The Best GRE Prep Courses [Updated 2021]

If you are looking to join a graduate or business school, exams like GRE can help you stand out among other applicants and assure your place. Read on to out what the exam is all about and the best prep courses to help you get ready for it.

We’ll be reviewing the best GRE prep courses in 2021, so you can choose one that suits your learning style and skills levels.

What is the GRE? 🤔

GRE is short for Graduate Record Exam. It’s often required for placement into MBA and other graduate business programs globally. Essentially, the exam tests quantitative and verbal reasoning, analytical writing skills, and critical thinking ads necessary to succeed in today’s challenging programs.

Questions will range from basic arithmetic, geometry, algebra, data analysis, and college-level vocabulary. Institutions use it to compare candidate’s qualifications and readiness for graduate programs.

Like all exams, you have to prepare yourself for GRE to avoid feeling like the kid whose dog just ate his homework come exam day. Part of the preparation involves prep courses. There are many prep courses to help you get ready for your GRE.

However, not all are equal in terms of study material and individual’s learning style and experience. Always choose a course that matches your style. Here’s a look at the best GRE prep courses on the market.

Best GRE Prep Courses

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              Pisa Pick


Starting Price



$249 (One-month)










Exclusively online

Self-paced online, classroom instructions, video-on-demand

Self-paced online

Self-paced online, Live classes, one-on-one tutoring, on-demand videos

Self-paced online and Private Tutoring

Self-paced online

Self-paced online, Live Online, and in-person

Self-paced online, Live Online, and in-person



Practice Questions











Practice Exams











Course Books

Exclusively online

Hardcopy and soft copy

Exclusively online

Exclusively online

Exclusively online

Exclusively online

Exclusively online

Online and offline

Online only

Exclusively online

Video Instructions

Course Demo


Essay Grading

YES, with premium tutoring

Study Plan

Progress Tracking

Mobile App

Student Support

Chat, Email, online forum

in-person, online forum, Email

Email, live chat

Chat only

Email, live chat

Email and live chat

Email, live chat

Phone, Chat, Email. Live

Email and live chat

Email and live chat


+5 score improvement or refund

+7 improvement, 1-week money back

+5 improvement

+7 score improvement

Improvement in quant score

Higher score

+7 improvement or refund

+7 improvement or refund

+7 score improvement or refund

Online Access

6 months

6 months



90 days

4 months

120 days



6 weeks



The Magoosh is an exclusively online GRE prep course with a starting price of about $149, using a coupon code. It is a budget-friendly prep course guaranteed to improve your test score or pay you back. That’s how greatly confident the people who put the course together are. Based on user reviews, it’s efficient.

The course covers every GRE topic and promises a +5 increase in score or refund within 7 days. The company also allows a free trial to find out for yourself and decide whether to subscribe.

Features of the Magoosh GRE prep course

  • Study material

All the study materials are online. A subscription allows 6-month access to over 200 video instructions, 1,200 practice questions, and three practice exams. All, at a price significantly lower than what the competition is charging.

The course is comprehensive. You’ll cover every topic in the GRE test. There are text and video explanations for every practice question. The lessons and video instructions are adaptable to your learning style.

You can also check for extra study materials and free advice from the Magoosh blog. They even include advice on the grad school application process.

  • Package

You have a choice between a $179 six-month premium package or a $149 one-month package. The premium package includes access to a mobile app, study plans, a score predictor, and unrivaled customer support. The study schedules can also be customized into one-week, six-month, or 90-day plans.

  • Customer support

The package includes 24/7 email support from test prep experts to help out when you feel stuck. Simply fire up an email asking for help with your problem.

Pros of the Magoosh GRE course

  • Budget-friendly and adaptable to individual learning styles
  • It’s flexible; you can get it anytime, anywhere, as long as you have internet.
  • Tailored study plans based on individual’s needs
  • On-demand videos for studying on the go
  • Excellent customer support
  • Score predictor, so you know where you are standing. It’s based on your data and what previous students scored in the actual exam.
  • Only three practice tests are included in the study package
  • Online tutoring will cost you an extra $75/hour
  • No Essay grading (unless you pay for premium tutoring)

👉 Who is the course for?

