFL guide and free and paid online content.

You can access the site for 60 days after you pay $69 to enter the course. You can take advantage of the following during these 60 days:

  • Customized study guides
  • Practice exams of all lengths
  • A 16-hour audio recording
  • The number of questions is over 7,000
  • Detailed explanations
  • Test tips via email


  • Only a limited number of words are covered in the course. You are therefore responsible for improving your vocabulary.
  • Student support is not available 24/7 at TestDen. Therefore, getting in touch with the instructors is difficult.



Check out our full review of the edX TOEFL prep course here.

Education Extended (EdX) provides MOOCs—Massive Open Online Courses—which are becoming increasingly popular among students and educators.

With EdX, students can research academically-oriented subjects and enhance their knowledge without applying to universities.

EdX is a birth child of two unlikely partners Harvard and MIT—the two of the most prestigious Ivy League schools. The platform also offers online courses from 120 other colleges, including Stanford, Columbia, Berkeley, and Stanford).

The platform is a not-for-profit open-source e-learning solution famous for leadership and communication skills and data and computer science.

The EdX TOEFL course is designed by the experts responsible for creating, administering, and scoring the real TOEFL test. It aims to help English language learners to improve their practical skills.

The course is created to be highly interactive, with demonstrations of sample questions and short quizzes. The materials from past tests will also be available to you.

The course offers discounts on test preparation and provides free resources. Finally, you get access to invaluable tips for how to make your TOEFL score count so that you can be admitted to the university or company of your dreams.

  • Course length: 6 Weeks
  • Duration: 2–4 hours per week
  • Price: FREE
  • You can add a verified certificate for $49


  • Limited practice questions
  • Fewer video lessons


Test Masters


Check out our full review of the testmasters TOEFL prep course here.

Students can take Test Masters’ TOEFL classes online as part of their traditional classroom schedule.

The online TOEFL course offers similar benefits to their classroom courses. It doesn’t matter which course type you choose because you’ll learn the same thing, the curriculum is the same, the material is the same, and the score increase is the same.

You can stop and start watching class lectures as many times as you want during an online TOEFL course, and you complete assignments at your own pace when you take an online TOEFL course.

In addition, the TOEFL Online Course offers the convenience of eliminating travel time for busy students or working professionals. Besides being flexible and accessible at any time, the online course is one of the advantages of signing up.

Among Testmasters, standout features include:

  • A lesson plan based on the Test Masters TOEFL course format
  • TOEFL Study Guide, Testmasters
  • Feedback evaluation
  • Support is available by email and phone
  • Tutoring by phone is available (additional fees apply)

During the four months following your registration, you’ll have unlimited access to the course. If you want to review the videos more than once, you can pause them and watch them again (which you can’t do in a TOEFL classroom course).

You can watch the classes whenever you want. TOEFL students who take the online course can reap the benefits of the classroom course at a more affordable price. They offer a more affordable online TOEFL course than the classroom program (that costs $699).

In comparison to the TOEFL classroom course format, the online course involves videos. These classes can be viewed online by students with high-speed internet connections and adequate bandwidth.

Testmasters Online course

  • A total of eight classes of three hours each are offered online on-demand.
  • Streaming classes are available in high-definition video adapted to your internet speed.
  • You can study wherever and whenever you want.
  • You can watch classes multiple times! (Students can access the website unlimited for 120 days.)
  • Students can watch classes almost anywhere–on their PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, or Android tablet.
  • A Guaranteed score increase of 20 points!
  • Contains an instruction manual for the Testmasters TOEFL
  • Shipment of Testmasters TOEFL materials is free.
  • $699 per person.

Testmasters Private 1-on-1 Course

  • Tutoring sessions conducted in a one-on-one format, in 8 classes of 3 hours each
  • Private tutoring provided as part of the course
  • Decide where and when you want to meet
  • Scores will increase by 20 points
  • Course materials total 1200 pages
  • A tutoring session at the Test Master’s Office or Live Online costs $2,999.
  • Students who choose to have tutoring at home will be charged $3,999.


  • One of the priciest TOEFL courses
  • Limited content and practice questions




Check out our full review of the 4Tests TOEFL prep course here.

This free online service provides test preparation assistance for many tests, including SAT and TOEFL.

You can expect thorough and constructive materials to aid in preparation for exams like TOEFL. The course is prepared to help you achieve the highest score possible and become eligible for admission or employment of your choice.

Course features include:

  • The resources are all free to use
  • It is possible to take structured exams
  • This exam covers all sections
  • You can access the study tips for free

A study store and discussion forums are included on the platform. They are organized by category. Among the study store’s many features are links to official study guides and exam texts.

In addition to links to the official websites, the website also offers practice exams where users can register and take them without having to leave the website. 4 Tests menu bar stays at the top of your screen even if you click on a link that takes you to another site.


  • Support for students is not available on this platform
  • If you lack the funds for the premium course, this free TEOFL online course can still be of benefit to you.




Check out our full review of the ETS TOEFL prep course here.

ETS offers a plethora of resources and materials related to the TOEFL exam. Applicants to the TEOFL program can access all the resources for free. There are few courses available on TOEFL that are as comprehensive as this one. A team of highly qualified and experienced ETS experts designed and developed this course.

Course benefits include:

  • The program uses previous year’s questions as examples
  • The teachers have actually taken the TOEFL tests in the past
  • A highly interactive and intuitive course, the Insider’s Course consists of video lessons, quizzes, and discussion boards
  • Registrants of the course should seek the advice of the experts.
  • In addition, you’ll learn how to improve your exam score.


  • Extra preparation is required by buying other test materials
  • Limited instructor-student contact

Various courses may meet different needs, from learning to budget. Thus, it can be difficult to declare a single course the best in all respects. However, we believe Magoosh and English Access Academy provide the most value, features, and courses.