Magoosh GRE prep course is for GRE candidates who want training on a budget. It is the cheapest course on this list and provides training on an on-demand subscription approach so you can fit the course into your schedule. However, you have to be greatly self-motivated; the course is wholly self-guided.

Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep

The Manhattan Prep is a top choice for GRE candidates. The company has a large staff of excellent instructors. Indeed, only people whose GRE scores were in the top 1% and who have substantial teaching experience qualify as teachers. They offer the course across various platforms ranging from self-paced online to classroom instructions; coupled with comprehensive study materials, you’ll certainly find a program that suits your time and learning style.

Features of Manhattan GRE prep course include:

Course Duration

The Manhattan GRE prep course is a 1-6-month study program. You can choose a $249 one-month package, a $349 three-month package, or a $399 six-month package.

You can also opt for hourly customized tutoring packages either online or in-person: You can opt for a $225/hour 30-hour package, a $230/hour 20-hour package, a $245/hour 10-hours package, or a $255/hours 2-hour package. All packages include all required books and resources.

Comprehensive study materials

From strategy guide books to 27 hours of video instructions and 6 practice exams, they provide all-inclusive study resources. Furthermore, you can opt for hardcopy books, live online, or in-person classroom instructions.

Interactive videos

Expect an interactive study session that changes in difficulty as you make progress. They provide up to 100000 practice problems, 77 interactive videos, and 6 full-length practice tests. The questions are set by the highly experienced instructors based on the format of the actual test.

You will also get free bi-monthly study tips, challenge problems, study tools, and flashcards. To top that, they allow free trials to see if the program is for you. You can sit in on any classroom or online class to gauge for yourself.

Pros of the Manhattan GRE Prep Course

  • All-inclusive study resources
  • Realistic practice questions
  • Highly trained instructors
  • Video lessons for studying on the go
  • Free trial
  • No money back policy
  • No free student app
  • Does not guarantee a score increase

👉 Who is the course for?

Anyone who loves to have various study materials at their disposal plus the option to choose among different study formats will fancy this course. You can opt for Live, In-Person, or On-Demand classes. Oh, and what’s better than being taught by people who aced the test already?



This another well-reviewed GRE prep courses. Students say they like its computer-simulated practice questions, innovative teaching method, among other features. It’s in the affordable range, and a subscription guarantees one-year-long access to the coursework materials and expertise support.

Features of the achievable GRE tutor 

  • Plenty of instructional content, practice questions, and tests

Unlike Target Test Prep that only focuses on math, The Achievable course covers both quantitative, vocabulary, and essay sections of the GRE test, ensuring you are adequately prepared for it.

A subscription comes with the advantage of an endless amount of practice questions that cover all the core concepts. After you answer, you get a step-by-step guide on the logic and math involved.

  • Endless math questions with step-by-step solutions
  • Uses memory science technology to personalize learning models. The engine will make sure you learn the right information at the right time to increase memorization.
  • A new platform, meaning the study material and practice questions are up to date, unlike other platforms where you may be preparing using outdated coursework created like ten years ago.
  • Verbal reasoning and vocabulary building drills
  • Instant essay scoring using AI tech
  • Self-guide online textbook
  • The platform is brand new and therefore misses some study materials
  • No course variety, only the self-paced online format

👉 Who is the course for?

Anyone looking to improve their score on all GRE test sections will benefit from Achievable GRE. Their content delivery technique is science-based, meaning there’s a high chance of learning and retaining information for use in the actual exam.

Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep is another excellent provider of GRE study packages to help get ready for the exam. Their study packages include a self-study plan, a live class, or one-on-one private tutoring.

If you subscribe to the Veritas GRE Live classes, you will be taking instructions from people who scored in the top 1% themselves when they sat for GRE. They are well-reviewed by former students and other third-party review sites.

Features of the Veritas GRE Prep course

  • Full-course curriculum

Veritas provides a full course curriculum to help prepare adequately for the actual exam. If you opt for 1-on-1 tutoring or live classes, you’ll receive instructions from a tutor. You will also receive course material so you can study on your own outside the classroom.

  • Comprehensive packages

Self-driven students can opt for a self-study plan; you get the coursework and cover it at your own pace. Those who like structure have a choice between one-on-one tutoring and a live class package. Both come with additional self-study materials too.

There’s also an On-Demand + admission package which consists of course materials and many hours of tutoring and admission guidance. All packages come with online course books, study plans, course demo, essay grading, progress tracking, and chat support. However, there’re no practice questions and tests.

  • Limited guarantee

The Veritas course promises to help increase your GRE score by 5 points when you are done, but only for those taking their live online courses. The same guarantee doesn’t extend to tutoring and on-demand packages.

  • A wide variety of study packages to suit different student’s learning habits
  • Instructors are top-notch
  • No universal score improvement; only the live class format guarantees improvement in scores.
  • No practice questions and tests
  • No mobile app
  • No flashcards
  • The course is one year long, and that requires a huge commitment

👉 Who is the course for?

Veritas prides itself in multiple course selections and instructor expertise. Whether you are looking for a study package to learn on the go or a personalized one-on-one tutor, they have a package just for you. But you won’t get to test yourself since practice tests are unavailable.

The Economist

The Economist

The Economist GRE Tutor is new to the course prep market. Thanks to their recent partnership with examPAL, they provide fresh study programs using the latter’s PALgorithm technology and outstanding course material.

The new partnership has resulted in a stellar all-around GRE study course that pairs the Economist’s experience, reach, and dependable customer service with examPAL’s remarkable adaptive problem-solving algorithms.

Features of the Economist GRE Tutor course

  • Comprehensive study materials

The package includes over 2000 practice questions, up to 5 practice tests, and one-on-one lessons. Their lesson format is interactive, video-based in that stuff such as animations and diagrams are used to explain concepts, and students are encouraged to answer questions. The advantage is it helps students grasp information. Above all, they’re mobile-friendly for learning on the move.

  • Packages

Self-driven students can subscribe to the Premium package. It’s a self-paced online where you download the books and videos for studying on your own wherever you are. You will have 6 week-long access to the study materials. Those who prefer one-on-one tutor have the option between Genius and Premium tutoring package. Each package includes the ask-a-tutor’ feature allowing students to communicate with tutors for free. The Genius package allows unlimited questions, but the Express package only allows up to 50 questions.

  • Learn the PAL approach

PAL is short for precise, alternative, and logical. All are approaches you can use to answer GRE questions, and the Economist course will help you pick the one that suits your strengths and weaknesses.

If you learn the Precise method, you’ll be solving questions without looking at answer choices. On the other hand, the Alternative method uses elimination to find solutions. And finally, the Logical method is where you assess the question using outside information.

  • Access to The Economist magazine

If you choose the tutor plan, you will have a 3 months long access to the economist magazine to improve your vocabulary.

  • Course personalization and interactive videos
  • Helps learn the PAL approach to problem-solving
  • Tutor support
  • Guaranteed 7 points and above improvement in scores
  • Essay grading
  • Only 2000 practice questions
  • The score improvement and 1-on-1 tutors are only available to subscribers of the expensive packages.
  • The access length is only three months long with the Premium plan

👉 Who is the course for?

If you love an intuitive, adaptive, and personalized course crammed with many features, this is it. However, the premium features will cost you extra.

Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep is another course with numerous success stories to prove its worth. Students love the flexibility it provides. Study materials can be accessed online anywhere, anytime. The company is very confident in its program and even guarantees a risk-free five-day trial period and full refund in case of disappointment.

Features of the Target Test GRE course

  • Study material and practice tests

Subscription to the Target Test package allows access to online study books and over 3000 practice questions to gain confidence in test-taking.

You can use your phone, desktop, or laptop device to access the coursework. It also includes video instructions, blog posts, and free video webinars to prepare adequately for the test.

  • Packages

Target Test study packages start with a $1 Trial Access, allowing 5-day unlimited access to the coursework. You also choose the Flexible Prep at $69/month and 30-day unlimited access. But if you want comprehensive programs, you have the option of a $199 Dedicated program, Maximum Learning at $279, or tutoring starting at $250/hour.

  • Covers quantitative section comprehensively
  • Multi-platform access
  • Risk-free trial and refund policy
  • Extra resources, including video webinars with additional practice questions
  • Live tutor classes and you can choose 1, 10, or 20-hour bundles
  • Exclusively online
  • It only covers GRE math; it’d be great if they covered the verbal reasoning and essay sections as well.

👉 Who is the course for?

Anyone looking to boost their score on the GRE math section will find the Target Test Prep program useful.

Princeton Review

Princeton Review

Princeton has been providing GRE prep help since 1981. They’ve helped thousands of students ace their tests and go on to prestigious schools.

Pitted against the competition, the company impresses with various self-paced, in-person, and live online classes. With their levels of experience in the field, you can expect professionalism and expertise.

Features of Princeton Review course

  • Customizable help

This is the only course where you get to choose your tutor based on the level of help you need. You have the option of a private, master, or premier-level tutor.

  • Full course curriculum

The study material includes video instructions, online course books, 2500+ practice exams, and eight full-length practice tests to gauge your progress so far. The tests are computer-adaptive, meaning they change based on your progress. After each test, you’ll receive feedback and an in-person review from the instructor with points on where you should make improvements.

  • Free trial

You will have the chance to try the course for free before making your decision. If you subscribe, you’ll get a study plan, flashcards, and a mobile app to access the coursework anywhere, anytime.

  • Essay grading

The one-on-one tutors also do essay grading to help students improve their writing skills for the GRE’s AWA. Just send your essay via the LiveGrader tool for grading by a tutor and constructive feedback.

  • Course variety
  • Tutor variety
  • Eight full-length adaptive practice tests
  • Personalized feedback on each test and essay
  • Semi-private course for people who can’t afford one-on-one tutor; 4 students can share one tutor and the cost.
  • Guaranteed score improvement, and if you are not satisfied, you can retake the course or ask for your money back.
  • They do not provide a question bank; they provide over 2000 practice questions and a computer-simulated practice test based on your progress. Still, it’d be nice to have a question bank where you can filter questions based on areas you want to test yourself.
  • They don’t have a mobile app.
  • Only a four-month-long access

👉 Who is the course for?

Students looking for GRE study help at a discount will love the Quick Study program. It costs only $149 and includes video instructions, practice questions, tests, and drills. For those looking for comprehensive help, you can subscribe for self-paced or live classes.



Kaplan is another popular test prep company with GRE students. They provide self-paced online, live online, and in-person classes to help students get ready for the exam. Their study material includes three workbooks, 5000+ practice questions, and seven tests. In addition, you’ll get a pocket reference book to keep up with coursework while on the move.

Features of Kaplan GRE

  • Self-paced, in-person, live online, and tutoring options

Whatever your study habits, you are sure to find a suitable GRE course from Kaplan. They are known for flexibility and great availability. The in-person training is available countrywide, but if you can’t reach the test center, you can opt for live classes with various timing options to suit your schedule.

  • Both online and offline study materials

Each Kaplan GRE subscription package comes with seven full-length practice tests, over 5000 practice questions, on-demand or live interactive lessons, and offline resources, including three workbooks. With the video instructions, you can select episodes based on topics and difficulty levels. They cover text completion, statistics, algebra, and geometry.

  • Smart report to track progress

Kaplan uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze and give feedback on test performance. You can break down and track performance and determine particular areas of improvement.

  • Free course demo

Before deciding whether to subscribe, check out sample classes, or attend free GRE prep events to see if the course will help you.

  • Course variety
  • It’s the most comprehensive prep course
  • Higher score promise or get your money back
  • Mobile app with free flashcards for studying on the move
  • Study package variety, from the $49 Rapid Review to the GRE Prep Live Online with a plus’ package for a 3-hour private tutor.
  • Tutoring options increase package costs to over $1000
  • Mobile access to some study materials is limited; it’s best to use a computer

👉 Who is the course for?

The Kaplan GRE study program takes care of both old school and digital students. With offline resources and a pocket prep book, you can study offline, but there’s a mobile app for easy operations if you like doing things online. Above all, there’s a variety of courses and study packages to suit everyone.

Prep Scholar

Prep Scholar

Prep Scholar is another latest entrant into the GRE prep course market. However, don’t be fooled that they don’t have much to offer. In fact, pitted against veterans like Princeton and Magoosh, this Prep course stands because of the following features:

Features of PrepScholar GRE

  • Cutting-edge technology

Being a new company, PrepScholar makes use of remarkable technology to deliver dependable prep courses. For example, after registration and taking an initial diagnostic test, the company’s CustomPrep Algorithm designs a course for you, including lessons and quizzes most likely to help improve your score fast.

  • Affordability

High-quality GRE prep courses cost anywhere starting from $200. The Prep Scholar course costs only $38 and guarantees 12 months long access to study materials, including on-demand videos, books, and practice questions. For even longer access, you have an option of a $345 Unlimited Plan. Other GRE prep companies will charge you a fortune for the same.

  • Progress reports

Take tests and get feedback on your strengths and opportunity areas for improvement. You’ll also see weekly progress on the dashboard and receive email reminders of weekly study schedules.

Advantages of the PrepScholar COURSE

  • Free trial
  • Cheapest GRE prep course
  • Top-notch instructors
  • Year-long access to study material
  • Higher score guaranteed or get your money back
  • Course customization with smart algorithms to help learn faster
  • Less course material: only 2000 practice questions compared to Kaplan’s 5000
  • No mobile app
  • Only one-course format -the self-paced online system

👉 Who is the course for?

Anyone looking for a personalized GRE prep course will find PrepScholar useful. Forget the one-size fit approach of other programs; here, an algorithm creates a study course for each individual based on their learning habits and background.



ExamPAL provides a 100-120 hour GRE prep course. They recently partnered with the Economist Review to pair the latter’s excellent customer service with their quality course material and unique algorithms.

ExamPAL GRE is a comprehensive course designed to appeal to those taking GRE for the first time; however, it’s also suitable for those looking to improve their previous score. You will be taken through the course first; then, if you decide to subscribe, you’ll be given a diagnostic test to gauge your skill level. After the assessment, they will design a course to help you improve your weak points while perfecting your strength areas.

Features of examPAL GRE

  • Comprehensive study program

ExamPAL is a veteran GRE tutor with over 20 years in the field. Their program is all-inclusive; it covers math, vocabulary, and analytical writing skills. The lessons are designed in an exciting interactive format and adapt to individual styles.

  • $169 Express plan

The Express plan allows six weeks long access to study material, 1500 practice questions, and expert essay reviews. However, there’s no guaranteed score improvement.

  • $285 Premium plan 

This plan provides the same features as the Express plan but with more essay reviews, one-on-one graduate school application advice, and a guaranteed 6-point improvement in score. You will have six weeks’ long access to their site.

  • $599 Genius plan

The Genius plan will allow one-year-long access to study materials, one-on-one tutors, and a 7-point improvement in score. You can schedule the tutor sessions at your convenience.

  • 20 years long experience, meaning you can expect expert professional help
  • Teaches the PAL strategy to problem-solving
  • Expert assessment so you can know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Essay review
  • Private tutor for all packages, including Express and Premium
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Requires internet access
  • Small question bank, only 1500 practice questions

👉 Who is the course for?

Anyone looking to learn test-taking strategies will find the program useful. The PAL approach teaches a Precise, Alternative, and Logical approach to problem-solving, reducing stress during the actual test.

Wrap-up 🎁

The best GRE course prep programs boast stellar course material and intuitive technology to adapt to student’s needs, helping improve scores faster.

If you need help preparing for your GRE, check out the above-reviewed study programs and choose the one that suits your study habits and background. Wishing you success in the test!